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Always awesome worx peer, GLWS! ;)

whaooo ! what a fucking theme and design !!! :) great work peerapong ! I am interessting for changing my actual theme with this one ! But one question : on the single portfolio slider, does it will be possible to add a slider below the images ? and maybe two buttons : prev/next ! more easy to navigate for customers !

if you tell me it’s possible I buy it tonight ^^

thanks for answer

Thank you ;)

Sorry currently slider is fixed at the top of single portfolio page and I think it looks better in terms of design. However I will consider to add the option to change it position if there are others customers requests too.

Great Work. Really Loving this theme!

Wow! Fantastic work ;)

Nice theme! Bookmarked :)

Looks fantastic, Congrats!

Kind Regards,

Never doubt about your great job, always amazing. good luck with your sales… ;)

Love this theme…I would buy it instantly if it were Retina/HiDPI ready…please make this change! I want this theme so much!

Or maybe a guide to make it Retina ready…I’d do either.

Thank you for your suggestion.

I will work on retina ready feature ;)

Since you have siad you will work on it, I will buy it now. Then I can just install the update when it is ready!

Thank you!!! :D

Really cool ;-)

Awesome work, Congrate and glws but I have one question. That gallery flip it is the same with that from Codrops; Did you ask them for using the item because I like some items from there and I want to use it for my new work.

Nice theme. Can you get the page content to scroll without the background image moving? For example – on your shortcodes page, It would be much better if the page content scrolled but the background image remained static.

Thank you for your suggestion. I will consider to add it into the future if there are many requests from customers.

Thank you. I will buy the theme when you implement this feature. ;) It just seems a wee bit odd (to me) that the blog scrolls only page content and does not scroll the background image, but the static pages (contact, shortcodes and portfolio masonry pages) do. I would like only the page content to scroll on every page to give continuity across my site. ;)

Stunning work! :)

great work as always! ;)

Looks great, really wonderful work. Congrats! Good luck with your sales!

<—knows a winner when he sees one ;)

you’re playing in a different league my friend – good to have you aboard !

THank you very much everyone for your kind words. I am glad you guys like it ;)

I just bought the theme. Before I start building is there a recommended image size (pixels) that would work best for the galleries and for load times? Thanks!

I recommend image at 1024px resolution.