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HI, great theme,

However I’m having some major issues:

1 – I’ve changed Styling options in theme settings yet none of the colour changes are reflected in the website

2 – I’ve changed the Homepage Gallery in the theme settings yet the gallery images aren’t showing in the homepage

The permissions etc should be fine as it’s a Dreamhost server, and never had any issues with any other themes?

Can you please help ASAP we are trying to get this up live.

It is the 1.4.1 version


I replied your email.

Great support. Five Stars.

For those reading this… the plugin conflicting that caused my issues was INSTAPRESS (Instagram plugin). I achieved almost the same thing using ALPINE PHOTO TILE – ( with no conflicts

Would love for a bit of CSS or code edits that would allow the footer to be stuck to the bottom of the page regardless of content however?

Thanks for your suggestion. I will look for the solution and release the update soon.

Hi Peerapong,

I have a problem with the shop sidebar, when I put a widget, for example woocommerce cart, newsletter or whatever, it does not appear in the page. how can I solve this? Thank u for a prompt response!

Please see my previous reply.

Also the footer is floating halfway up the page?

Please see my previous reply.

This is the only problem i have now :)

Final issue – In Image gallery for 3 column masonry set up, is there a way that images need to be set up? I’ve set up a demo gallery and they images dont display very well and the whole page goes red on hover and images don’t open in Lightbox?

I know i’ve listed a few issues but the rest of the theme so far has been fantastic and a dream to setup

Please see my previous reply.

Fantastic support thanks :)

Website not viewable by smart phone. Using Samsung Galaxy Note – – Any suggestions?

I checked it on my iPhone and it works fine. But I will find the way to check on Galaxy Note.

I am also having the same problem as niccyboy—I am making updates/changes in the theme settings panel and saving, but no changes are being shown on the front-end…

Did you mean custom color issue? Also please provide URL of your site.

Hey mate, Just wondering if there is a way to make the Footer of the page stay on the base of the page? If the page is not a full page – the footer with my copyright info is directly under the text of the page. Here is an example page I set up, this problem is on multiple platforms too – not just Safari or Firefox

Thanks for your suggestions. I will look for the solution.

I’ve tried a ton of different theme settings, image pixel dimensions, file sizes, and theme layouts static vs gallery – and there’s a no go on the viewing with a cell phone. I even made sure I could view your demo site with a smartphone before I purchased. I’ve purchased a few other themes, and can usually troubleshoot myself, but this one is stumping me. I really like the layout possibilities with your theme, but will need a new theme if I can’t get this one working for mobile devices.

Please check. There are javascript conflicts between theme’s script and plugin’s script. Try to disable all plugins

Also provide URL of your site please.


No matter what happens I cannot seem to get YouTube videos to post using the assigned field. What is the proper way to input YouTube Video ID?


I’m inputting YouTube ID as _ulGhVqq8rk but it i not working.

Sorry, I am not sure I understand you correctly, could you send me some screenshots with description please?

going to continue to sell the Keres theme?

Yes it’s available.

Hello Peerapong,

I’m wondering what you (or any of the buyers) would suggest to allow my clients to purchase photos when viewing their password protected galleries.

For instance, I create a private (or password protected) gallery for my wedding client to view photos. I would like them to be able to purchase the photos of choice from the website. The client may want 2 or 3 of the 200 photos taken. Based on your template features, what is your recommendation?

Thank you for your suggestion. I will consider to add it into the future if there are many requests from customers.

@Branduinc – You should use the Woo Commerce plugin. That has worked great for my other photography site. It’s down right now, otherwise I’d show you. The plugin is quite labor intensive to set up. However, once everything is all set up, it functions beautifully.

NOT ABLE TO UPLOAD WEBSITE LOGO AND FUNCTION.GETIMAGESIZE NOT WORKING. MY SITE IS ALEXKOSYK.COM HI JUST PURCHASED TITAN YESTERDAY AND SWITCHED FROM ARTEMIS. I AM HAVING THESE TWO ISSUES. CHECK THE SITE AN YOU WILL SEE: Warning: getimagesize() [function.getimagesize]: http:// wrapper is disabled in the server configuration by allow_url_fopen=0 in /nfs/c01/h13/mnt/2785/domains/ on line 161

Warning: getimagesize(http://...@2x.png) [function.getimagesize]: failed to open stream: no suitable wrapper could be found in /nfs/c01/h13/mnt/2785/domains/ on line 161

Please contact your webhost and ask them to enable getimagesize function or enable wrapper in the server configuration by allow_url_fopen=0

So the cell phone issue is sort of resolved, I had to use a Firefox browser rather than the traditional browser that came with the phone.


Great theme – suits our needs perfectly.

I have changed the file – 000_70.png to change bg colour to white – it works, although the background remains black whilst loading the page content. After page content is loaded – bg colour loads up. Is there a way around this – or a way to load bg.jpg first?

We also want to remove the dark banner on the footer with the social logos – is there a way to that?

Here is an example of a page where our images load first then the background:


I am working on the issue and will release the update soon.

Hi peerapong, I’m still having the issue with the menus when browsing from a mobile device. My last message to you was 4 days ago and I still haven’t received a response.

Please check. There are javascript conflicts between theme’s script and plugin’s script. Try to disable all plugins.

Provide URL of your site please.

I have just responded to your email directly. Even when disabling all plugins the menu does not display when viewed from a mobile device. iPad/iPhone. As I cannot provide the URL here we can continue the discussion offline. Thanks!

Please upload it online so I can test please.

Hi Peerapong!

After looking into many themes on this site, I’ve zeroed in on two themes for my website and both are yours! They are Titan and Furies. Both look great but between them I would choose Titan since it has support for high-resolution and e-commerce.

However, one thing I like about Furies that I wish was available in Titan is the transparant menu bar up top. I would like my images to be seen full screen with minimum distraction. So can Titan be configured to have a transparent menu bar?

Also my interest is mostly in travel photography. So I would want to create multiple galleries, one for every place I travel to. Is that possible?


Ignore my questions. I purchased the Titan theme and found the answers in the documentation.

OK great!

Updated to 1.4.1. Images are sized at the following per your recommendation (1024×685 for horizontals and 456×685 for verticals) and I cannot get Gallery Fullscreen to work – either for the home page or for the Imagery page on the site. I have been using Image Flow as a substitute and the images go from crisp to soft as they appear centered on the page. This only occurs in Safari on the Mac OS 10.8.

When I try to change or update to Gallery Fullscreen (my intended gallery template), the imagery page goes black and shows navigation but no imagery. I am having the same issue with the homepage when I select Fullscreen Slideshow and point it to the same gallery. Site is ready to publish but this is holding me back.

Also, I have an outbound link off my Menu to a secondary site and I cannot see how to make that open in a new window.

Feel free to disregard all questions with the exception of making the menu outbound link open in a new window and not in the window of the site. That is all I need.

It’s default Wordpress custom menu system and I think there might be some plugin to help you do that. You can find plugin from Google too.


I’m trying to make my blog in my website ( but the sidebar it’s not working. What am I doing wrong? I already selected “Blog Sidebar” in the Page Edit.


I just did it. Thanks! Now other thing: Is it possible to create a page where I can put one image (that is a link) of all of my galleries?

I have the portfolio menu, and Interior, Exterior and Details submenus. But when someone click in Portfolio, I want that open that page with the thumbnails linked to the galleries page.

1. Did you add widgets to the sidebar using Appearance > Widgets?

2. Sorry, I am not sure I understand you correctly, could you send me some screenshots with description please?


I just bought the Titan theme and tried to install it (v1.4.1). Unfortunately it does not work. After activating the theme and surfing to my site the page is white and I get the message ‘Server Error’.

I tried installing the theme by uploading the using wordpress. I also installed it using FTP. Further, I tried my existing wordpress site and a newly installed (empty) WP site. It does not seem to work and I get the same white page with a server error.

I also tried removing line 1117 from functions.php as suggested in a post 4 days ago. Did not help.

Please help!

Please contact your webhost. Server 500 error means “Internal Server Error”. They should be able to see errorlog.

Hi peerapong! problem is solved by hosting provider. The template works now.

OK great!