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Hello! Its impossible to add a new image to a gallery. Could you please tell me why?


Sorry currently you have to upload images from your computer for new gallery.

But how? :) And when we will get an update with fix of this problem?

Best regards, Yevgen

JS/CSS optimization / minification….

I just finished my website using this theme and I have very bad loading times – first byte as well as for many items individually. For js and css files, beyond compression on the web server http/tcp protocol level I also need to minify them to improve speed. No plugin that I could find for wordpress for js /css minifying works with this theme. Can you please recommend a plugin that works or a workaround for this?


I love the theme but I am having problem with the favicon.

If you look in the code is linking to the right place

<link rel=”shortcut icon” href=””>

But in google chrome is showing and old version of the favicon.

I already delete the browser cache and date. Reboot. Ask other colleagues using chrome and all get the old logo. Any ideas ?


Please try to use PNG file for favicon instead.

Dear ThemeGoods,

When I view my website from an android tablet under the main navigation menu there is a thick black line, it’s like the header collapses. Also when I view my website on a vertical display the height of the website doesn’t adjust to the tablet’s screen resolution. In both cases after some seconds the browser crashes…

This problem appears when I am using Firefox as a browser from a tablet.

My website is

Thank you very much!

Have a nice day, Best Regards, Dreamguard


Sorry, I am not sure I understand you correctly, could you send me some screenshots with description please?

It seems that even though I’m providing two versions of the logo, the theme serves up the retina version of the logo even for non-retina screens, instead of showing the resolution-specific version to each screen type. Is this correct? (I’d like to use a slightly different version of my logo for non-retina screens that’s more readable at 30 pixels tall.)


Yes if you upload both retina and standard logo. It displays retina logo as it makes sense that if you upload HD version of your logo, you would like to display it.

Having trouble resizing my logo so that its larger and fits the space provided. It’s also uneven top to bottom. Any suggestions?

Open /css/screen.css find ”.logo_wrapper img” remove max-height; it will use your logo height.

Sorry i’m new to css. I’m sure I can figure it out, but where do I go to in the back end to get started?

You have to open the file /wp-content/themes/pp_titan/css/screen.css and edit it directly. Then upload it to your server.

Dear ThemeGoods, I’m working with the theme for my personal website. I have a staging instance that I’m building out here

I’m just not able to load the full screen slideshow. Could you tell me why? I’ve tried by reducing the resolution to 1000px on the wide side and also by reducing the number of images down to 8. Nothing works though. Please help?

Please reply?


It’s less than 24 hours for your last comment so patience please.

There are javascript errors come from one of your plugins. Please try to disable all plugin.


When I have the styling set to light I get a slow black flash on each page change. I read through a lot of comments and also changed the default bg file in examples/

Is there a way to fix this? I haven’t seen it resolved in any of the comments I’ve read from other people with the same problem, I’m going to change themes if I can’t find a solution, its really distracting.


Hello, I really like the theme, but I need you in the pages and in the galleries there is a white and not black? And ‘possible to change it?


Yes you can change page background color using theme admin panel.

Two questions:

1) The footer extends across the whole page in desktop view, but on tablet or phone view, it doesn’t go all the way across on some kinds of pages. This looks like a bug, since it does this even on your demo version.

Here, for example you can see that the footer doesn’t go all the way across, which isn’t noticeable on a dark background but looks bad on a light background:

2) I have a “Portfolio 3 Columns” page that has several Portfolio items, each of which is a Vimeo video. When they open on the desktop, the video player looks great. But on a tablet or phone, the video player is too wide for the screen. Can it be made to scale down to the screen width?

See for example this page:

Notice how the footer extends all the way across in desktop width, but when the page is narrowed past the first break point (to a tablet-size width), the footer only extends part way across.

I made no modifications that should affect the footer. In fact, you can see this happening on your demo version, too:

Could you send your Wordpress account and FTP detail please. I will have a look.

Um… I’m not sure I want to give out my login information. And since the issue appears even on your demo version and every other installation of the theme I can find, I don’t think it’s specific to my installation anyway. (The issue definitely appears in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox).

It appears to me that the fix is in grid.css. I can get the expected (correct) behavior by changing:

.footer_bar { width: 726px; } to .footer_bar { width: 100%; }


.footer_bar_wrapper { width: 726px; } to .footer_bar_wrapper { width: 100%; }

...etc, under the appropriate break-point CSS sections.

I haven’t tested yet to make sure this doesn’t break anything else unexpectedly, but it seems to work so far. Do you see any reasons this isn’t a good fix?

Social profiles -

On the page that enables submission of social profile information, I cannot get youtube to connect through to my channel as the footer icon always sends you to prefix:

whereas my channel is

as such, I cannot connect to my channel as it is always prefixed by /user by the youtube button.

was wondering if there was an easy fix for this? I am working locally on XAMPP before launching. I’ve gotten other social profiles working – great theme by the way…


Open footer.php at line 111 change from “user” to “channel”.

Dear ThemeGoods,

When I view my website from an android tablet many issues appear. Below you will find screenshots and analytical descriptions regarding the issues. I have used Firefox as a browser and my website is

1st Screenshot Horizontal

In this screenshot just underneath the main navigation menu of the header there is a black oblong square.

2st Screenshot Vertical

In this screenshot we can see that: 1. The black oblong square appears again. 2. The Footer disappears. 3. The background picture doesn’t auto-adjust to the screen resolution of the device. Assuming that the picture should resize itself accordingly to the device’s resolution.

Thank you very much!!

Have a nice day, Best Regards, Dreamguard


You can make slideshow image cover page area by enabling Theme Setting > Gallery Portfolio > Enable/disable image cropping to screen resolution

BUT it will cropped or resized your image to fit user screen resolution because you can’t have universal image size to fit all screen resolutions since every users have different resolution setting.

okey thanks for your reply! But you didn’t help me with the problems that I described in the second screenshot. Also for some reason when I visit the homepage of my website the background images don’t appear..

Please check it out because I have already read many times your tutorial file and I didn’t manage to find any suggestions regarding the above issues.

Thank you very much!!

Best Regards, Dreamguard

The error comes from one your you plugin code. Please try to disable all plugins. It should fix the issue with your slideshow.

I am having problems uploading my logo. When i click the save changes button, there is no action. I need help ! Thank you


When you finish upload your logo image. Please make sure you click “File URL” and “Insert to Post” buttons.

I am having problems uploading my logo. When i click the save changes button, there is no action. I need help ! Thank you

I replied your previous comment.

I am unable to play audio on home page. I uploaded the MP3 file successfully, but it doesn’t load on startup.

Provide URL of page which has issue please.

Hello! Is there any form to change footer text size?


Open /css/screen.css find ”#footer” change its font-size.


You are welcome ;)

Btw, Could you help me rate for the theme please?

Hi I would like the logo to be shown larger. Can you please tell me where to look for changing the settings of the header?

thx… that is what I was looking for :-)

You are welcome ;)

Btw, Could you help me rate for the theme please?

No Problem

Hi there,

i have a few pre-purchase questions:

1. If I setup a normal 3-column gallery, can I have caption and/or title in the overview under the thumbnails?

2. Will the theme place nicely with the Photoswipe plugin and/or libraries? If not could the NextGen-gallery plugin be used instead – and would NextGen then play nice with the theme? I require fullscreen images on mobile devices that can be swiped back and forth.

3. Is is possible to make the white top bar with the logo and the menu bigger for logo that would not fit in the bar in the demo? Or would this destroy the design and/or repositivity?

4. Can the music-feature be used in every gallery – e.g. the fullscreen slider gallery at the landing page?

PS. Very nice you have created there!!

Thanks in advance and kind regards, Florian

(Oh never mind question 3 – i saw that this just got answered earlier today…)


Thank you for interesting.

1. Sorry it doesn’t support that. However image title will be displayed under image in lightbox mode.

2. Sorry I can’t guarantee on 3rd party plugins but I will test them if there are many customers requests.

4. Yes technically you can upload music to every gallery templates.

Hello, I love your theme, but I am having a hard time getting portfolios and portfolios pages working. I create the portfolio then the page, but when I click on the portfolio featured, I get the 404 page not found error?? Maybe I am missing a step in loading portfolio content??


Please try to switch to default permalink setting. If you still have issue ,provide URL of page which has issue please.

I am trying to create a new gallery. But when adding images, it just creates a dimmed background, and i am not able to add images.

When can we get a fix for that?

This theme seems to be ignoring the “display_name” value and, instead, using the “user_nicename”—which is a “sanitized” version of the “user_login” value.

2 questions:

1) Why is it not using the “display_name” value?

2) How do I go about permanently fixing this? (I’m assuming creating a child theme and completely reconfiguring everything since exporting/importing settings is not supported.)

I keep wanting to like the theme that I paid for, but the more I try to actually use it, the more I keep regretting buying this theme.