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Is it possible to change the white text background to black transparent like the footer, and the text Colorado to white on the homepage?



It couldn’t be done using theme admin. However you can edit theme CSS file to change that

Did you know about Firebug a Firefox plugin? and here video tutorial

Or you can use Chrome Developer tool instead. Here are video tutorials

It will help you inspect all CSS and HTML elements, really help if you do a lot customization

The main CSS file is /css/screen.css


My homescreen gallery isn’t “full screen”...not sure why…if I change the select gallery to “select gallery” (so it selects random images) it is full screen, but when I select a specific gallery to be used for the home screen it is not full screen…

Also is there anyway to make the images appear at random when someone view my website?


Provide URL of your home page please.

I checked your homepage and your fullscreen slideshow is cover screen area which is how the auto fit function you enabled work.

Hi there! Great theme, thank you!

Checked out lots of comments but can’t seem to find proper solutions for these issues:

1) I can’t get the ‘Static Image’-backgrounds to work. Example: . Tried all different kinds of things. It’s not working on the homepage either.

2) When I rollover to select a portfolio, the button ‘View Project’ fades in and the portolio title scrolls in from above. I don’t want the title to come into the image, because it already has the title under the image. Can this be done? So I just want the ‘View Project’ button and the title in the white bar under the image.

3) Can I disable comments on the blog? I want it to be more of a news-page than a blog where people can comment.

3) I’ve hidden my footer by adjusting a bit of custom CSS I found in one of the comments (I’m an amateur, so this might be wrong).

.footer_bar { width: 0%; background: #000; background: rgba(0,0,0,0.6); position: fixed; bottom: 0; height: 0px; margin-bottom: 0; padding-top: 10px; }

I did this because I have several pages with just a few lines of content. In those cases the footer just floats in the middle of the screen because the pages are too short. So now I’ve hidden the footer altogether, but my client wants the footer (with social media icons) to display on the home-page and contact-page.

So can I do either of these things? A ) Hide the footer on all pages except for Home and Contact? or B ) Make the footer stick to the bottom at all times, even when there’s just 1 little row of images on the page.

Thanks so much!

Sorry it’s global setting so it’s hidden on all pages. Footer can’t stick to bottom because of design layout, but if you add some content to page. It will display at the bottom just like every themes here.

Thanks. I just tried your solution for the other problem (title in gallery thumbnail)

2. Open /css/screen.css find ”.one_third.gallery3.portfolio_type h5” add display: none;

This causes the ‘View Project’-button to go from the center to the top of the image. Is there a way around this?

Thank you!

Nevermind, I found something using Chrome Developer. It looks alright.

Will Google Analytics work in Titan if all theme is installed into a subdirectory? In my case, I have while the domain “” is pointed do home directory /, and a revised copy of index.php is redirecting into the subdirectory folder named “site2014”.

Another question – does having Titan (WP) installed into a subdirectory prevent indexing by SE or influence to any SEO processes? THX!


1. Yes it should be working fine.

2. I think the structor of your site is not index by search engine. It’s index by your pages URL.

What are the options for SEO in the Titan?

Do adding alt tags for Gallery images attached to a page make sense for SEO, thus better SE indexing?

My Contact form does not send emails. After pressing Send it does not generate confirmation message, just goes blank. Could you troubleshoot and guide me through the options of Contact page and from? The URL is Thank you -

Send it using my profile form mail please

Hello TG, just want to make sure you received the login detail, I supplied. Did you?

I replied your email.

Hi, I am confused, about “pptitan-child” theme. Could you explain the “Child” concept and what for and how to use it?


Here is information about Child theme

Hi, great Theme! But I have a problem with the plugin: “The Event Calendar” on the ipad. I already wrote with the developer of the plugin, but it’s a theme problem. I already used the plugin in a few other themes, but never had this problem. On all devices it works, but not on apple devices. I can’t switch between the month – it’s freezing then – but only on apple devices. On android it works.

May you can help me?



I got a page with “Galleries Grid” Template which gives an overview of all existing galleries. But I have one gallery which I want to hide in this overview, because it´s the slider gallery for the start page.

How could I hide that gallery?


Sorry it doesn’t support that.

ok, then an other option. You got a menu point “Galleries” on your demo site which has no “action”. With a mouseover it´s just open the sub menu. How can I create such a menu button without a site and just showing sub menu´s?

When you create a menu item, use custom link and add # for its URL

1. It’s kind of hard to add a clean logo. I’m trying the upload function via website identity. however the logo won’t appear. instead i just overwrote the standard logos via ftp. however the logo looks a bit fuzzy.

what are the standard dimensions for a logo? will the retina logo always overwrite the standard logo?

2. how about adding an option for a standard logo field with typography. real fonts just look cleaner.

my website is:


1. Yes retina logo will overwrite standard logo. The default logo size is 97×21 px.

2. Sorry it doesn’t support that.


When I upload images in a new gallery, how can i sort the images from this gallery by name ascending or descending

thank you very much

Best Regards



You can drag&drop to order images using gallery admin.

Hi Perapong,

Thank you for all your help. One more error I ran into…I activated the wordpress plugin “Jetpack” which shows my site stats…when I activated this plugin my galleries would not load under my “portfolio tab”..when I deactivated the plug in they would load properly again.

Does jetpack not work with this theme? Do I need to use google analytic instead?

My website is and currently has the jetpack theme disabled.

Thank you!


Could you provide more in detail. Which feature of Jetpack plugin causes the issue please?

I am not sure. The plugin was not activated and my website was working well, the galleries would load nicely. When I clicked “activate” on the jatpack plugin, the galleries stopped loading. I dont have anything special equiped with the jetpack just the default settings for when you activate jetpack.

Unfortunately, the true size of the images he ind Gallery and cover picture does not match the text. What can you do?


Could you send your Wordpress account and FTP detail please. I will have a look.

Curious – the Mixed Masonry setting seems to only hold true for 13 images or so – then they become tiled. Is this just a need to edit CSS?


Yes that’s correct.

hey titantheme, I was wondering when you are going to put up the update to fix the errors with the single portfolio slider – the images are not sticking to the edges ( you acknowledged the issue with it in the post from few months ago ). I cannot put the site live until it is done, and I am so urgently need this. Any ETA ?

Problem: Slideshow doesn’t work for ‘Gallery Fullscreen’ setting -I made a page and gallery -wanted a slide show function on it -slideshow doesn’t work…and there are thumbnails of the gallery images just above the footer -took out ”_” characters from image titles…doesn’t change anything

-my slideshow works fine on the homepage

Any ideas why the slideshow wont work? Thanks

Ran into another issue now: I finally figured out how to get my ‘mixed masonry’ gallery up and running. But now have problems with links. The Main menu link to the gallery takes you to the correct gallery (mixed masonry) but the gallery link on the main ‘Gallery of galleries’’ page takes you to a ‘Full Screen’ version with thumbnails along the bottom. Somehow I have 2 different gallery versions….but I just want the Mixed Masonry. How do I redirect the one on the Gallery of galleries page to link to the Mixed masonry gallery??? Hope I explained that ok…

just reading the other discussions like my problem: does it mean on a “Gallery of Galleries” page that these galleries can only use certain gallery types?? But, the galleries linked by the Main menu and drop down list…take you to the gallery type I wanted… This would appear to be a strange behaviour: why don’t the user specified galleries get displayed?

After installing the theme, I can no longer access any part of my wordpress because I no longer have privileges. Not a single page, even after resetting my password and logging in. Any tips?


Theme don’t have permission to change or remove your account password, privileges. It think it’s your Wordpress installation issue.


in Internet Explorer 11, the menu isn’t displayed – just the underlines under each item. The white area where the items and the logo reside is just a few pixels high. No prob in Chrome and iOS, though

Thanks Klaus


Please check. There are javascript conflicts between theme’s script and plugin’s script. Try to disable all plugins.

Also provide URL of your site please.

omg. It was just a “cleanup cache”... Sorry (site is

Hi! I´m new in wordpress. - I need to change the logo “TITAN” and put my name (with other source). Could you explain to me like do it?, I am very awkward - Neither I manage to raise my logo, have tried in several formats and nothing

Sorry for my english. Thank you


You can upload logo image using Theme Setting > General > Logo.

Theme documentation’s located in your downloaded file from Themeforest Please follow the theme’s instructions in /manual folder it will help you get through all theme features.

If anyone is interested in seeing some customizations working on this Theme, please check out a site I finished here: Thanks.