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Hi! I hope you can help me with a question about the brightness of my pictures?

When I scroll down the pictures I experience a different in contrast from when I click at an individual picture. When I click at a picture and it comes up on my screen it looks darker. The darker version is the one which I prefer, and also similar to the original.

So why is it, this difference appears, and is it avoidable? Best regards Kasper Teiner

There is no image on this page

My menu-bar is top right on the side.

I have a drop down menu-bar.

It’s default Wordpress media system to regenerate image with 90% quality for better loading time.

I you want to change that, you can use this plugin

Hello, At the homepage I need a fullscreen gallery but I want to put some html text too, is it possible? Thanks


Sorry it doesn’t support that but you can add image and description so it displays in fullscreen slideshow.

Why not consider a forum type support system where common issues can be easily answered or an FAQ could be put up. This type of support isn’t efficient for finding answers or getting other users to maybe help out with answers. Just an idea since you seem overwhelmed by questions and don’t answer them too promptly in general.

Great theme but does have some quirks as we buyers find out upon starting to use it.

This is URGENT! I activated a child theme for purpose of using a custom contact page and surprisingly lost all my site setting – no menu, style, copyright, logotype, everything I custom set in the theme settings got lost!
I tried to get back by activating normal Titan theme – and see no difference, somehow all my custom settings disappeared from Titan settings.

Could you explain, guide me through, and tell how to restore?



All settings are stored in your database and when you re active theme, it’s overwritten and can’t be restored.

Speaking of Database – Is backing up setting.php sufficient to restore setting if lost? Or what are other files you suggest to back up settings?

Clarifying file name it is “default_settings.php”.
Other options I see as backing up my custom database are – wp-config.php, wp-settings – which one works?

Is fotomoto supported by titan? i have tried lots of settings and i can’t seem to get it working as it should be. fotomoto currently supports the following script libraries: Art Secy lightbox ColorBox Fade Slide Show FancyBox Galleria Galleriffic GreyBox Lightbox Lytebox Pretty Photo ShadowBox Slimbox The Turning Gate Galleries Thickbox Tiny Lightbox Visual Photo Wordpress Pickahoose Wordpress DM Albums

Is any of the above used by any of the galleries in titan? If so, would you please let me know which ones. And if not, do you think you can add fotomoto support to your theme or point me to another plugin that can replace what fotomoto does.

Thanks, Samer


Sorry it doesn’t support that.

Hi, My last Theme update was done for V1.9.1 – 23.09.2014

May i ask what files to i need to update from my last update to bring it up to date to version V2.01 – 26.01.2015 ?


Please updates - All files in /templates folder
- All files in /js folder
- contact.php

Howdy, I searched the comments and found my question, just not a posted answer.

When you click an image it jumps to the top, is there a way to stop this?


There are many javascript errors on your site comes from plugins. Please try to disable all plugins.

Hi there,

We noticed that when scrolling down blog, contact and some other pages on mobile (iPhone 5s if that means anything), the content can shift somewhat off the left side of the screen if the user swipes a little left. It doesn’t kill the page, but it just looks and feels a little awkward since it can sometimes cause a little bit of the left side of the page to disappear and need to be dragged back center after scrolling down. However, this does not happen if you swipe a little right. In that case the page centers itself again to fit properly.

Is there any way to fix this to more easily remain centered or have it so that the content cannot be dragged from side to side?

(Just to make sure it wasn’t only us, I tried the mobile versions of other web addresses that customers have posted in comments and found the same issue occurring on their mobile sites.)


I try to setup Titan on . I set up few galleries with images, few pages, menus, etc. In the Page Attributes, I selected Gallery 3 columns Masonry. When I will visit pages the images are not resized, just sort of vertical strip in full resolution ( ) When I tested other options, most are not working at al, no images are displayed on Home page. I will appreciate suggestions how to resolve this problem.

Thank you for advise, I installed, and run but didn’t help at all. Even more confusing is that I have another site on the same server with Titan, that I set-up 2 -3 years ago, and I don’t have this problem. I don’t need to explain that I copied all settings from to (unless I forgot about something).

Contact me using my profile form mail please


I’ll like to buy this theme but I need to know if you have any intention to make this theme compatible with WPML any time soon or not?

My customer is in France and need the site translated in 3 languages.

Thank you

Hi there,

could you please provide me with an answer to my question?

Thank you

There is a problem, if I select “Light” as “Page Content Background Color” . Firsttheme has shown as “Dark” then switch to “Light”. I thing it is a bug.

Is it possible to fix it?

Hi, I would like to shown recent uploaded photos in the homepage. It is possible to add photos in galleries and all of them will be automatically shown as recent in homepage? Thanks. Congrats

Hi, thanks. How it works should I add photos to different galleries and then all of them will appear in homepage? How should I set up the homepage?

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Hi, in fact this is a pre buy question. I want to launch a photography website and I have been searching a few months for this theme. I found in some unofficial sites that it was not possible. For my website I will want two features. 1) that recent photos uploaded to several galleries appear in homepage; and 2) the possibility to install image store plugin…. Sorry for so many text but I want to launch something like a “perfect” website :)

Hi, I´d like to know if it is possible to show the pics in the shop page not in the squared standard box but in the real proportion of the pics in order to see the complete image? Thanks


Sorry it doesn’t support that.

Inconsistent gallery image loading: my various galleries have very inconsistent image loading….sometimes 1 or more images don’t load. Anything I can do about this? Any possible causes? Thanks


It’s issue with your server loading speed. Please contact your webhost.

Also this article helps speed up your site

I notice that my Vimeo videos are getting slightly cutoff at the top. Is there a way to have the videos fit the page as opposed to having them fill the page. I am using the Vimeo Fullscreen template. Example:

I also notice it on the fullscreen homepage. FYI, if these are sharing css, I don’t mind changing it globally.


Sorry it can’t because on small height screen, it will automatically adjust video width and height for the best of screen resolution.

I am looking to do some customization. Do you do that? If so, what is your rate?

I am mainly looking to add sharing buttons to gallery carousel, add the search tool to the home page.


Really sorry, I’m really busy with my works and customer support so I have no time for freelance job.

If you’re interested in hiring a developer for building out this custom feature for you, we highly recommend to check out: Envato Studio

Hi, I a couple questions! trying to get my site done asap! thanks!!

1. how I can have my logo on the header just on my homepage: as you can see I made it bigger than the template version but now It is in the way on other pages

2. on the blog page how do you remove who posted it, and can you make the date bigger or look different? can you change the title font?

3. How can you center the contact section? (mine is on the left)

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I have a page set for slideshow background however, I would like to remove the thumbnails. You mentioned to add”display:none” to the thumb-tray. I have tried in a few spots would you be willing to be a bit more specific?

#thumb-tray{ position:fixed; z-index:3; bottom:45px; height: 75px; left:0; width:100%; overflow: visible; text-align:center; display:none; } #thumb-tray, body.single-gallery #thumb-tray { display: block !important; }


From you above code replace display: block !important; with display: none;

Hmm. This is in supersized css line 73? Not responding. Would you be willing to assist with login credentials?

Change from #thumb-tray, body.single-gallery #thumb-tray { display: block !important; }
to #thumb-tray, body.single-gallery #thumb-tray { display: none !important; }

I can’t seem to find in the theme manual how to change button colours. Can you help?


Open Theme Setting > Styling > Button Colors Settings

Hi, The contact form is not working and I need help to figure it out! Thanks!

I’m using a child theme and added the template folder. It’s still not working. I’m also wondering if I can have a thank you message. Can you let me know how to fix this? Thanks

Just making sure you received my message and are able to return an answer. Thank you for your help

Could you send your Wordpress account and FTP detail please. I will have a look.