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Will this blog ever support video posting? I currently have to upload an image every time I post a video.


Currently It doesn’t support that. I will consider to add it into the future if there are many requests from customers.


i have a problem with the gallery templates..

when i choose the template gallery carousel nothing happens / no pictures appear

what mistake do i make?

i create a new page, chosing the template.. then choose the gallery i would take.. but when i have a look at the perceive there are no thumbs an no full-size pics


Provide URL of page which has issue please.

Please contact your webhost. It’s because this file

returns “Internal Server Error” on your server.

I am trying to create a link on the home page (the bottom caption), but although the HTML is there for it, it does not have a link, any clue? Page is


Sorry it doesn’t support that.

ok, I need to put a clickable button on the home page, how can I do that?

Can you please advise why the page scrolls so far beyond the footer? See my homepage:

When you scroll down the page, there’s a big gap at the bottom of the page beyond the footer.

How do I stop this happening, how to make the page end at the footer?

Thank you.

UPDATE – RESOLVED. I paid a programmer to take a look. Took him about 2 minutes to resolve. Here’s his reply:

I have added the following code to your child theme style.css and also to the Custom CSS box that is located in the Wordpress admin by selecting THEME SETTING > UTILITIES from the admin menu.


height:auto!important; }

Here’s your advice in your original reply:

The issue comes from your plugins or your code changes. Please disable all plugins and remove all code changes (or install original theme code)

So, it was the theme causing the problem all along. Not my plugins, or anything I did to the code. Thanks for your ‘help’, your lack of replies and all round awful customer service, I really appreciate it.

Why is my blog featured image not cropping to the correct size automatically?

See this page here:

The images that appear are the same size, but only the first image resizes to the the correct size.

What is happening here?


RESOLVED. I saw a link in another support post to use a ‘resize thumbnails plugin’.

I recommend using if, like me, you have a very large collection of images to resize. This plugin allows the resizing of featured images only, saving a VERY long conversion process.

Hi Themegoods,

first I have to say i really like the designs you create. But i have a little problem with Titan. I designed a logo for the header and this includes some font. But the logo is displayed that small that I barely can read the text in the logo. The Logo has the size of 256×156 Pixel. Maybe you have a little hint for me.

Page URL:

Thanks in advance.

RESOLVED: changed the css files


I can’t get your custom-css.php file to cache. This isn’t good, as custom-css.pho is one of two files your theme creates that significantly slows my pages load time.

I chatted with my CDN support and they say two options can resolve this matter:

the actual file I want to force to cache is Marko Markovic: you are trying to add a .php file, which is dynamic by nature, which is why the plugin avoided rewriting it’s domain to CDN domain. Marko Markovic: However, as the content is static Marko Markovic: There are few resolutions here Marko Markovic: Your theme calls a simple, static .css file via .php causing your server to use it’s resources each time it’s being called. Marko Markovic: What you could do is either to add the code to any other. css file you already have and to disable the custom css in your theme. Marko Markovic: Alternatively, you cold reach out to your theme developers and verify if there is a way to have the custom .css called directly.

So please advise how to either disable the custom css and embed this in another css file, for example the style.css file in my child theme….or can you make the css be called directly, not via php?

Pingdom report here:!/Gnmg1/

You can see the two theme files causing the slow page load. Please advise, or I would like a refund and I’ll revert back to my old theme.

I managed to get the custom-css.php to cache, but because the file still needs to call t my server, it still slows down my site quite significantly.

For example, all other files load in under a second, but while waiting for the custom-css.php to call from the server, plus the script-static-bg.php to call, the page load time increases to over 4 seconds.

This is a major issue with the theme which should be easily resolved if you are prepared to reply…but I notice there are many times you ignore requests for assistance.

It’s standard Wordpress codex required on EVERY Wordpress theme sale here so I don’t think it’s bad practice

It might be on every theme, but that doesn’t resolve the problem. Some assistance in making the page load faster would be a sign of excellent after-sales.

What is bad practice is ignoring requests for help (not just me, this site is littered with lots of unanswered requests for help).

If you cannot/won’t help then I’d like a refund please. I use a VPS in conjunction with MaxCDN. A page of under a megabyte size should not take several seconds to load – whatever you say, that IS bad design.


How can I make it so that you cannot click on the “Portfolio” or “Travel” buttons on the top menu? I currently have them set up as a page with text asking the viewer to please select a gallery from the submenu. I rather they have no choice but to go to the pages from the submenu. Please advise.



When you create a menu item, use custom link and add # for its URL

Sorry, I’m not sure what that means. I may need a step by step instruction here. I went to Appearance > Menu > Custom Links…. then what?

When you want to add menu using custom link, there is URL field. Put # there.

Hi, thank you for making such a user friendly theme, it’s great.

I really love the way the top bar looks when it’s semi-transparent, but Theme Setting -> Main Menu Colors Setting -> Menu and Sub-Menu Background Opacity only takes effect when the theme is in Ken Burns or Flip. When I change it to fullscreen (what I’d prefer) it goes to solid black regardless of the opacity setting.

How can I make the transparency take effect in fullscreen? Thank you!


Please enable Titan theme on your site so I can see it please.

I am having trouble using this theme on my website. Can someone help me with downloading it to my website?

I have fixed it! Thank you for your fast response! Can I get a refund from this purchase? This theme does not suit what I need it for.


If you haven’t download the theme yet, you can contact Themeforest support for refund.

Ok thank you ThemeGoods! How do I contact them?

Hi! Is everything safe with Titan in relation to this?

Also, is Titan ok to update to WordPress 4.2? I don’t see it listed yet on the side of the page for “Software Version” so we weren’t sure if we should yet.


New questions:

1. We just started testing comments on blog posts, and on mobile the comments area does not respond to fit the screen size. It’s pushing everything off the page and stretching the header and side area into lots of black space. Are there any special settings we need to have on to make comments/replies fit properly on mobile?

2. We also tried turning comments off, but it still displays “0 Comments” in that situation. If as a last resort we decide to do that, how can we disable the “0 Comment” text from displaying on the posts?


1. It’s safe for security issue as Titan doesn’t use functions which are effected.

2. Please let me check with Wordpress 4.2 first then I will declare support on item page.

3. Provide URL of page which has issue please, also please make sure you use default Wordpress comment system and didn’t change any theme code.

4. Provide URL of page you want to remove it please, because you have to edit the code for that.

1 & 2. Ok great!

3 & 4. I’ll email the information to you right now because you’ll need to log in as the site is currently hidden by a Coming Soon plugin. Please let me know if you got it :-)

Hi, Could you check compatibility with WP 4.2? I recently updated my site and now I cannot add/view pictures in my galleries anymore… When I create a new gallery I cannot add pictures, when I open an existing gallery I don’t see any pictures anymore. The site itself still works fine though. Please help :) Bert


Thank you guys for reporting. I will check the theme with Wordpress 4.2 very soon.

For quick check, could you guys please disable all plugins to see if it fixes the issue.

Thank you very much for the update, it’s all fine now! I like the function to add existing images to a gallery, however there’s still an issue with the detach function I think. Nothing too serious though. Bert

Hello, You have already answered to two requests : 1. customers wanting to know if you could implement galleries of galleries, 2. customers wishing to use different portfolio sets displaying only selected portfolios. You replied that you were thinking about developping this … It would be a great improvement to this theme. Can we hope you will propose this soon ? Thanks.

Patrick, from France.


I would like to have an infinite amount of post in the weblog. Because I want the weblog to be my homepage. Now because of the 10 post max per page it doesn`t allow me to skip page…because the url`s are not correct. Can you please help me?


Open Settings > Reading > Blog pages show at most and put massive number there ex. 999999

Hey there,

i have a problem with the portfolio page

when i try to open a new portfolio by clicking “view project” on the portfolio page (3 columns) the portfolio page does not open because there is always a link to a video, even if there is none


I checked your page and you have figured out already?


I’m having trouble loading new images or viewing any images in existing galleries. Is this because of the wordpress 4.2.1 update? Please help


Please update to the latest version of theme. It should fix your issue.

Download from Themeforest > your account > downloads and replace all theme’s files and folders using FTP account with the new version.

All of your settings and contents remain the same.


i noticed that when browsing a gallery within the portfolio i cannot scroll with the arrow keys anymore after the update to the newest Titan Update and wordpress 4.2.1.

And its not because of the wordpress update. I just switched back to the Titan version from yesterday and everything is fine again.

Since I have updated the theme, re-arranging the gallery images does not save/update after clicking the update button. I have deleted the images and re-uploaded trying to put them in the order I want and it seems to have a mind of its own. Any help appreciated.

Thank you!

Sorry it still doesn’t work after I updated the theme.

Its not yet available. In review queue. It should be out within tomorrow.

Hi, I try to use the site on a mobile with the responsive layout disabled but it doesn’t display correctly. Only the Home tab shows and the full screen doesn’t. Why is this?

Basically I have to zoom out for each page. So why doesn’t it just show up already zoomed out?

Hi There,

Probably the fastest way to resolve this is to open a thread in our support portal: Please also add a link to your site as well as the login credentials when opening the ticket, so we can take a look at your site.

Hi there,

I want resize the whole site more than 1000px on width, which css i must change? I want min 1200px width with content and menu.


Sorry, it needs a custom modification. This type of customization is a bit more complex and is not covered under normal theme support.

If you’re interested in hiring a developer for building out this custom features for you, we highly recommend to check out: Envato Studio