Titania - Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Titania - Multipurpose WordPress Theme

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Welcome to Titania – Responsive WordPress Theme. With multi-purpose theme, you can choose any favorite apprearance of Home Page, Portfolio, Blog, Contact and About Pages from its set of modern, beautiful and clean versions.

Titania integrated with WooCommerce is an enchanting and easy-to-use Shop WordPress theme that allows you to show your products in a dynamic and enjoyable way, making it perfect for your online shops. More than that, taking advantages of BuddyPress and Bbpress plugins, you can create easily well-designed forums and interesting groups. Besides, the most important feature is its compatibility with WPML that allows you to make your site multilingual and bring it to more and more people. Don’t hesitate anymore to discover it! Let Titania be right tool to make your site unique!

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Version 1.9
- Update Plugin Visual Composer
- Update version plugin Revolution Slider  5.2.5
Version 1.7.1
 - Update Visual Composer 4.7.4

Version 1.6

    Update Plugin Plazart 1.0.4.
    Update Plugin Visual Composer 4.7.2.
    Update version plugin Revolution Slider 5.0.9.
    Update version plugin WooCommerce 2.4.7.
    Fixed error when you choose hide preloader
    Fixed error body tag.
    Featured: Show description for menu item.

Version 1.6

    Update Plugin Visual Composer 4.6.2.
    Update version plugin Revolution Slider 5.0.3.
    Update version plugin WooCommerce 2.4.2.
    Add option show or hide sidebar for Blog Column page.
    Add option hide/show information in template blog column.
    Add option option hide/show information in single page.
    Add option show/hide sidebar in forum page.

Version 1.5

    1. Update Plugin Visual Composer 4.5.3.
    2. Update version plugin Revolution Slider 4.6.93.
    3. Update version plugin WooCommerce 2.3.11.
    4. Update version prettyPhoto 3.1.6 latest stable and secure version.
    5. Add option show or hide sidebar for page Blog Column.

Version 1.4

    1. Update version plugin Visual Composer 4.5.2.
    2. Update version plugin TGM-Plugin-Activation.
    3. Update version plugin Revolution Slider 4.6.92.
    4. Update version plugin WooCommerce 2.3.9.
    5. Fix Copyright Error: Hide HTML tags in Copyright.
    6. Create Child Theme.
    7. Add Style Menu Option: Create style menu option in General Option allowing to select menu types for both single posts and single      portfolios.
    8. Change Header Top Option: Add options to show or hide Header Top bar, show or hide Wishlist.
    9. Change Loading Option: Add an option to show or hide Loading page.

Version 1.3

   1. Add link for icon in WooCommerce product page.
   2. Add options for Visual Composer button shortcode.
   3. Update plugin Visual Composer version 4.4.3.
   4. Update Revolution slider.
   5. Update Option Tree.
   6. Update YITH WooCommerce Wishlist.
   7. Update BuddyPres, BBPress.
   8. Fix Owl-carousel in Visual Composer.
   9. Fix error plugin tz-plazart.

Version 1.2

   1. Update plugin Visual Composer version 4.4.2.
   2. Update plugin Titania version 1.1.
   3. Fix error inline css.
   4. Fix error all dynamic data must be correctly escaped for the context where it is rendered.
   5. Fix error no spacing between paragraphs.
   6. Fix error responsive.
   7. Fix error resize image.

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