Discussion on Tography - Photography Theme

Discussion on Tography - Photography Theme

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The theme is simply not working well after some of the lastest updates. The side menu is partially blocked, carrousel works only in some cases and lazy images are difficult to avoid. I was literally waiting for six moths for an answer from the author and I received nothing. I cannot write codes, but the customizing options are very few for things like the “go back to portfolio” buttoms, for instance. I am very very disappointed. I have written to quemalabs and envato dozens of times and the answer was really poor.

Having issues with the QL plugin, had to delete it cause it kept breaking my website. The theme no longer works, tried reinstalling and everything is messed up.

I purchased extended support and have filed a support request (number 2784647) three weeks ago. So far nobody replied. Are the authors of this item still active?

Unfortunately, the theme doesn’t quite work as expected. It seems that there’s a few bugs and issues with the template. There’s a lack of presence from the developers support page. Unfortunately, I will persue a refund.

Hello! I would like to install the demo data, but the link on the homepage is broken. Where can I find the demo data? Plz send me the correct link!


Quick question: I was testing out your theme via http://themes.quemalabs.com/tography/ and, well, actually bought it in the end. After importing the Demo Data I realized mayor differences in look/feel and usability until I noticed that there’s a different Demo available at http://demo.quemalabs.com/tography/ – the one which is being imported. So, where does the difference come from and how can I get the look and feel of the first Demo available via http://themes.quemalabs.com/tography/?

Well, I figured it out by now. I guess. The Demo link provided on your Site is from the old v1.4.5 version of the theme, while the Download available here on Themeforest is the new redesign. Any Chance you could provide me the old version that I intended to buy – based on your own theme demo?

Hi there. Just two questions about the theme:

1. When using the full screen slider as a homepage the logo is not in line with the menu as on other pages. Do you know how to fix this?

2. Can I use some CSS to set the duration of the slides?

The V2 of this Theme is totally bugged. There are so many thinks that do not work any more (different sidemenu in responsive, logo animation, prev next buttons in mobile view, category site, animations). Pls tell me how I can get the V1. I can’t work with this version! :(

Hi there, I answered on the support site. The v2 is not bugged, is different from v1 and you can see all on the demo site.


I purchased the Tography template almost one year ago.

I did not have the time and help to personalize and launch by website until now. Recently, I updated the theme and have lost the few personalizations I had made… OK. But when I tried to reorganize all the menu/pages etc. I noticed that my previous chooses for sliders/ portfolios had disappear… Can you please just explain to me how and in what order I am suppose to create my site? - where can I create now my sliders and portfolios? Do I have the same choice than before the update? - are they the firts step to make before anything else? I mean before: the main menu, the pages etc.

Maybe it would be more confortable to have a few pdf sheets or a tutorial video that explain the different options we have now and how to include this choice or another…?

In advance, thank you for your help!! Florence.

Hi Florance, I’m sorry for the delay. You can see the documentation for the new version here: https://quemalabs.ticksy.com/articles/10124 There some modification on the way the Slider and portfolio are created. You can follow the new instructions there. If you need more help, please create a support ticket on our site: https://quemalabs.ticksy.com/

Hi QuemaLabs team! I’m afraid I’m totally lost with Tography latest version. I’m unable to create or publish any of the galeries I need; I can’t understand the difference between a portfolio and a gallery; I can’t update the different plugins installed with your theme… I’ve at least 15 questions to ask regarding colors and fonts changes, problems with comments blocs etc. How can I get back to Tography V1? This could be easier to create the site I wanted. Or, how much is it if you do it for me? How many changes I could ask? I am committed to at least 3 important people in my life to put my professional website online for early January 2019 … after 2 years of fails. Shame on me :o/ Thanks a lot for your help! Florence.

Is there a new way of not allowing or controlling the amount of duplicate images upon upload? in previous version it was “tography/framework/Theme.php” at around line 201

Hi there, are you talking about the image sizes? They are in tography/functions.php on line 55

I’ve just read the following comment from QuemaLabs:

Hi there, You can still have all your portfolio items but the content on this portfolio items has changed. You will have to create the content with the new format. You can test the new version and you will not loose any data, and you can go back at any time.

I can’t believe it. I’ve been using this theme for around 2 years and have always had problems defining new portfolios. If I’d known this a the beginning I would never had bought it. I had to change a number of php sources to make the navigation work properly (I’ve still got all the mails that were sent to the support team).

So I wanted to install the latest version. And read “You will have to create the content with the new format.”. I mean, I just can’t believe it. So I’ll forget updating to the latest version. No backwards compatibility???? Or did I misunderstand something?

And now I’m having the same problems with new portfolios again: defined a portfolio (with a single item) and a corresponding page. Doesn’t work. Shows “no items” or I get a 404 error.

And so now I’ll have to renew support (again) for something that should work anyway?

@QuemaLabs:please get in touch with me directly so we can clear this up. I don’t see why I should have to renew support for something that should work anyway.

Martin Davis

I couldn’t manage to create a support ticket on your site: https://quemalabs.ticksy.com/ because I can’t find my Envato purchase code and the support has run out (so I’m not sure it’s possible anyway).

The URL:


The WordPress user:


I’ve defined a temporary password:


Don’t like sending user and password like this, but I want this problem solved. I’ll change the password agian as soon as this is resolved.

All portfolios work EXCEPT:

Other portfilios -> Provence 2018


No, I don’t like sending user and password like this so I’ve changed it. How can I get login data to you by mail?

We follow the conversation via the support site.

somehow I’m experiencing problems with adding “more images” into portfolio items (either new or existing ones). I believe the theme is using metabox plugin for this functionality and perhaps some latest update has broken the theme functionality. Can you or other users confirm similar problems?

While editing portfolio pages I can add additional images, but they don’t seem to save into DB.

Glad to hear that!

I’ve noticed that the theme was rewritten. Is it possible to migrate site’s data to a new version without having to set up every portfolio item from scratch?

Hi there, You can still have all your portfolio items but the content on this portfolio items has changed. You will have to create the content with the new format. You can test the new version and you will not loose any data, and you can go back at any time.

I need help with the widget “Contact” on the sidebar menu. There is no space between the icons (envelope and phone) and my data (email and phonenumber). What to to?

Sorry my English – I’m from Denmark :)

Hi there, please create a support topic on our site with your URL, we can help you there: https://quemalabs.ticksy.com/

hello, I downloaded the topography theme yesterday because I saw in the lite version that some functions were not available, like the possibility to put my logo and the mansory portfolio in the home page. But once i installed the pro version, I can’t see neither the logo tab, and the mansory portfolio. So I am very disappointed. Did I do something wrong? I don’t get it…

Hi there, Have you seen the documentation on how to configure the theme? It is included in the ZIP file you download from Theme Forest. Also we can help you if you create a support ticket on our site: https://quemalabs.ticksy.com/

Honestly im so disappointed by this theme. Im using tography since 1 year now. If i check the statistic and the loading time of the theme, it seems to be a catastrophe, extrem long loading time. The fact, that the theme doesn’t give you the possibility to adjust the Mansory Style, or the Thumbnail size. For this price the design is really too slow, not enough possibilities. I will search for a faster Theme.

Hi, i just sent a request for a refund, why are you not responding? Until now all the other Seller of Themes were really nice and uncomplicated regarding refunds.

As expected no reply, no answer. Can you please get back to my Refund?

Hi David, let me get to that right now.

Hi there, I opened a ticket regarding a Portfolio issue with my website, could you please answer? It is very urgent!

Hi there, I answered your ticket. Thanks!

I have a slider problem from the beginning with this theme on touchpads on Macbooks. It’s slide automatic to the end on a photo album. I’m up2date. www.dang-tran.com (thx for your support)

Thank you. I have already deactivate it, but still have the same problem. I also see no different between activate and deactivate on macbooks.

That’s strange, what’s your URL with the slider? I don’t see it here: www.dang-tran.com

Ohh I see, you mean the Single portfolio page. You can disable the mouse wheel for that slider by replacing this file: tography/js/portfolio-scripts.js For this one: https://cl.ly/1f0z2e2X1F2O/portfolio-scripts.js

Hi there,

When a category is selected in the portfolio page the text in the box seems to be white, also when rolling over a new category the text also turns white (so you can’t see what is selected). In the demo this rollover and selected text is black, how do I change this from white to black?

Also on the homepage I am using a slider with one image that then links to the portfolio page, is there anyway to add the rollover effect that is on the portfolio images to the slider image so that when a user hovers over it, text appears and it does that zoom in effect?

Thanks in advance

Hi there,

Can you show me your URL? I will take a look at this issue with the link.

About the hover effect, there is no default option to add that to the slider. You will have to do it as a customization.


I have created a support ticket on the QuemaLabs website will all the relevant information on it, ticket number – #1267427

You mentioned about the hover effect having to be a customisation, sorry I’m new to wordpress and not sure what you mean by this?

We answered there, thank you!

I like this theme very much, but I have a question: I need my photo’s in the shop list page in masonry style (so people can see instantly if it is a portrait or landscape photo). Also on the product page, I need the photo at the original orientation, so portrait, landscape or square. Is this possible with this theme?

Hi there, Unfortunately, you don’t have masonry layout on the Shop page. We do have masonry shop on our themes Ocin and Glaciar: https://themeforest.net/item/ocin-responsive-wordpress-woocommerce-theme/15285240 https://themeforest.net/item/glaciar-photography-wordpress-theme/19481235

Theme update option is not purchased, how could update the them then?

You can download the latest version of the theme from your Download section, here in Theme Forest.


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