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Brankic mate, We think it´s time to release the WP Version…html version is not going great cos all the people it´s fascinated with the template, but all need the WP version…

Please mate, released it for allof us…:-) (I´ve purchased html version few days ago, but need dinamic contect for blog and news).

We all hope you can help us.

Thanks for all, you are one of the greatest designers of ThemeForest.

Hi onlyxsolar,

we understand you, but since we are working on several wp projects at the moment, we can’t promise you exact time of toolwizard wp version. We’ll probabaly do it, but don’t know when it will be finished.

Thanks for the great comment at the end of your message :-)

Hi possible to create a cookie function to keep open the tabpanel to the top even when changing page? and yes, how to ? regards

Hi Webwatts,

could you please contact us via contact form on our profile page. This issue requires some of javascript and code changes, it would be hard to display all here on message board.


Hello Brankic1979 i send you an email how to do it. Regards

Hello Sorry for my English, I use a translator.

I noticed that if I post a flash banner below the menu, the submenus of my classes appear under the flash banner above and not therefore in my menu are more visible on the height of the flash banner. Do you have a solution?

Cordially Steve


obh Purchased


I would like to change initial default colour of the elements that are controlled by the color picker.

Please can you let me know which style sheet controls this.

many thanks

Hi obh,

sorry for delay. If you want to change default color (blue) you have to open custom.js file and edit this line:

loadcssfile_Color("css/colors/blue.css") (line 88)

Simple change blue.css with desired style such as yellow, magenta etc.



obh Purchased

many thanks for getting back to me, if its not to much trouble may i ask another question.

how would i add extra sub headings to the animated part of the services page? meaning the area with titles like web design, copy writing etc.


Hi Brankic

Quick question before I buy, where did you get the grey blob from used on the front slider.


Great template, also had IE 8 issue all fixed thanks to your earlier reply.

Keep up the great work as I will be purchasing more of your templates soon.


Hello how are you?

We bought the template-Toolwizard HTMLtemplat, but it is giving an error in css. We couldn’t install it in wordpress, you could help me ? What we need do to active this template on my Wordpress.

Thank you

Hi Igorzera,

you couldn’t install it on wordpress because this is a html template, not wordpress template, therefor it’s impossible for wp installation. So sorry.

Regards Brankic1979

Hehehehe, sorry was my mistake, thanks.


I’m sorry but I’m kinda new to this stuff, I don’t understand how to hide the customization panel. I want to use the colors I chose and not give the user the option to change it. Thanks.

Hi Luicyfer,

if you don’t want to use customization panel simple remove div tag with “toppanel” id and it’s content from all the pages. You can also remove necessary customization code lines from custom.js file (1-106 lines).

Since you want to use only one color you have to insert desired css file on each page, for example if you want to use only blue color this is what you should insert inside head tag of each page:

<link href="css/colors/blue.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

Also remove this file from head tag:

<link href="css/panel.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

And one more thing, remove following code line inside start body tag:

onload="is_there_cookie_Color('brankic_Color'); is_there_cookie_BG('brankic_BG'); "

Regards Brankic1979

Hey LOVE the template..

But how do i add my email to the Newsletter and the contact form? I cant find it…

I tried as much as I could to read the Help file. But i still dont understand. :(

Hi TheNaskela,

sorry for delay. If you want to receive messages from contact form you have to open send.php file and edit this line by entering your email:

$email_to = "";

Regarding newsletter, it doesn’t work because we never made fully working newsletter form, if we had we would have mentioned in template’s description. There is a solution, but can you please contact us via contact form on our profile page so we can give you full instructions on how to do it.

Regards Brankic1979