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Hey guys, The HTML version is missing some pages, like most importantly the audio page

Hi, hope you’re doing well, the coder who did top10 no longer works for us so we’re temporary not performing any changes to top10 for the moment


Can it work with self-hosted videos too?



we wanted to add it in the past but we stoped working on it so it’s simply vimeo and youtube

cheers UOU

Hi, how to enable localization? I try to translate, but template don’t find PO/MO files.

hi this is an html version, not the wp


I wanted to put my hands on the wordpress version but it’s no longer available. Anyway to get my hands on it ?

If it isn’t possible to get my hands on it is there an equivalent WP video theme that you could recommend out there ?


Hi, thanks for your interest, it’s been soft rejected, we will either resubmit it or publish it on a different marketplace we’ll decide today and will let you know, we haven’t tried other themes than DETUBE but it’s also not available anymore

so i’ll leave you a message today Cheers UOU

Thanks. I am thinking of buying, let me know with a private message even if you have a way of doing a direct sale.

sorry for the delay, we will probably do some fixes to the theme and will be selling it on a different marketplace, if you sent us a PM then we’ll reply to you directly (we’ll get to you during the week) thanks UOU

Hi there, I am interest in this theme. However, I noticed a few issues with the template; the top dropdown search fields and not selecting any options and the template does not load really well on mobile. Pls let me know if this issues can be fixed. I am willing to buy it ASAP

Hi thanks for your interest are you talking about the template or the theme ?

Hi the demo does not load

Hi thanks for notifying us, now it’s working cheers UOU

I’m interested in buying this but I would like to know if people can upload their own videos or how does it bring the videos in? Is it a youtube feed?

Thank you


Hi, sorry for the delay, hope you had a nice w.e the wp version has been soft-disabled by themeforest, the wp version is here: once we bring it back online we’ll let you know Cheers UOU

Can you explain how to upload video and content by admin login or ftp ?

please let me know asap,

Hi, this is an html version, the wp version is here it has been removed from themeeforest if we reupload it we will let you know Cheers UOU

but i want to know how i upload content in html version of i buy html version ?

you would need to add it manually in the main files

The HTML preview seems to not be working. I’d like to see it and I am interested in the WP version which you once had but does not seem to appear on TF no more.

Hello, the wp version is currently soft-disabled due to the revolution slider virus also because we are not supporting the top10 wp theme but we will see whether we will republish it or not the html demo is not working but the template is there it’s exactely like on the psd version

Yes, please re-publish the WP version. I need it. Thanks.

Hi, hope you are well. The slider on the homepage doesn’t load properly. Sometimes the first slide doesn’t load and when it does it is stretched vertically. Any suggestions. Thanks!

hello jimilyons,

could you kindly check your site link it doesn’t working, it says 404 not found

kind regards UOU

Hi, thanks so much. I don’t have any links yet. and yes I forgot the rs-slider. All is good, thanks again for your swift responses. Wonderful template, have a great day!

thanks mate :)

Hi. Are you still offering support with this template?


thanks for the interest, however you can ask issues here if you find one,


I get an error message saying that The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

hello just replied above…

Hi I purchased the top-10-multimedia-tube theme. I’m getting an error when uploading and installing the file: on wordpress 4.5.2 version: getting this error message: The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.Theme install failed. —-Please help!

Hello Cmcds this is an html template the wordpress version was removed last year from themeforest as it was no longer suported

Hi Folks, Why have you guys not removed and or put a notification that this template is not compatible with wordpress anymore?? People like me that is new to your site does not know of this if is not on the site anywhere! Can at least get a full refund since I cannot use this?

Hi Cmcds, the item you purchased is a template it was never compatible with wordpress while the theme was sold as a different item.


you see there’s a PSD template item for 10$ there’s the HTML Template for 17$ there was the WP Theme for 49$

anyway for refund requests please follow-up with Envato as they have the control over the licenses

cheers uou

Hi, In your comment above I see you refer to ”..there was the WP Theme for 49$..”. I can’t find it and I have bought your Wp Theme some months ago, so I can work on it now. But I can see, that’s it not available anymore. I need a wordpress themplate of this product. Can you get me one or do I need to ask for a refund to?

Hi Luigi, hope all is well, we removed the item a while ago because it was no longer supported, we can send you a copy of it but we can’t guarantee support for it as the developer is no longer working with us, send us a PM

Pre purchase question,

can i add selected YouTube videos so that i could watch my collection later on.( as a favourite book marking album??)

Hello uouapps,

first of all: this theme is really awesome and holds a special place in my heart! No kidding!

I once bought the Wordpress version and had setup a really fine site. Had to close it for some reason – several years ago. Same with your “Glocal” WP theme… also outstanding!

I have decided to rebuild my WP site with Top10. The last version I have is “Version: 1.1 @package Top10 @since Top10 1.0” Is there any newer version – since you had to take it offline? Or do you offer an updatet version on a different marketplace?

Hope you can help me with some information. If necessary I can sent you my Envato Licence-Code as proof.

Best wishes, Helge