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Very nice theme. Good luck with your sales :)

thanks Vicky :)

Thank you, Uouapps for the reminder. Excellent job. Its been a long time coming. Anyways, I will check the HTML version out. Hope the WP version will follow soon.

Ur welcome, i somt know how long the wp version will take,

sorry I sent this reply from an iphone which had autofilling option: here’s the real answer in english :)

you’re welcome, I still don’t know how long the WP version will take (hopefully less than 1 month)

Hi ! Nice, very nice job… but I wait the Wordpress version of it to buy it! Wish it will be tomorow :P

we also wish everything could happen tomorrow :) thanks for your message, we don’t know yet when WP version will be ready, but hopefully soon

This looks great – and I agree – this will be a hugely popular WP theme – html version won’t reflect that saleswise – as most serious folks who are going to develop this style community are going to want to use Wordpress. (hopefully you don’t let those numbers dissuade you from building the other)

Do you have a general estimate timewise on WP version? (we had been watching your crowdfunding template a long while back for WP – and eventually went with a different solution after a lot of time passed per posted timeline)

We are running Detube on a similar site with good success – but I’d def buy this to test when you finish it for WP – as the features look really great – the reviews/directory/location based stuff in addition to the other functionality is a big selling proposition :-)

hi thanks for your message, the situation right now is much better than before because i managed to form the right team of developpers, they are now familiar with themeforest reqs + they are progressing and becoming faster and more efficient our biggest challenge is time and after sale service. in regards to top 10 i have a new developer who will work on it, he confirmed that it will be ready in less than 3 weeks i wont promise anythibg this time but i’m confident. will keep you posted,cheers.uou

Excellent :). Thank you. I upload it yesterday and work on it today.

Nice theme and nice job :)

Merci Ludovic :)

Amazing theme!!! Like every one of us, i will wait for the wordpress version, i’m pretty sure that will be a huge success

Hello, Excellent theme for use with a tube script. I found a concern in Firefox, Tabs on the right column when going over a picture the red bar exceeds the size of the image.

we’ll take care of it on monday, I guess you’re a great QA for us :) Enjoy your w.e Cheers UOU Apps

Thanks and enjoy w.e :)

Hello, I love this template. WP version will wait to buy it, I hope not last long ime to leave

Hola Chercha, no te preocupes espero ahi estamos… :)

Une version Wordpress est-elle prevue ?

oui, j’espere qu’elle sera prete dans moins d’un mois. cheers. UOU Apps

Super boulot, encore une fois.

J’essaie de modifier les icon, j’ai bien les fichiers glyphicons mais je ne trouve pas le fichier ou se trouve l’icone android ou dashboard, vous utiliser quel fichier ?

Merci de votre retour.

MERCI :) Salut Ludovic, il faudrais que je demande au developeur il sera dispo qu’a partir de lundi je t’enverrai un mail Cheers & bon w.e

A few issues …

1) When ‘restaurant-page.html’ is resized down to mobile, the tabs section (description | Tab1 | Tab2) disappear but leave a very large blank white space where the tabs should be. This is also on your demo with Firefox and Chrome – not tried Safari or IE.

2) As the mega menu operates on click (instead of mouseover), how do you close it? e.g. on your demo, click the ‘Crowdfunding’ menu item and the megamenu drops down but there is no way to close it, except by clicking on another menu item.

3) bootstrap.min.css is missing from the download package (the theme is referencing the full bootstrap.css file instead of a minified version)

Many thanks

Don’t worryit should be done tomorrow or tuesday Cheers Uou

can you send us a pm or open a ticket at www.uou.ticksy.com we have the answers to your questions

I can’t get YouTube videos to play via the Top Video Slider. I’ve tried replacing the Vimeo links with YouTube Links, the normal embed code, old embed codes etc but nothing is working. Please advise. Many thanks

Hi thanks for reporting this, i’ll inform the ddeveloper and will revert to you tomorrow (monday). If you have anyissuesinthe future please open a ticket at www.uou.ticksy.com it goes faster to get a technical fix Cheers Uou

can you please open a ticket or send us a PM so that we can give you the code to get youtube vids working Cheers UOU Apps

Hi, I want TOP 10 for WORDPRESS!!! Will there be?

Hi, yes we’re working on it, hopefully it will be ready in less than 1 month. Cheers UOU

Hi, just a couple presales questions,

1) Is possible menu drop down when mouse over instead mouse click?

2) Can it also work with youtube / dailymotion and automatically pick up video thumb instead having a separate image as a video thumb?

3) Is possible to pick up automatically popularity and video number of likes?

Thank you

hi thanks for your interest:

1- http://uou.ch/kb/category/top10-html/

2- it’s possible with youtube videos yes about daily motion didn’t try it, for the image thom would need to unvestigate with the dev

3- we will focus this on wp version, html is more a static version.

cheers uou

Already bookmarked this and hope the wordpress version will be developed soon. Great design and nice features. Big up!

Thank you very much, it’s a matter of days we’re polishing the wp version… will keep you posted Cheers UOU Apps

Great, cant wait for WP version !

Hi, thanks we’re trying to publish it tomorrow, we just have a couple of flaws with CSS that we’re trying to fix but should be ready tomorrow inchallah :) Cheers UOU Apps

i was about the say tobad their is no wordpress version id buy it right away why is it not released yet?

Its been another week man ive kinda losed hoping…

Guys what shall i tell you everytime we submit it it takes them 3 days to get back with an answer so we’re just waiting like you, hopefully its approved tonight or tomorrow morning

Good morning. I just saw your comment that a WP version will be available, so I can kick myself for asking my boss for an impulse buy (The theme is awesome, but we now need to work on making it dynamic).

What will the WP version offer in terms of :- 1. Configuring layout (adding content etc) 2. Back office for members 3. Advertising configuration?

Just want to see if it’s worth our while to purchase the WP as well.

thanks :)

will wordpress version allow audio & video file uploads?