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nice work. a perfect design for a website project I have in mid. I hope to see a Wordpress version.

thanks for the kinds words, we’ll first do it in HTML then convert it to WP, so it might take 6-8 weeks for the entire operation.

Awesome Work! Love the attention to details. LOOKING forward to the WordPress Theme.

Thanks for your kind words, we’ll keep you posted Cheers UOU Apps

Great work! I’ll buy a Wordpress theme, and already have a domain: TopTen10.com

I hope wordpress version will be released soon and faster than 6-8 weeks.

Good luck!

Hi, thanks for your message,

are you doing this as a personal project or are you going to seriously launch it as a company ?

I personally wish that this project could take less than 8 weeks but unfortunately if you want to have a serious platform working properly with enough functionalities that’s really the minimum time required to get a bug-free robust version.

you need to consider that a front-end registration is a must with payment gateway and offering the possibility to users to create and edit their own Channel Page

drop us a PM if you’re interested in taking topten to another level :)

Cheers UOU Apps

I would be interested in a Wordpress version too…hopefully, sooner than later….and im pretty sure based on your Tube template design & functionality that it can be highly successful…compared to some others I’ve seen around here.

Hi thanks for your message, we need to keep a balance between quality & quantity, we have so many App oriented projects in the pipeline right now + the toughest part is after sale service, we need to keep people happy that’s why it takes time to convert these projects into WP. will keep you posted with the roadmap Thanks again Cheers UOU

Great mockup! So crisp and clean. What social icons do you use?

:) no proble, he’ll be back on the 3rd of September…

I am planning for a short film competition site with user votes.

Waiting for the WP version.

Will the theme be supporting user votes to choose top10?

Cool. Will make a list and drop it together soon.

What is the status of WP version?

Awesome theme. How soon will the html and WP versions be ready?

Hi, thanks for your interest, the html version should take a couple of weeks, while the Wordpress version it’s still not clear, will keep you posted, Cheers.uou

Beautiful template :) Can’t wait for the HTML version !

Perfect ! :)

shukran :) how was your trip to Jordan ?

keep up the good work bro, how many days still for the html version ?

Guys you kept insisting and once it’s online all we got on day 1 is one sale ??

When is the HTML version coming guys? Waiting for it…....

Guys you kept insisting and once it’s online all we got on day 1 is one sale ??

ok so whats the statues on the HTML version, also will it to html5 and respective?


take your time :) it’s just that people have been mailing us a lot for top10 and at the end of the day nothing happens in terms of sales

Any news about Wordpress version ? Make it and see your income goes really high :D

Hi, we’re 98% ready with HTML version for the WP version I still don’t know how long it will take will keep you posted Cheers UOU Apps

I am eagerly waiting too for the html and word press version. As I type hope the 98% got to 100%..Great work!!

Guys we though that you were eagerly waiting for the html version and all we got on day 1 is one sale ??

Hi Everyone, just to inform you that TOP 10 HTML has been approved is now available here: