Discussion on Top News - Magazine Themes

Discussion on Top News - Magazine Themes

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Nice work, Good Luck With Sales :)

:) thanks

nice theme gud luck :)

good luck you too :)

Great work, GLWS. :-)


Nice template, GLWS :)


Great work! GLWS ! :p


Great theme! Good Luck With Sales :)


It is a beautiful theme. About to purchase it but not sure if it is fully functional. Is there a demo site running on this somewhere? The demo does not sort articles based on categories. For example, if I click “Video” or “Feature” on the menu nothing happens. Thanks for your help.

Great. Thank you! Just bought the theme. Are you available to do custom themes?


You can contact with me through contact form in the “support” tab

Purchased this theme and am not sure it’s ready for prime time. 1. Searching on the mobile version is buggy. 2. The General Menu at the bottom doesn’t pull Ghost’s navigation dynamically so you’ll have to hardcode that. Possibly a Ghost bug. 3. There aren’t any Page templates so you’ll need to create your own if you want an “About, Contact” or any other type of page.

Outside of these items it’s a really nice, simple theme. However it shouldn’t be buggy.

I’ll think about adding the About and Contact Page Template :)

I have added two pages and fixed the search issue

A fantastic, well-made template, with good typography, bold headers and an appealing, easy-to-use layout. The author provided me with timely support and updated the template to include styles for HTML tables and Markdown footnotes. Very happy with this purchase and the support provided.

thanks Ash :)

Hi, I really liked your theme, but I was wondering if it’s possible to put it ads with widgets or something, so I can put ads in it. Let me know. Regards.

hi, now there is no, I will think about how to implement ads in the next update.

Hey Tam Xaun. Do you have anything other themes similar to this, but for wordpress?

BTW, this is one of my favorite themes. Very, very cool. After hours of searching I finally found yours.

I may be ported to wp this theme, I have already started porting my Urban theme.

Please do consider porting it to WP. I’d gladly pay double for it, hell, even triple. This is a very unique theme. Seriously, I’ve spent about 6-10 hours looking for a WP theme but none were to my liking. I initially purchased yours because of how amazing it was, and only after did i realize it wasn’t for WP. If you take some time to look you’ll see what I mean…no other WP theme is like this one!

Hi Tamxaun, Really nice looking and had the buy-feeling from first second I saw it. Just want to say nice work and looking forward for the updates to come. Ad-holders works perfectly so a great way to get visitors notice what wanted. Like the home-landingpage presentation a lot and shows latest post etc. in a perfectly way. Thanks.

thanks )

can it support ghost 0.7.x ? now i run ghost 0.7.4 , but i can not use the themes in 0.7.4

hi, I have answered by email

Hi, does the theme offer the option to change the main background color (beige)? does it offer the option to include your own logo? and can you change the red transparent background that appears behind the post’s title?

hi, you can change the logo in the backend of the ghost, but neither background color nor transparent background you can’t change. You can change those things through CSS.

Hi there! Just changed servers. Correctly uploaded the topnews folder to /ghost/content/themes. Ghost-user ownership is correctly assigned – same as default Casper theme. But still can’t see the top news theme after restart. Tried multiple times.

Hi, do you have tried to reboot the server?

Are you going to create a wordpress version of this? I’ll buy if you do

Hey i love it! I just have a couple of questions, can the main first space of the template (elusive brown starts…) be shortened? Same question for each article I would like to shorten the intro screen to each article.

The image background effect for each article is very cool can I make it carry-on for the full article instead of until the writing begins?

Also can the sections bar (technology, lifestyle, etc) be modified so that who you hover the mouse over it, it drops down unto most recent posts in that category?


hi, 1) Sure, you may edit CSS to achieve it. 2) I think it would be not good for readability. 3) The ghost doesn’t allow that, but you can implement it manually through JS and CSS.

Hmm the last theme-update was a year ago… Is this theme still working fine without errors?

yep, the theme does work without errors

The “breaking news” banner isn’t loading when I add the tag (I have tried every variation). Also, publicAPI isn’t available in Ghost 3. Please advise.

I posted this question almost a month ago and not even a single response. This theme is abandoned, DO NOT BUY IT. It has tons of errors I had to pay to have fixed. Avoid at all cost, save your money, etc..