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Hi, i have a problem submitting ticket on your support system, it says my purchase code is invalid, buti already used it many times without problem before and i still have 3 months support to go :/

Hello there,

Please try again now and if the issue still exists, send an email to owwwlab[at]gmail including your purchase code. Thanks

i’ve sent you a mail this morning, hope you got it.


cryolla Purchased

Does Support Google Fonts?

Hello there,

Yes this is an HTML template so you won’t have any problem with adding google fonts.

Hi there,

I bought this theme quite a while ago, but never used it. Downloaded the updated version a few days ago. Would just like to know if there’s a way to display images at their exact sizes /resolution on all screens. It seems that, say a 1200px image, gets stretched to fit (when using the lightbox popup on grid gallery) on a retina display, thus leaving the image soft.

My support has expired, so won’t expect a lengthy walk-through – just want to know if it will be easy to correct or if I should rather look at another option.

Thanks in advance

Hi there,

Thank you for your interest. The template uses the Magnific Popup jQuery plugin to show lightbox images. The natural behaviour of the plugin is to resize ( proportionally and not to stretch ) the image to be fit inside the available area of the display device, as some images are inevitably taller or wider than the visitor’s screen and that forces the visitor to scroll horizontally or vertically in certain screen sizes. That is why it forces the image to fit inside the screen.

Thanks so much for the reply. I don’t think I explained it very well, sorry. What I meant was that I want an image of say, 1800px, to always display at 1800px (and smaller, not bigger) so that it won’t look soft on a retina / higher resolution screen. For now, I think I found a workaround, using high resolution files and setting a smaller max-width thankn 100% in magnific-popup.css.

Yes, that should do the trick for retina devices. Thanks for sharing.

You can reach us at owwwlab[at]gmail if you needed any help with the code.

Have a choice of colors ?

Hello there,

Yes you can change the main accent color (orange) easily.

Hi guys, please I try to insert the GOOGLE API KEY for the Map but I don’t know where to write it. Any help?

Hello there,

Yes sure, please send an email to owwwlab[at]gmail. Our support staff will help you asap.

Hi, my loading icons (circles on center of page) stays on screen even though the portfolio page is loaded. It is keep moving. http://denotecreative.co.kr/?owlabpfl=mercedes-benz-korea-15

can you pls tell me how to fix it?


i need a bit customization here…. a popup window – when clicked on contact-us button (with a form to filled) will it be possible?

Hello there,

Yes it is possible with bootstrap modals.


esmaar Purchased

Can’t find “home-3.html” in the RTL version, the one that exists is not the same as the LTR One thanks in advance

Hello there,

Yes, we just have the RTL demo files inside the package.


Please create a ticket in our support center if you had any issue in building that home-3 in RTL.

Hi there, Ive got the same issue as DiamondXF above The pictures do not load on items like gallery-horizontal-2016-1.html Only if I represh the page a second time, then the pictures do load But if I use the return button and browse back to the page, picures are not visible again. only if I refresh the page again. On index.html there is no problem with pitures loading, but all the horizontal gallery items cause the same problems. Thank you very much.

Hi is available a version for joomla? Or… have you developed a template like this for joomla?

thanks Luca

Hi Sorry for your template (RTL) It is not good of code and show a many mistake of pages


http://owwwlab.com/toranj/demo-rtl/page-team.html http://owwwlab.com/toranj/demo-rtl/home-2.html

Could You Please Retrieve my money. Thanks Alot.

Hello, Please i bought this template yesterday and I noticed there’s no ‘Pagination’ in the Portfolio page. The “Back and Next” ( < x > ) links are not showing and I can’t view other items in the Portfolio. How do I fix this please. Thank you

Hello there,

It is intentional, the navigation buttons will appear only if you open portfolio with Ajax loading. If you want them on portfolio item regular page as well it needs a CSS change.

Please create a ticket in our support center and provide your website URL if you have one and we will help you with it.

Thanks, Ehsan

Thank a lot for yh early response. I will send you the URL as soon as I host the website. Looking forward to your assistance. Thank you

Hi Nice template GLWS

If you like Joomla or Drupal version please contact me via contact.bluetheme@gmail.com



When I use a filter on the gallery, and I open a picture, and I switch to the next ones, they are no longer filtered. How to fix this problem?

Thank you in advance

Hello there,

Yes, that’s the normal behavior. Our lightbox will show all images in a single gallery page and despite they are filtered, they still belong to one gallery.

I’m afraid changing this behavior would require major customization to the core JS file.


johnjojo Purchased

Ok, if i find the solution I will share


faro79 Purchased

(Urgent) Hello, Does the menu open automatically after the page loads?

Hello there,

You can add a class that will make it visible by default. Here is a demo:


Juan2012 Purchased

Hi guys, please I try to insert the GOOGLE API KEY for the Map but I don’t know where to write it. Any help?

Hello there,

Yes, sure. Please check the following ticket:



Hello there,

Yes, sure. Please check the following ticket: