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hi, can you please show me how i can change the font of the website from installed fonts, or how to add my own font.

thank you

Hi there,

We provide support through forum, so could you please create an account if you haven’t already and post your question there?

When you update the template and add the modal window?


The “x” in the expanded sidebar menu doesn’t seem symmetrical (left side diagonal lines are longer)

How do you fix it?

Hi there,
Could you please post this issue in our support forum?
Our support team will get to you ASAP.


Hi I can’t seem to access support forum. Password won’t work neither am I receiving password reminder email

Hello there and sorry for the inconvenience. Please send an email to owwwlab[gmail] with your purchase code and we will create your account manually. Thanks


akapowl Purchased

Hey there, first up: nice theme! ...but I am having an issue with the team page. I tried to sign up for your help forum but didn’t get a password yet. Could you please help me?

Hello there,

Thanks for your comment and sorry for the inconvenience. Please send an email to owwwlab[at]gmail with your purchase code and we will create your account. Thanks


Hi there,

I’m using KB-Slider for my landing page. If I want to have static images using KB-Slider (as in i don’t want the zoom in/out effect), am I able to disable it? If so, how.

I did try with Homeslider as an alternative, but it seems that Homeslider don’t work well with responsive layout.

Any tips?


Hi there,

We provide support through forum, so could you please create an account if you haven’t already and post your question there? Thanks


Nice template GLWS

If you like Joomla version please let me know via my profile




zesmai Purchased

Hello! I just bought the template, but there are no demo sample xml files in the download package. How can I get them? Thanks for your answer!

Hi there,

We provide support through forum, so could you please create an account if you haven’t already and post your question there?

Buenos días,

Tengo una consulta. Yo compre la plantilla Toranj pero no me di cuenta que era HTML 5. Hay alguna posibilidad de comprar las versión en WordPress descontando los 17 dolares que pague?

Hi there,

These kind of decisions are off our hands please use Envsto item support for more information.

Kindest regards


fpcom Purchased

I’m interested in your theme for a project, but I would need to have additional information appearing in the popup that appears when selecting an image on http://owwwlab.com/toranj/gallery-grid-full.html. Is this easy to add? I would like the image to appear with information below, like a description with links to external pages. Possibly two columns, description on one side, links on the right, possibly with an additional image (small), like an icon “Buy Now” or “Download”, or something of that nature.


Hello there,

Glad you are interested. The gallery itself is only for showing photos and don’t have such a capability. Portfolio might be a better choice for adding description, buttons and so on. Please check following link:


Hello, please, Is it posible, for example, on site home-2.html apears other content than the pictures?

For example, some text or a div containing html elements? Thank you

Hello there,

Yes it is possible as long each item has a valid height. However we don’t have the design so you might need to add a few line of CSS as well.

Please create a ticket in our support center after purchasing and we will help you to achieve it. Thanks

Does the theme have WPML support or compatibility?

Hi there, this is the HTML version that you are commenting on, and you might want to know about the WP version which supports WPML plugin.

See here: http://themeforest.net/item/toranj-responsive-creative-wordpress-theme/8977823

The X for the nav, I have to click it twice for it to close? Any fix for that?

Hello there,

Please create a ticket in our support center and mention the URL :

https://owwwlab.ticksy.com/ Thanks

hi ! i have a question about this template : in the “grid-full gallery”, when the page is loaded, all the pictures are put perfectly side by side. Do the script organise them automatically or do i have to do it by myself ? and can the pictures be any size ?

Hello there,

Yes the script does all the job and also your images can have any size.

Please let us know if you had any further question.


bayfest Purchased

Will this theme ever be updated again?

Hello there,

Yes we have plan for releasing an update for dependency libraries and couple of improvements. It should be available in April.

The template looks great. One question before purchasing: will the gallery in “fullscreen alt” be able to handle many pictures (maybe 200) specially on I-Devices without crashing? Thanks in advance.

Hello there,

Thanks for your comment. That gallery has been created using MasterSlider plugin which is available in CodeCanyon. Although we didn’t test it with many slides but it should be ok. If it is very important to you, please ask the author of the plugin. Here is the link :


Hi, I am interested in your theme. I just wanted to ask whether there would be any problems integrating this store search php script with your theme: http://codecanyon.net/item/super-store-finder/3630922? Would it conflict with any of your scripts at all?

Thank you.

I afraid I don’t know really. We don’t and technically can’t investigate 3rd party integration.


yomoz Purchased

Hello, I’m interested in your template but I would fit joomla 3.x because it is the CMS that I use for my project. So I wonder if you did a version with joomla. thank you to answer me because it’s urgent. Regards,

Hello there,

Unfortunately, we don’t have the Joomla version.

I’m about to buy this wonderful template, but i just would like to know if, with easy bit of scripting, the left side menu state (hidden or active) can be “reminded” from a page to another when loading a new page ?

Hello there,

Thanks for your comment.

Changing the menu state is simple as changing a class but the hard part would be remembering that class name. I think the simplest way would be storing that class in user’s cookie and then retrieve and assign it to the sidebar on each page load.


etian23 Purchased

When a mp4 video is shown in the product page, it shows not centered on Safari. Works well on chrome though, any fix or help? http://www.pita.es/jsp/pita-carousel-carousel-automatic-watch-with-12-hour-self-axis-rotating-movement.jsp