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Hi, congratulations for this beautiful theme., Is there an option to remove the post data in the admin options (date, etc…), without touching the codes Thanks


Yes theres an option that toggles meta data display.

Why is it aligned left?

Because it looks nice.

Its optional you can have it centered if you want.

I just wanted to ask same question, but I see answer. :)
Great work!

I really liked this theme a lot nice layout also good luck

it’s so Nice to see a WP Template that is aligned to the left. i love it… in a way it feels more old school, just cuz you used to see sites be aligned to the left more commonly a few years ago… it’s funny how people have gotten so used to sites that are most always centered.

Yep i agree.

I added the center option for anyone who likes the center layout.


Excellent theme, just what i was looking for! Lots of layout options and it is left aligned. Not many left aligned themes out there with such a great visual impact. It will work nicely for my hang gliding website! Just one drawback, it doesn’t seem to render properly in IE8 . I’m running Win 7 Ultimate.


i ll check as soon as i find a pc to check the IE rendering.

Doesn’t seem to render properly in Opera 10.63 / WinXP SP2 also. I will buy the the WP template anyway, because i like it so much. I can help you fix the browser inconsistencies, if you like. Cheers!


if you could send me the screenshots and specify what errors you found i ll be thankful.


Hi ricosushi, i just installed the theme and the slideshow is ot appearing:

Any tips?

never mind… should have read the readme file. sorry.

Hey I purchased the HTML file on accident and I meant to purchase the WP. Do I see you or Envato for a refund? I am about to purchase the WP now though. Thanks for the help.


I dont know if envato can solve this issue you can try or

If you wish you can send me the money difference through paypal at and ill send you the wp file.



great theme

is it possible to edit the graphics like logo and symbols / buttons, to change the look with the included psd file



1. you jus need to edit one psd (included in the package) that contains all elements

2. the logo is not included but you can specify your own from the admin panel.


thx rico

one last question, is it possible to put video files or mp3 audio work in the portfolio area?

Greetings Graz


In the portfolio you can but not in the gallery cause its only for images.

Hi there -

I had an error immediately upon installation. :(

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: add_theme_support() in /homepages/33/d300198292/htdocs/laurafriesdotcom/wp-content/themes/torn/functions.php on line 26

I had to remove the theme in order to regain access to my wp-admin. Please let me know how to proceed – I am looking forward to implementing your beautiful theme.


Try uploading the folder from an ftp client to the themes folder instead of using the zip loader.

Yes, my installation is 3.0.2 – I updated yesterday after I was not able to get your theme to work. That did not impact the error, it repeated upon installation of the newest version.

I only FTP files to my sites; not a big fan of the upload interface as it can be wonky.

Can you suggest something else? The error messages suggest a syntax error in various files, but again you are more experienced with php than myself.

Its weird i just installed the published version on another servr and it works just fine.

This error appears on other themes or just the torn theme.

Can i have the ftp access and the wp-admin to do a test. (you can send them through my profile)


Can someone help me out? Is there a Read Me File, I can’t get my post images to show up on the home page. Am I missing something? Looking for a detailed Read Me file I think.


Its explained in the help file. Just add post/pages and set feature image to the post/pages.

Got it! I kept trying to use an image URL vs using an image saved in the media gallery. Got it to work. Thanks!

I am really interested in buying this theme, but I have one question… does this theme use the new wordpress featured image / auto thumbnail technology?


I think you mean the feature image option where you upload a thumbnail and it display in the blog listing.

maybe a bug..

All my comment authors is showing ‘admin’. All the comments are showing admin as the author.

Cufon editing?

Twitter text not showing on frontpage….missed something?

Hi yep its a bug

i fixed it and uploaded the new file it should be available soon.

as for the twitter just make sure your twitter name is typed correctly and twitter server is on.

Love the theme. One question, on this page: when a picture or image is clicked, I would like for it to go to a blog post or page. Is this possible, or is the only option lightbox?



I think you mean the gallery since the url takes me to the index.

Well you cannot set the link directly but you could add it ot the description of the image.

hope it works.

Where can I find the shortcodes for the tooltips, tabbed content and slide boxes? It doesn’t seem to be under the shortcodes section of the provided index file?


There are not short codes for those.

See the HELP files of the HTML version to see how to set those.



Upon uploading the theme file to the wp-content/themes folder via an ftp client I’m getting the following error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ in /homepages/38/d260110775/htdocs/photographyblog/wordpress2/wp-content/themes/torn/functions-helper.php on line 44

Perhaps i’m uploading the wrong file but I could not gain access to my admin panel and had to delete the theme to gain access.



Yup updated it before I installed the theme as i followed your instructions to the dot…?


can you send me the ftp and wp-admin access through my profile to check it.

The feature for the “Portfolio” module require PHP 5 , this error pops if your php installation is php 4 or lower.

You can ask your administrator to upgrade your php installation or wait for a Torn release that will disable the “Portfolio” feature and remove the error.


I really like your template, but I have a couple questions before purchasing.

1) When I click one of the thumbnail pictures from the Gallery page, is it possible to go to it’s content page to see more pictures and text instead of viewing only the image?

2) My client wants to have a Project page and a Press page which are the same layout as the Gallery page of your template. Is it possible to use the Gallery page template for 2 different pages?

Thank you, Mai


1. No, you cannot link directly however you can set a link in the image description.

2. yes. You can have any number of galleries page with different content.