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Hey, Would it be possible to only display the twitter feed on my front page?


But theres no an easy way. It further customization. I can do it but i need a fee for that work.

if still interest email me.

Hi is it possible to show the whole blog post in the blog page instead of clicking on the MORE to see it??


Edit the “index.php” file from the torn folder and search for the:

“the_excerpt()” and change it to “the_content()”

That should do it.

ok thanks for the quick reply it is a very nice theme, another question also in the blog page can you just have it as one column and not have the Categories and Recent Posts box on the right side?? please let me know thanks!


At the moment theres not a template i will include it for the next release. In the mean time you could edit both files: index.php and single.php and delete the “get_sidebar()” function.


yes this works but than the page is not centered, how can I fix this? or can you address this in the new update?? :)

Ill have that in the next update for sure.


Hi Ansimuz,

Quick question for you.

How do I create a ‘slide show’ of images on a page?

The help documentation doesn’t say hoe to do it?


Right i dont have documented. Ill have a short code ready in the next update. In the mean time copy the example in the HTML version.

Look for the HTML file:



Hello, I need some help with the theme. For some reason the slider has disappeared and on the front page instead of things being in two columns it’s gone into one column, very annoying and I can’t figure out why? Perhaps you could help Ansimuz.

Your hasty reply would be much appreciated.

Can i see the url :)

And theme is really great btw, also to get the updates do I have to purchase the theme again?

No. You don’t have to pay more.

You can download as many times as you want including updates.

Just a quick question about the leaving/replying to comments.

For some reason comments in my blog aren’t nesting like they should, am I doing something wrong, or does the theme not support comment nesting?

For example, this is what happens currently:

• Comment 1
• Comment 2
• My reply to Comment 1
• My reply to Comment 2

However, I want it to look like this:

Comment 1
• My reply to Comment 1
Comment 2
• My reply to Comment 2

Any ideas?


Torn theme doesn support nesting comments format yet. Ill have that feature in mind for future releases.


Hello! I’ve upgraded my wordpress and now I’m missing pictures and the top bar (paper detail) isnt showing up! Any suggestions? I’m guessing I shouldnt have upgraded to 3.1….

Go to “Screen Options” and select “Custom Fields”.

Well the problem is, as the site has been live for some weeks now, and this has happened I have put it under maintenance so people can’t see the mess it’s in! So you will not be able to view it, and I don’t really want to leave it live for everyone to see in a mess for too long. I shall take it off maintenance for a couple of hours and hope that you see it.

As said before the slider has disappeared from the top and instead of posts on the home page being in two columns, they have moved to one column and I can’t get it back to two columns? It is mean’t to be two columns of three posts, but it is just one column of all 6 posts on the home page, making it very long to scroll down as well as it making the site look untidy.

Thank you for your response so far.


Sorry for the delay but i only answer from mon-fri.

Have you solved the issue? I see the site displaying correctly.

Let me know.

Hi is it possible to change the default background color to something else other than white? and is it possible only to change the surrounding areas and not the content area?

You can do that editing the css file.

However i’m planning to have an option to do it from the admin but maybe in the next release.

hey! im very close to purchasing this theme I just want to know if there is anyway you can change the background color to anything else besides white?

You can from the css file ies very easy.

I’ll include an option to do this from the admin panel in the next update.


Hi Ansimuz, I really like your template but i have the problem, why i can not see the post thumbnails on the front page and blog?



1) Have you set the home page?

2) Have you uploaded the “feature images” from your computer?

let me know

Hey Ansimuz, the template is great, but how can I change the layout to three columns?


this theme is for 2 columns only. If you need more columns you need to edit the php/html/css from files.

You can have 3 columns but only on the image galleries.


Hello Ansimuz,

No the issue is not sorted! The slider is not appearing at the top, and the posts on the front page are all on one colum, they are mean’t to be in two colums? I can I get the two columns back and the slider?

Can you not see how everything is in one column and there is no slider on your browser?

I see whats going on.

You need to set the home page and the blog page on the reading settings.

Read the FAQ on the How do i set the home page? subject.


You have no idea how much you have just made my day!! THANK YOU SO MUCH ! It has been bugging me these last couple of days and all it was, was that simple problem of some how the static front page had changed from the home page to something else by itself!

Thank you once again, really great theme, and your support has been great, would buy themes from you anytime! Also will be recommending!

Thanks :)

Hello once again, sorry that was my other account that I wrote on under the name ‘Kuzz’ so just so you know that was from me!

I have finally got the site back in order and it’s looking perfect. I just have one last problem!

You will see our Logo image at the top left of the web page. Well Ever since I set our Permalinks (custom URL ’s) from its default permalinks, the logo disappears on every other page. And writing just appears at the top left instead of the logo.

So basically because I changed from default permalinks to custom, the logo image only appears on the home page, and none of the others…

Can you help me with a solution please, and I can try promise this will be the last time I will be bothering you haha!

There is the link again if you wish to view the problem for yourself. Thank you. Looking forward to the reply.


I really cant say whats going on. I suggest using “numeric” instead of “custom” its better and it will prevent further issues for example it could cause bugs on the portfolios.

However i ll revise this issue and as soon as i find a solution i will post it here.


Hi Ansimuz, i just brought your theme and the slider isnt there at all im really stumped on what could be wrong, hope you can help me out. liz

Also is it possible to make the featured image on the posts smaller?

thanks alot, liz

Set the home page:

Then feed the slideshow with images at the slideshow tab under the torn tab in the admin panel.

Set the size in the front page settings.


I updated to PHP 5 but where do I have the Portfolio link activated, I don’t need a new menu. I just want it to show up in the main top menu. Please Help.

Thank you.

The link to your portfolio would be:

Hey Ansimuz thanks for previous answer; I could change to 3 columns and each one showing a category :). Well, now I’m trying to solve a problem, but do not know if its wordpress or theme. In the category page and frontpage where the theme calls “ php the_excerpt ()?> ... “returns a portion of the text as it should, but then he adds at the end—-> dtsv.dtse_post_91221_permalink = ”’’; dtsv.dtse_post_91221_title = ‘post-2011 ’;”any idea what might be happening? sorry for my bad english.


I don’t know what could possibly happened. I think you broke the theme sorry no warranty on that.

Try doing it again from the original file.

Cheers :)

whens the new update coming out ? any information would be great :P

I just released a the 1.7

Read the changelog