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Hey there, I tried to disable the plugins and they didn’t fix the problem! :( Have you got any other ideas that could help me? Really wanna fix the link problem as people don’t know there are links available!


Seems like you are overrinding the colors from the admin panel. Enter the wp-admin and go to the “appearance tab” and change the link colors to a different value that #000000

let me know

Hello again i left a comment two pages back about my slider on the home page not working, i followed the instructions on making a static page and the slider still isnt there.

iv set the home page and blog page all up correctly, i added images into the slider and still nothing is comming up

i can see your quite busy but your help is much needed D: thanks alot, liz.


Seems like you havent set the permalinks to numeric at the permalinks options in the admin panel.

read more at:

How do i set the home page? at

I’m experiencing some high load times on the twitter function. Maybe some optimizations for this, could be included for the next release? -And maybe it’s just my. Here’s my firebug report:

Sometimes twitter overloads due to high traffic. This is a common issue that cannot be resolved from the theme.


Cool :)

Hi, the slideshow doesn’t seem to work in IE. I’ve tried in 7 & 8 and get the same problem. I get the same issue when viewing the live preview on this site.

I get an error with jQuery – Line 5603, Char 6, Object doesn’t support this property or method.

Any chance you could have a look?

Ill check.

Can i have your url to see by myself?

sure –

strange – i’m not getting the same issue from here anymore ... i was yesterday while using IE7&8?

Its weird. I am not getting any error. Maybe it a was cache or conection issue.



Thanks for the great theme, i used a lot of free theme before, but to pay just 30$ to have this kind of work, it’s really amazing.

I have change things you can see here it’s still under construction. hop you will enjoy it

Sorry for my english, i’m not totally fluent, I’m French. I have 2 questions :

- how to upgrade torn version to 1.6.1 to 1.7 when changes have been made in css… it change my navigation and some other things. there is a way to don’t change css at each new version ??

- i don’t understand how to set the gallery page…i create the new page then give it a title, chose gallery four columns, but i don’t understand “Set the order the higher number will display to the left side of the menu bar.” and no new button will appear in my toolbar.

I hope my questions is clear for you

thank you


First you need to install the nextgen gallery and create at least a gallery.

Secondly you add a page with a gallery template and insert the nextgen gallery conde in the content of the page. Dont forget to set the template of the next gen gallery to torn like this:

[nggallery id=2 template=torn]

thats it.

Dont pay attention to that sentence in the help file is typo mistake, i will correct it in the next release. I t meant the order for the main navigation before the wp 3 menus appeared.


I do what you say but still no work… maybe i will contact you for free for finish some things i can’t do.


thanks for your comments unfortunately theres not an easy way to pevent css overwrite when updating. I can suggest to backup your modified css files and the upadate and then edit the updated CSS file using your backed up file as a map.

As for the the order dont pay attention to that. It is a typo in the documentation. Ill remove that typo error soon.


I’m going crazy!! iv read 100 blogs and help tutorials and steps and youtube videos and nothing is working

on how to make a static page step number 3. Enable “Permalinks” to show the “page title” in the address, since /index.php?p=423 defeats the purpose of making a static front page.

WTF ! thats all good and nice but it would be nice if you told me HOW to enable premalinks and HOW to show the page title.

could you please tell me what to do because sending me to the same link and reading the same sentence over and over again isn’t helping my problem.

sorry for being forward i dont mean to be rude, you have an amazing theme i just would like to get it running.

Hello again is seems i have just discovered how to do it, and for anyone else having the same problem

go to the Permalinks tab under settings on the left hand side of the page once in there select Custom Structure and insert / postname / into the space provided.

sorry for creating such a fuss :)


I know for new wp users its hard to understand how WP works and where to find the options.


Quick note to say that the template is the bee’s knee’s. Loving it, but there are oddities in the next version of Safari (which may just be Safari) but it works fine in the current gen of it.

(I am running OS X 10 .7 Lion beta)


Ill check in the new version of safari to solve this display issues.

Hey Ansimuz another quick question if I may. I noticed that in the Gallery and Portfolio sections you have the Filter/Categories (great), but when you click one, it doesnt indicate which one you are currently in (as far as I can tell). Can you advise? thanks


I took note. I ll consider fixing that issue in the next release. by the way i just released an upadte just now.

Improved slideshow


I hate to ask for help again, but I can’t figure this out.

On my Portfolio page, if you click any of the links to go to the article (picture, Title, or “Watch!”), it goes to the 404 error page.

I’m running the latest version of the theme.

Any ideas?

Also just noticed, on my main page ( if you hover over “Photography” to bring up the dropdown menu, the slideshow covers it when it fades to the next image. Same if you hover over “Contact.” Have you seen this before?

Please download it again and try again.

Great! The main page issue is no longer there!

However I still can’t figure out why all of the links to my individual portfolio files are bringing up my 404 error page.

Sorted it out. Apparently it was some Wordpress Permalink issue. Not sure how or why it happened but it’s been resolved :D

Great :D


I want to purchase this template, but I just signed up for wordpress, so I’m not sure if my wordpress is a 3.1. If it is, which I think it is, how do I get this template for wordpress 3.1?


Dont worry this template/theme works on worpdress 2.9 or higher so dont worry it will work.

Hey Ansimuz - looking to get clarification on something – so for example, lets say I have a section in the “gallery” that is something like “logo design”, and when in that section you click on one of the logo previews – could it show more of that project nestled within the lightbox? (lets say I wanted to show other unused concepts leading up to that one so numbering system would be 1-4), or would that not be possible, and instead it would just march to the next picture in the Gallery? thanks in advance for any insight.


That’s not possible in the gallery the pop up window can only show one image and one description at a time.

However i can customize the theme and create a module to showcase your work for a fee.

Let me know.

Ansimuz – thanks – yes let me know what the added fee might be, I am happy to consider it since this is the core of what I’m after. Thanks.

Sure. Please send me an email to: luis @ detailing exactly what you need the more info you give me the better. And ill send you back a estimate on monday morning.


Great theme! I love it. How do you add a “tooltip” (i think you call it) – a text overlay of the image description for the images in the top slider on the homepage?

Thanks so much Richard


There is not an option to display tooltips on the slider.


I thought I saw a tootip in a screen grab on the preview of your site… Is this a different page? The image before you can view a live preview… Is this just part of the image? Thanks again!

No its not a tooltip neither a caption it is text on the image. Ill include an option to have text over the slider on the next update.

Also, is there a way to make the slider centere as well as the entire site? I centered it but the front plage slider stayed left justified. Again, I love the theme and am having a lot of fun setting this up.


It its a bug that the layout is not centering as well as the rest of the layout. It ll be fixed on the next release.

Thanks for your feedback.

I’m having a bit of trouble adding the filter to the gallery. if you look in the portfolio tab for you can see that it shows “all”. Do I need to create multiple galleries, or just 1 with the filters? I can not find the place to add the filters. In the instructions, it tells me a new window or button should show up in the menu but it’s not doing that… any advice? Thanks so much. I am enjoying working with your theme. I will be rating it 5 stars.


If you dont see the “custom fields” where to insert the “filter words” on the post/page click on the “screen options” tab on the top of the page and check the custom fields option.

let me know if this helps :)

Thank you, this did help! I appreciate all of your help. A note for other users: when making a filterable gallery, you need to have no special characters in the descriptor. I tried “Black & White” but it didn’t like the “&” symbol, so I changed it to “BW”... hope that helps someone. :)

Is there an easy way to add code for google analytics?


Last 2 questions for a long time, I promise=

1. How can I remove the bottom “recent posts” on the right sidebar. It is a widget that I did not put in the panel, but shows up when the site is live. any thoughts?

2. Is there an easy way to add code for google analytics?

Here’s the site page:

1- Toggle off that sidebar widget in the general settings

2 – You may use a plug in for that try searching in the plugin area.