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:) Glad you like it Ilkay

That’s Clever :)

IT’s tore, not torned. I think =) Check it.

@QwibbleDesigns: I’m currently very busy with school, but I will have a look at it. Thanks QwibbleDesigns :)

@PaulAndMissy: Thanks


I’m looking for a nice template for a new (small) customer I got. This ones seems just right for not having to start from scratch. As far as I understood the licensing here, I can modify and extend this template to a full website template for my customer, right?

Thanks, Lars.

Hi Webfola,

I’ve looked at the Licensing Terms of themeforest.

From what I read there the answer is: Yes you can with a regular license.


Hi There, I think this is the cutest template. Will it work with a Wordpress site?


Rita Lorraine

Hello Rita,

Thanks for you message via Tumblr. I don’t check Themeforest every day. Sorry for the delay!

To answer you question: This template includes 1 html/php file, an ‘images’ folder, a twitter integration file (php) and a ‘javascript’ folder.

I’m not very familiar with wordpress but I’m sure it’s pretty easy to implement this template into your wordpress website. After all it’s just 5 bux.

Hope this helps! If you still have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

Best regards, - Sanne