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Jolopu Purchased

Hi AJ, Since the last theme update I have a translation issue: In the WooCommerce product details page, the “reviews” and “be the first to review” strings are not translated to german. See here: https://www.geistigewelt.tv/shop/channelings-auf-cd/die-macht-der-gedanken-cd/ How can I get this in german? Thanks!


These were added recently. Total includes a customer submitted german translation file but it’s not 100% complete. You can modify the file at Total/languages/de_DE.po – but for complete translation control on your site most customers prefer using plugins like this one – https://wordpress.org/plugins/loco-translate/

- AJ


Jolopu Purchased

Got it! I was looking in the woocommerce-de_DE.po first. Didn’t know I had to check the Total/languages/de_DE.po

Thanks and a Happy New Year! :-)

Oh yes, sorry this was a modification I did exclusive for Total as it was highly recommended ;)

Happy New Year to you too!

- Aj

The confusion concerning the Visual Composer Plugin Version Continues…:grin:

When I follow the link to the plugin’s website, Version 4.12.1 | By Michael M – WPBakery.com | Visit plugin site, it has a button for a Premium version.

Is it the same plugin? It seems to offer additional features. Can I purchase it and use it or will your furnished plugin eventually be updated to the premium, if it’s from the same offer?

Thanks!!! Lee

Hi AJ, Thanks for all of your help! I think I’ve got it straight now, however, I still have a problem with tabs on my Contacts page, https://leecarter.net/contact/.

The “Nash” tab is always highlighted to begin with, and I’ve got it set to something like “101” (can’t remember I’ve changed it so many times), so that non will be active. I was hoping the Visual Composer would fix that, but now yet.

Thanks!!! Lee

Hi Lee,

Your page builder plugin is very outdate it’s showing version 4.12.1 but the latest version included with the theme is 4.5.5 – wpexplorer-themes.com/total/changelog/

Make sure once your theme is up to date to go to Appearance > Install Plugins and update the bundled plugins as well.

- AJ

If you still have issues with the tabs let me know!

Hi AJ,

I’ve got a problem with one of the widgets. Had it for a while now but I thought I’d bring it to your attention to stop you from going out on New Years Eve :)

It’s this Total-Recent Posts widget – everything is going really well with the posts that have just been published, so don’t bother with that bit.

The problem I’m having is with the CPT posts, when being set to a random order, the same three posts are always shown.

The problem can be seen at midlandsmaidens-escorts.com (NSFW) in the footer, on the bottom left.

Any help with this would be most appreciated!

When you say “actual posts” I am assuming you mean in archives and page builder modules.

If you disable auto sort for any page builder module you just have to update it and set the orderby option to “menu_order” – https://cl.ly/ocTk

And for any auto archives like the blog, categories, tags…etc. You can use code like the example on the docs shared previously – https://wpexplorer-themes.com/total/docs/reorder-post-types/

No need to re-timestamp everything when you can fix it up in a couple minutes ;)

- AJ

Right, so ‘Menu Order’ is the same as order alphabetically?

Okey dokey, we’ll give that a go!

Super stuff – looks perfect now.

Thanks AJ!

Hello AJ, Merry Christmas and happy new year to you! Is it possible to customize the hyperlink? For exemple, if you go on this page : https://www.alexandreglemieux.ca/rencontres/ and click on the picture of the guy, the hyperlink will not be ”.../rencontres/...” but ”.../staff-member/...”

I want to keep ”.../rencontres/remi-berranger”.



Hi Alex,

You can change the “Slug” via the admin panel, see here: https://cl.ly/oZhg

You could also disable the Staff via the “Theme Panel” if you prefer to add your own custom post type – https://wpexplorer-themes.com/total/docs/adding-custom-post-types/

Happy New Year!

- AJ


Hello AJ – Wishing you a very happy New Year!

I have a couple of questions about templates:

1. I’d like to create a template that I can use for a selection of 20 very similar pages, but I don’t want to apply it to all pages. What’s the best way to do that? I don’t seem to be able to select templates I create in the Page Attributes module in WP, and I don’t want to assign the template to all pages in Page Builder > General Settings.

2. I’ve also already created a few portfolio items (each one has a slightly different page layout) but would now like to create a template for those – if I assign a template to portfolio items in Page Builder > General Settings will it change the layout of the portfolio items I’ve already created?

Thank you


Thank you very much AJ.

I think my page layouts vary too much for me to use those methods, so I’ll have to go page by page – very useful info for future reference though, thanks.

Alternatively, can I create templates for modules of content rather than entire pages? For example I would like to have some related links at the bottom of some pages – can I design/create a template for that module and insert/edit the content for that on the pages I need it?

Thanks again Pete

Hi Pete,

Depends what you want to do exactly. For example it would be easy to create a new template and then auto insert it to any pages you want via a hook – https://wpexplorer-themes.com/total/snippets/add-custom-content-multiple-pages-via-visual-composer/

This example shows adding it under the header but you can use any hook available – http://wpexplorer-themes.com/total/docs/action-hooks/ – there are hooks you can use that will place content before the footer / bottom of the page.

Now…again, depending what you need to do you can also create a template and insert it to any page via the Templatera module – https://cl.ly/ocoR – but this is a more “manual” process.

- AJ

Thank you!

HI AJ, Could you plz review the below screenshot and advise?



  • Blog will appear twice if you have it set as the Posts Page under Settings > Reading. And also in the Customizer under Blog > General – https://cl.ly/obTS

I will add a fix though to prevent it from ever showing up twice. Thanks for the heads up!

  • You can alter the font-size for your sidebar text very easily via a little CSS, example:
body #sidebar { font-size: 14px; }

By default the sidebar uses the same font size defined on the whole site (body size) so if it’s this big it’s likely because you tweaked your main body font size, since the theme uses EM values when you do that it will affect the whole site proportionally.

- AJ

Hi AJ, happy new year to you!! :) May i ask a quick question? I hope it’s pretty simple to resolve.. ;) It’s regarding the logo link: when i enable the “Overlay Header” option in a post (and set a full-height background image), the logo on that post doesn’t link to my homepage (there is no link at all). But the link works on mobile devices – just not on my notebook, which is a bit strange, no? Thanks in advance for your help.


Happy New Year!

The link should be working 100% unless you enabled the local scroll option for the logo which will make it go to the top of the site – https://cl.ly/obVK

Can you check and make sure it’s disabled? If it is and it’s still not working please share the link to the page in question so I can see what’s going on and let you know.

- AJ

please fix these two sass files in the next release, there is the semikolon missing. wp-content/themes/Total/assets/sass/main/core/search/_search-form-dropdown.scss (line 14) wp-content/themes/Total/assets/sass/_mixins.scss (line 177)

Thanks for the heads up!

- AJ

Hi AJ! how are you doing?? First of all I happy new year!!! Hope this year is much better than 2017.

Second, I have just bought two new licenses! new year present ;) Good news for you…good news for me. New sites..means new projects. I have to say that I am very happy with total and your updates and with YOUR MAGNiFICENT AND SPLENDID SUPPORT.

When I bought my first license I did not know the opportunities that were going to appear to me, because I did not manage very well … and although I am still a newbie in these subjects, with your help and a Theme so easy to use I am getting things with a good results.

A few months ago you told me that when I got to the tenth license I would let you know.

My best wishes for this year. A greeting!


P.S. if I go to support to see all my purchase codes, this last 2 appears as bought the 2nd of Jan, and today is 1st…


Wow awesome, thank you for the purchases. I wish you the most success for 2018. Good luck with everything and if you need any help you know where to find me ;)

- AJ

Hi…I think you did not read my message completely… You told me to tell you when I buy my 10th license…

I did read it ;) I will be adding you to the special slack channel as soon as I log in there later today. I haven’t forgotten!

I have recently installed the Total wordpress theme and am running an activated child theme on my site. My site shows up just as I’d like when I am logged in to wordpress, but upon logout, the top chunk of the site (slider and top part of body content) is missing…

What could be going on?


I responded via email and I see you replied back I’ll get back to you right now.

- AJ


JWK301 Purchased

AJ, Happy New Year! I need some help again. Sorry mate I can’t go through the comments again. :) Need help with a few items: 1) logo alignment, I want it align fully to the left, 2) menu height (green color), where I can reduce the size of it? Site: pioneerfn.com


Happy New Year to you too!

1. You are using the Boxed layout which has an inner padding. You can remove that though via CSS like this:

.boxed-main-layout #site-header-inner.container { padding-left: 0 !important; padding-right: 0 !important; }

2. The logo always displays in full. If you want it smaller you can either upload a smaller logo or go to Appearance > Customize > Header > Logo and use the options where you enter a logo height and then the checkbox to set the height.

Hi AJ,

I’m wondering if it’s possible to embed a portfolio item on a page. For example, I have a portfolio grid on the homepage and I want it to load the corresponding item above or under the portfolio grid instead of refering me to the actual page.


Hi there,

That’s going to be pretty tricky. There isn’t any built-in option for this. Essentially what you want is to load the item via AJAX on the page. If your portfolio items don’t use Visual Composer or any javascript elements (like sliders) then it’s not too hard with some custom javascript otherwise it’s nearly impossible.

Depending what you need…If you just want a simple portfolio you can use a plugin like this – https://wordpress.org/plugins/advance-portfolio-grid/ – and then disable the built-in theme portfolio function.

- AJ

Hi AJ! Hope you had a great start of the year. I promise myself to finally finishing my website. And… I’m having some issues with mobile. http://www.thedesignbureau.com.ar/about/

If you see this page, it looks great on desktop. But, on mobile/tablet, I can’t hide the logo and I get this weird blank space between the browser bar and the red section. (https://imgur.com/a/d6oL3) I used this piece of code you gave me a while ago for hiding the logo, but it doesn’t seem to be working here.

/* Hide logo on mobile */ @media only screen and (max-width: 959px) { #site-header-inner { display: none; } }

Thanks in advance!!!

Don’t worry, then. I’ll asked them!


If you do want though you can submit a private ticket, request it be sent to AJ (or reply to our last conversation) and I can log in again and look.

- AJ


mentol Purchased

Hello AJ.
I am wondering if you can help with a strange behaviour of a particular local scroll link: this page (http://cupido.pt/inicio/) behaves correctly when you click one of the first 3 links of the navigation (these are all local scroll links, with the exception of the last one). However, if you are here (http://cupido.pt/contactos/) and you use the navigation links, you will see they do not scrool to the correct position of the target page.
I have checked to see if i had any duplicated anchor links for the Inicio page, but all is correct.
Do you have any idea what could be affecting this? Thanks!
P.S:: this particular website is using a client license, which i can provide, if you think it’s necessary.

I tried looking through the script for this plugin but it’s very difficult to find anything since it’s all minified, have you tried asking the plugin developer yet?

Basically we need to know if these modules are loading or changing on or after window load (maybe there is a lazy load on the images that is running on window load or some sort of inline height values being added) and if so, if there is an event being triggered in the javascript after they have loaded.

Because, the only way to have things work would be to disable the default theme’s scroll to function on window load and use some custom code instead that listens for the trigger coming form the plugin and doesn’t run into it’s triggered.

Make sense?

I’ve already made some tweaks for the next update – https://wpexplorer-themes.com/total/upcoming-update-changelog/ – so that you can disable the function via a child theme and I can help you with the tweaks needed to get things working here.

Or…better yet, if the plugin has a way to disable whatever it’s doing causing the issue that may be best.

- AJ


mentol Purchased

Hi AJ. I was able to deactivate the lazy-loading of the images via the plugin’s settings. All’s working correctly.
Thanks for the support.

Hi AJ, first of all I wish you a wonderful 2018!

As you can see in the attached screenshot, when someone add an item into the cart, the button link colors on the right aren’t so good as expected. Is there a way to change them?


Thank you in advance,


Hi Bob,

Thank you! Happy New Year to you too ;)

This is what I see : https://cl.ly/oba7 (blue links). This looks like it may be theme bug because they should be green to match your site, I’ll add a fix for the upcoming update.

Here is a quick CSS fix though for you:

.woocommerce-error a.button,
.woocommerce-info a.button,
.woocommerce-message a.button {
    color: #679843 !important;

- AJ

I cannot find how to update visual composer that came with my theme Total. No edits are saving in the builder so I’m thinking after much troubleshooting, I think maybe I need to update VC. Where do I find an actual update link? This does not help me. https://wpexplorer-themes.com/total/docs/updating-visual-composer/


Can you let me know what you are confused about with the online documentation regarding plugin updates, so that I can better assist you and update the article so it’s easier to follow for anyone else having the same problems. Thanks!

Basically to update the plugin you just have to update your theme. Once the theme is up to date you will see a notice at the top of the dashboard so you can update the bundled plugins or you can go to Appearance > Install Plugins and you will see the plugins in here so you can update them.

One thing to note though is that the Visual Composer was recently renamed to “WPBakery Page Builder” so after updating you will notice that name change.

- AJ

Purchased the Total theme and installed fine. Have tried to activate license but fails. Error message is “Can not connect to the verification server at this time. Please make sure outgoing connections are enabled on your server and try again.”

Checked with web host and there are no problems with the server or database as advised by their tech support.

After researching solutions and checking all settings numerous times, decided to uninstall Wordpress and re-install. Unfortunately the same issue exists which does not allow use of the demo themes.

I have read on here the verification of license be done manually. How do I get this done.

Cheers Greg

Hi Greg,

I see you were already helped by my support staff but I will reply as well and send you a plugin you can use for manual activation if you continue having issues on the server.

- AJ

Hi AJ,

Yes, all sorted now. Don’t really know what the issue was but the manual verification has worked fine.

Thanks Greg

Hello, I want to know if I could remove the white spacing between the footer and the last row, i used footer builder, using visual composer. My site is:

Thank you for testing, ok so something is weird in that last row. Any chance you can either submit a ticket with temp logins for me or simply copy/paste the code from this page onto a gist – https://wpexplorer-themes.com/total/docs/share-page-content-troubleshooting/ – and send me the URL so I can add the page content locally on my computer and try removing modules and see if I can locate which one is causing the error?

- AJ

i have submitted a ticket

Great. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible, I have a few ahead in the queue. Thank you for your patience!

Hi, I am interested in buying this theme. My question is, is it possible to link the toggle menu/window/bar in a button?

Here’s another example of what I’m trying to do. When someone click Ask Question, it open up the toggle like this – http://prntscr.com/hvltvi

Oh, yes it is possible by using the “togglebar-toggle” class on any link. For example in a Total button – https://cl.ly/od02

And you can even write a little custom javascript if you wanted to toggle the bar, example: https://wpexplorer-themes.com/total/snippets/custom-togglebar-toggle-link-main-menu/

There is only 1 Global Toggle bar and you can view the docs for it here – https://wpexplorer-themes.com/total/docs/toggle-bar/

However, you can use the theme filter “wpex_toggle_bar_content_id” to conditionally alter the toggle bar page/template ID if needed to display custom content on different pages.

- AJ

Thank you for the information. I’ll present this to my team.

Hi, i am a older buyer trying to update but still seem to see the old version of total although it is registered at 4.5.3. I am not seeing the purple “TOTAL” “FOR WORDPRESS” but only the old grey version written in script.

I see it on the theme panel tab I see “Version 4.5.3”. http://francescapayette.com Hey, thank you for your help by the way! it is very much appreciated!

https://imgur.com/a/PWr5X this is images of what i am seeing

The URL is showing the right version, if you see the old screenshot it is either cached by the browser or the update was done maybe via FTP but the image didn’t get replaced.

Can you check in a different browser and/or clear your browser cache?

As long as you see the right version under Theme Panel – https://cl.ly/ochD – you are good to go.

Happy New Year!

- AJ