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Can ads be incorporated?

Of course, no reason they can’t. Either hardcode them or use your plugin of choice.

Beautiful theme. Thank you.

What a great and original piece of work. Well done… superb…

Many thanks :)

there is littile unresponsive my Device Galaxy S3

Can you be more specific please? :) Works beautifully on Android over here.

This looks really smooth and clean, I like it. Do you use a plugin for the sharing options, or can one add the pinterest button/sharing link easily?

Hey there. The sharing options are built-in. No need to set anything up separately. If you’d like to add Pinterest there as well then shoot me an email after purchase and we’ll add that for you, no worries :)

Hello, it is posible always visible logo. thanks and sorry for my bad english

Yes, that is possible, absolutely :) Once you’ve made the purchase, shoot me an email and we’ll get it done for you in a matter of minutes.

I have racked my brain and the setup documentation…how do I specify a different homepage for the mobile only theme? I dont want to user the homepage that the desktop uses.

Hey there.

WordPress applies the static front page to all themes by default. It’s just how the system works. So in other words, if you were to do it the default WordPress way, you’d need to use a different installation for the mobile theme.

There is a way around it though; you’ll just have to get your hands a bit dirty :) I haven’t tested this myself, but folks have told me that the trick described here works beautifully: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/setting-different-static-home-pages-for-different-themes

Cheers, Rain.

AWESOME – it worked!!!! Had to play with the code a bit but spot on. Great response time and sweet theme.


how do you make a post where it uses the slider for images added?

Hey there. Check the documentation for that, it’s all detailed there :)

it’s not working properly here, somehow the css isn’t being called I think.. Strange.. Any ideas?

Hey qoorts, thanks for the purchase. I think you might be trying to install the whole package as the theme, instead of using the theme file only?

Shoot me an email through my TF profile with more details and we’ll get it sorted out in no time :)

It’s working now, I forgot to upload the themefiles to the CDN that I use… :-) Looks awesome and great support!

I’ve purchased this theme.. Thanks for making such an awesome mobile theme for Wordpress..

I’ve got one problem that I can’t seem to be able to solve.. The theme is responsive for all pages except for the index page (the Blog index page I mean); How can I solve that problem?

Update: the problem seems to be associated with Featured Embed Video posts .. if such posts are presented on blog index, category page than the page loses responsivity

TOUCH is all around responsive; all pages, all posts. Shoot me an email through my TF profile with the site in question and I’ll have a look what you have going on there.

And thanks for the kind words :)

Thanks for quick response.. already sent the mail

This theme is amazing! The support is top notch ~ The most helpful author I’ve worked with and code is very clean and easy to work with. * * * * *

Awesome theme and even better support! Requires a slightly above average knowledge of the inner workings of WP, but exceptionally easy to work with!

One of my favorite TF purchases to date.

I have a WP website that is not responsive or have a mobile option. I really like this theme. Would I have to create a standalone install for this, or, can I install it as a second theme that detects mobile devices and uses this theme? Can it have separate menus? Finally, will if serve the pages and posts from the main install?

Hi there.

It does not require a separate install. For all other questions, the answer is “yes” :)

Beautiful theme!! The only thing its missing is a footer IMO.

Is there an easy way to add a boxed footer with social media button and “desktop” link?

Thanks for the quick reply. BTW, I noticed on my iphone when the menu has an open submenu the menu doesnt scroll all the way up to show the “contact” link. Also, is there a way for the submenu to close when the main menu item is tapped?

You could give the header a fixed position so the menu would be scrollable. But we’ll be releasing a new version of the theme within a week that includes the update you mentioned for the menu as well.

A quick update; the update I spoke of is out now.

How does this theme do with Disqus comments?

I’ve tested it with the official Disqus plugin; works beautifully :)

This is a killer theme. Is there a way to make the navigation bar fixed? I’m not good with code and I wouldn’t know how to inject it.

Hi there. Glad you like it :)

The nav bar is fixed now though. Or do you mean you’d like it not to scroll along with the page? If so, make the purchase and shoot me an email; I’ll shoot you the updated CSS file. Nothing to it :)

To answer your question; I’d like it to scroll with the page. I just feel the user will get annoyed scrolling back to the top of the page to call up the menu.

I hear you. But it already does scroll with the page.. Everywhere except on the front page that is.

And that’s because on the front page the menu bar is farther from the top of the browser due to the site name text + tagline being visible, along with the menu items’ own titles. Meaning it wouldn’t take a big drop-down menu at all to make it not fit on a mobile screen; and since it isn’t scrollable, some menu items from the drop-down menu wouldn’t be accessible.

Couple remaining pre-purchase questions:

Can I selectively choose (say, by category) which posts show up on the mobile theme vs. all of them that show on the desktop theme?

Do the slider images not have the option to touch/link to a page/post?

Is there a ‘switcher’ included or one that you recommend from the WP repo?

In the shortcodes, I saw the toggle boxes (nice), but I didn’t see a tabs function. I have seen these in some other mobile themes… is this an option in Touch?

I looked – in quite detail – at 13 mobile themes, I have it down to three. Touch was an easy choice to be in the top 3. Likely will be #1.


No worries on making code changes, if given good docs to work from. Will that be included?

Ah, maybe tabs in the future…

On the switcher, does the free WP version work fine, or must we purchase the Pro version?

I had edited the initial comment to ask about slider image touch/links, you might not have seen that question when you replied (likely the ONLY downside to the amazing response times you have had to date) :)


That particular answer isn’t in the docs as we can’t possibly foresee all the unique ways people may wish to customize their installations :) But shoot me an email after the purchase and I’ll gladly assist.

The free version AMTS works fine. I’m not ever aware if they have a pro version.

As for the slider, there are two plugins that we’ve made custom visuals for. One has the ability to have links, but they’ll have to be inserted manually for each slide.

And I’m glad you’re enjoying the response times, though you’ll forgive if my next response takes some hours. I too have to sleep sometime :)

A quick update: Yup looks like AMTS has added a Pro version. The free version still works beautifully though, just tested it.

Is there a possibility of incorporating our home page directly onto this mobile theme… www.gardensupplyinc.com I like this theme a lot and would like to use it in conjunction with our current theme. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I can’t seem to load your site, but as long as your desktop theme isn’t built in some unique way that would create a possible conflict, and follows WordPress standards, then there shouldn’t be any issues.


That’s odd. Anyways, thanks for the information. Seems like you are extremely on top of issues so if I come across one I will be sure to test your resolve! ;)

Oh I am :) As long as it’s Touch-related though; I can’t possibly start fixing issues that originate from third parties.

And by the way, I got onto your site, but I also saw an error code for what appeared to be an SEO plugin or something. Just a heads up.


I like to ask,is this only for the mobile version right?So,if I used a twenty ten themes at wordpress and go to mobile it will switch automatically?Do I need to install a wordpress plugin for switching??

Hi there. A little plugin is neccessary to detect which device your site is being viewed from, yes. We’ve covered all that in the documentation though, it’s all very simple :)


How to set up Continue reading text for blog posts. Now in the blog section there is full post shown in all posts…example: www.letkee.fi/blogi

Is it possible to set navigation menu to the right. Now it is centered. Also I would like remove MENU text.example: www.letkee.fi

Is it bossible to set blog page shown with the logo, If I decide not to use frontpage.

What might be the best way to build team page for bloggers? Image, name and short instruction…....


Again, through our TF profile please :) A support forum this is not.

Few more questions… ;) When i swipe pictures in full screen mode in blog page there is images shown from different posts…How to prevent this?

Can I use featured image option to insert main image of blog post? I tried this but the images resolution was very bad…..now I have added images with add media button into posts…

Again, through our TF profile please :)