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Sorry, but one more. How to translate date section? I am using wordpress in english translated with .mo and .po files. Is there any way to ttanslate this or change to work with digits? :)

Again, through our TF profile please :)

Have You tought to implament swipe gestures for the posts? That would be very cool to swipe from post to another…

Thank You!

Hi there. We provide support via email, please contact us through our ThemeForest profile.

Got your answers ready by the way, just need a way to send them to you (can’t post code etc here) :) I’ll be waiting to hear from you.

Great. I have sent email for you. Sorry about hazzle…..

I just wanted to post this up for anyone that was curious about this. It is actually a wonderful theme on its own, but what really makes this worth the money is the support. I have bought many themes in the past and have never had this good of support. They are so prompt in responding to any email and are completely clear on instructions. I will be looking into their other products.

Awesome theme with amazing support. Thanks to BonfireThemes :)

i have hiden the menu but i cant get the space for the menu to disapear. How can i reduce the pading on the top of the page?

Hey Ryan. Please contact me through my TF profile, and do include a link so I can take a look at what changes you’ve made.

By far the best support i have found on TF to date!

Hi, I messaged you through your profile (as requested) early last week about a problem with the menu. I still haven’t received a reply. Have you looked at it?

Impossible :( I responded to you right away, asking to see your site. Please check your spam folder.

Ah, yep, it went to spam. Sorry! I’ll reply by email.

Hi, I love the theme! I have four questions i’m hoping you’ll answer.

1. Im happy with the title font but is it possible to change the font of the main body of text? I’d like to use a more traditional font like that in the Hunter theme.

2. When you download the site as an app to the home screen of an iPhone, is it possible to change the app icon, and loading screen?

3. I don’t really have any use for the email and call icons. Can these be changed to link to a blog, portfolio or static page? And can the icons be changed also?

Hi there, glad you like it :)

1. Yes. If you decide to purchase, send me an email through my TF profile and we’ll get it done. It’ll just take a few moments.

2. Yes. This is actually explained in the documentation that comes with that theme.

3. It is possile, but you’d have to manually change the icons. It is explained in the documentation how to remove those two buttons though if you have mo use for them.


Hi, your support for this theme has been great! So, I have a quick question:

When I open my site on the iPhone, the mobile app popup takes 3-4 times of my trying to close the popup before it goes away.

Is there something I’m missing? I’d prefer my visitors to have the option, but not be discouraged in trying to dismiss the window :)


Hi there. It’s enough if you send me an email :) No need to post a comment here too. I’ll reply to the email in a few minutes.

Nice theme!

Pre Sales question—Does it work with the WPML plugin?

Cheers :) Haven’t tried it with the WPML plugin, though I don’t see why it wouldn’t. The WPML folks say it works with ThemeForest themes though, and we’re pretty good as far as code etc goes. So I’d say it’s a pretty safe bet.

Great theme!

However, I noticed when turning my iphone 5 from horizontal (landscape) view to vertical (portrait) view a large margin of blank space appears to the right and the user can now scroll horizontally off the page into this blank space.

It’s a minor problem, but it would be nice to have that fixed somehow. Thanks!

Hmmm, that’s very strange. Shoot me you URL so I could have a look?

Nice and light Theme and amazing, quick and very helpful support from author. Very good.

Hi, I want to run two themes and switch depending on device. So far all the mobile themes, when I activate them, adjust my main theme settings like changing default home page, removing widgets etc. I am not sure why but wondering if this theme will coexist so I can have a completely different home page, and other pages just for the mobile version. Thank you, Rob

Thanks for picking it up :) For the menu answer, check the documentation; it’s all there.

Ok, it works if I disable Ubermenu completely, but I need it for my main site. Any ideas on a workaround? Thanks

You don’t have to disable your desktop site’s menu. You can just make a new menu for the mobile site and then call it by its name as instructed in the documentation.

hi, the theme seems to be loading the blog and single posts twice.. I looked through the code, but unfortunately could not find what may be causing it.. can you provide any suggestions?

If you look at this link: http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/#!/dqCcTm/http://bonfirethemes.com/_touch/blog/ it’s clear that this: http://bonfirethemes.com/_touch/blog/ <- is being loaded twice

thanks in advance

Thanks for quick response.

the Pingdom message was not the thing that bothered me. I just added a little code that counts number of views for posts and on each post load the number got updated by 2. So I suspected the page was loading twice and checked it with Pingdom.

However, following your advice, I removed the suggested code and now the counter acts normally.

however, I don’t seem to understand what did I exactly remove by erasing that slice of code? from where was that PostFormatBackground meta (a url of bg image as I understand) set? and will removing that part of code anyhow affect the website?

thanks again

No no, it will not affect your site at all. What it does is load a background image (if specified) for post formats. Touch doesn’t use post formats though; I just left that code in there from a previous theme in case I want to make Touch fully post-format compatible down the line.

thanks :>


Thanks for this great theme. I installed it to my web site but I have some problems:

1 – Menu isn’T working correctly. I removed called and email button, there are just Menu button. but it is not working.( I am checking it windows phone). Menu icon image isn’t there and not opening menu.

2- I want to use this theme as secondy for mobiles. On my main theme, I am using a static page but on this theme I want to use the option-the latest post. How can I edit it?

3- When the post shows, all article is there but I want to show just aroun 100 words then the link continue readings…

How can I fix them?



This was over 11 months ago mate. I don’t have it handy either :)

You can use the Pro version of the Any Mobile Theme Switcher plugin though to choose different front pages for different themes. Google it, it’s available for free.


Now I setup pro version, but I need to make one page for touch theme. It is like Touch theme blog side. I have newspaper theme and I need to show news on home page (ten of twenty on one page) How can I do it?

I don’t know how you have things set up. But see the documentation on how to set up a static front page and the separate blog page. Then just select it in the AMTS settings.

I’m going to buy this theme! It’s cool!

Can I edit the header? I want to put ‘My site logo / contact page link / menu’ in the header. (there is back, call, email,menu buttons now)

Hey there, glad you like it so :)

You can replace the site name in the header with your logo, yes. That’s explained in the documentation that comes with the theme actually.

As for a contact page link, if you use the existing email icon, then it’ll be easy. Shoot me an email after purchase and I’ll gladly make that little change for you.

What is the safe way to remove the share and comments toggles along with the gray area at the end of the post. Currently I’ve just put in style css .share-toggle-wrapper { display: none; }

What you did there works great yeah, but to have them not even load, remove everything between the “<!-- BEGIN SHARE + COMMENT TOGGLE BUTTONS -->” and “<!-- END SHARE + COMMENT TOGGLE BUTTONS -->” markers in comments.php

Thanks. It works :)

What is the safe way to stop using custom fonts? The most important part – not to load them at all? I’ve just to test the mobile version on real users – so I’m getting some feedback :)

In functions.php, look for “Enqueue Google WebFonts”

Btw, this isn’t a support forum :) Keep it under a single thread at least :)

OK, OK. Sorry for that.

Most of the users complain that menu opens 3-4 sec at least. There are only two items in ??? What could be the problem?

It doesn’t matter how many items there are, it should open with the same speed. I don’t know about your server setup, shoot me an email with your site address, I’ll have a quick look.

Finally I set up this theme on my site. It was a great help from the author of the theme here and in a a few emails we’ve exhanged. So Five Stars for the support is the least I can give. The theme itself is great and it suits my needs very well. So the second set of Five Stars goes to the theme itself. Thanks.

My pleasure :)

My site is going to be moved to another server in a month. If I’ll buy regular license and activate it on the server used at now, could I use this theme on the new server after a month?

My point is… Could I use regular license theme on the new server without purchasing again?

Yes of course, as long as you remove the site from the old server, you’re good. It’s one license per site; where that site happens to be hosted at is no one’s business but yours :)

Thank you for a kind and fast reply! : ) I bought this theme at yesterday.