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Hi Guys,

The theme looks great but can a video be used in the home slider?


The slider on the front page is single-instance, meaning only one slideshow can be created. But the other third-party plugin we recommend has unlimited instances and indeed, you can use it on posts. The demo site has an example here: http://bonfirethemes.com/_touch/2013/03/13/two-customized-slider-plugins/

But again, if for some reason you don’t like these slider plugins, you can always use another one :)

Amazing can you send the link to the plugin that you suggest?

How do I set up the static front page to mobile visitors only? It is important to me T^T. Please help me!

I mean… To mobile visitors: front page = static page (using touch theme) To PC visitors: front page = recent posts (using another theme) (I show your theme to mobile visitors only by using ‘any mobile theme switcher plugin’)

Hey there.

WordPress isn’t really intended to function that way, though you can set up different static front pages for both themes if you make slight changes to both themes. I haven’t tried it myself and so can’t provide support for that, but I’ve been told on several occasions by buyers that the trick described here works beautifully: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/setting-different-static-home-pages-for-different-themes (maybe you can even use it to show a static front page for one theme only).

Hey there

I am using a theme switcher, to use this theme for my mobile display only, I was wondering how I would get the posts to only display my ‘featured’ image when scrolling through the posts and the video when they enter into an individual post?

If I post the video in the post it throws off the responsiveness of this theme, is there something I have to do to change this?



Hey Sean.

Check the documentation under “How to: embed videos, maps etc.” There are a few ways you can make sure videos are responsive.

If you want only images and titles on the blog index regardless though, shoot me an email through my profile; it’s a quick change.


Have a question if i use nextgen gallery plugin it will show up the pictures and i will be able to slide pictures on mobile phone ?

No that’s fine. Whatever is causing the issue on your device has to do with how compatible PhotoSwipe is with it. I’m afraid I can’t provide such needle-in-a-haystack support for a third-party product :)

Ok thx for answers and helping with the link i will be back for the theme, if not for this web i will get it for another :)

Hey mate,

Really nice looking theme, I’m planning on using it for desktop rather than mobile for a splash/launch pages.

For that I have customization questions:

1) Can I remove the header title of the page so it just shows the menu (and how)?

2) How does one replace the menu option with social media icons and can you replace the search bar with an email subscribe form?

3) Where can I go to hide the name of the page (such as ‘Home’ on the homepage)?

4) I’m still a little lost as to how to edit the phone number and contact email address.

Cheers and thanks—hopefully those requests aren’t too over the top.

Sure, will do!

Already shot a response to you.

Cheers, great support response time.

Do you support right to left css ? I mean do you attach extra css file for right to left reading? and one more thing as I have already published website with huge database do you show featured image automatically in the top of the article or not ?

KR, Mohammad Farouk

Hey there.

Aligning text to the right is a simple CSS change. Shoot me an email after making the purchase and I’ll gladly make this quick modification for you.

And yes, the images above the posts’ titles is the featured image. They will show up automatically.


Can we remove elements from the header like email icon or call button?

You can :) Instructions on how to remove these is actually included in the documentation. If you have any trouble though, you can always shoot me a quick email through my profile; I’m always happy to assist with a few small customizations like this.

Sorry for my many question but do you support showing categories or/and sub categories on Homepage only or not ?

Already replied :)

well as I cannot access email right now will you tell me here summery reply ?

Okay I have replied back kindly check :)

Hi -

Is it possible to add a logo to the header instead of Text?

Yep :) This is explained in the included documentation.

Fantastic Mobile Theme! It’s better than Karma. I love the simplicity. just a note,,iOS7 is displaying navigation icons larger than it should, like, really gigantic. Take a look at them.

I’m updating to iOS7 now and will comb over all my themes to make sure stuff displays right. Thanks for the heads up :)

Just a heads up; the update has gone live. Touch’s icons are all nice and normal sized again :)

Love the theme. Works great on my phone. Only question:

I am using this theme as a secondary on my site. I used Any Mobile to switch.

Is there a way to replace what shows on my phone page with something other than what shows on my site?

Hard to explain but I ask because of this reason. There are some shortcodes that work on my main theme but dont work with yours, and they show up as [whatever this shortcode is] on the mobile. I want to put custom pages on the mobile and I want those to be different from my desktop.

Hope you understood haha. Thanks for the theme though ;)

it’s weird. The Static page on my desktop becomes the mobile theme’s home page. Then, I cant put the static page back to the regular home theme.

I did change the page ID, do you know if there’s anything else I need to do on the script from the third party?

It just sucks cuz I paged $25 for this and it doesnt work :/

I haven’t tested that code myself, so I really can’t assist there I’m afraid.

But the theme works perfectly. You’re just trying to do something WordPress was never intended to do. Please don’t put that on the theme mate :)

A quick update. This was nagging me, so I went ahead and tested that code :) And works perfectly. You’re probably just not inserting it incorrectly somehow. Shoot me logins to your WordPress installation and I’ll have a look at how you went about adding it.


Just want to express my ‘love’ for this theme and the people behind it. The developer went out of his way to make sure this mobile theme worked with my existing desktop theme.

After providing him with my login credentials, he went in and spent a grueling 2 hours figuring out the problem, with constant contact over emails, and make sure I got what I wanted.

Nothing else to say except thank you so much. Keep it up! I cant express how grateful I am.

You’re quite welcome mate :)


is it possible to replace a custom designed logo, instead of text “touch a theme …” at the top?

Hey there.

Yeah, this is totally possible. We even have an item in the documentation (included with the download) on how to do this.

Cheers mate.

How do you remove the “search” function below the header. Thanks!

Already replied to your email. No need to post everywhere mate :)

I’ve set up a sample page at the following address with my issues:


1) The column short code does not work. I need them to float side by side.

2) The toggles act strange. When I click Title 2, Title 1 opens

Please help.

Hey mate, thanks for the purchase.

You’ll find answers to both questions in the documentation that came with the theme (column shortcode can be customized, and you just need to add different IDs for the toggle boxes).

Also, send support requests to email please (via the contact form on our profile); we offer support via email.


Just wanted to come by and say this is BY FAR the BEST THEME SUPPORT I HAVE EVER RECEIVED.

Rain, the theme authour, was there to help me along every step of the way with my seemingly endless questions. He even went into my theme and made a bunch of edits that I was having a very hard time with completely free of charge.

Don’t even think about it – just buy this theme. The support alone makes it worth it.

Thanks for the kind words mate :) Much appreciated.

I love the Touch theme, I bought it but can’t seem to embed mobile YouTube videos onto my posts, I installed the shortcodes plugin the documentation plugin told me to do, but still no luck. Until then I have to have a thing that says “click here to view the video” so it doesn’t run across the screen on the mobile site. It’s fine on the desktop view.

site is www.smallcarweekly.com

Hey mate, thanks for the kind words. Always nice to hear :)

I just checked http://smallcarweekly.com/live-stream-service/ on a Windows, Apple as well as an Android device. In all cases, the videos load beautifully?

PS. No reason to send both an email and leave a comment. Since we offer support via email, just the email will do fine :)


How do I remove the header with logo from all pages even the home page? I have created a home page and set it as static, but it automatically uses a template with header and logo, how do I use a template without the header and logo for the homepage?

Hey there, thanks for the purchase.

That’s super easy. Shoot me an email through my profile (we offer support via email) and I’ll walk you through it.


I purchased and downloaded the theme. However, when I upload the zip to wordpress it gives me this error:

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Hey there. Sounds like you’re trying to install the entire package, not the theme. Upload Touch.zip (you should be able to download it separately from under your account as well).


Hello. I have some error on IE8 after photoswipe plugin.

==========the erreor message.====== Message: Code.PhotoSwipe.createInstance: No images to passed. line: 133 text: 289 code: 0 URI: http://mydomain.com/wp-content/plugins/photoswipe/lib/photoswipe/code.photoswipe-3.0.4.min.js?ver=3.0.4

Hey there. Touch isn’t built with IE8 in mind, seeing as it’s a mobile theme. But try downloading the “WP Photoswipe” plugin from wordpress.org and installing that instead.