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I have a few pre purchase questions.

I currently have a wordpress site with an existing theme. I do want to keep it and create a mobile web app. Can I have two themes like this or should I use my second domain name? Also, I want people to register to my web app using facebook, as well as find local people by them. Is this possible on your theme?

Hey there, thanks for the interest :)

You can use Touch as the mobile-only theme alongside your desktop theme, yes (the included documentation has the instructions). And you can also run it on a new address; completely up to you.

As for the Facebook thing, nothing in the theme prohibits adding a Facebook plugin or however you plan on letting users register. But Facebook signups don’t come with the theme, no.


A rather strange question: can I use this theme as my main theme also? I like it a lot…

Absolutely, nothing stopping you :) Just install and activate and you’re all set.

Thank you. In that case can I have one or two menu items instead of “call” or “search”?

You could, but that would involve a bit of custom work. Shoot me an email through my profile with some more details on what you’d like to have there.

is there something that I Can do to enable the sublinks to show? The sublinks are already set under the menu. only the top links show up.

No problem :)

added 5 Star.. I hope you continue making amazing themes/products/designs. I’m following you as well.

Thanks mate, highly appreciated :) And yeah, we have a few irons in the works right now, keep your eyes peeled :)

A new issue. The sub-menu link is currently pretty long and extended further than my android can go and I cannot swipe to the very bottom of the menu because the menu floats.

Can I turn off the floating menu?

Yeah, sure. Shoot me an email though, we offer support via email.

will do.

Just wanted to say, amazing support. Fixed my issue in a VERY QUICK manner.

Nice theme! I am struggling with one aspect of the theme and hope you can assist.

I have set-up a photo gallery using the PhotoSwipe gallery system.

Most of the images in the gallery are portrait with a few horizontal ones. All the photos look good on the actual gallery page. But when clicking on a portrait photo to view an enlarged version of it the photo is cropped. (In other words it is displayed as a horizontal image – and the top and bottom of the portrait image is cropped off). There is no way to scroll up/down to view the full length of the image. Is there something I have done incorrectly in setting up the gallery images? (I used a Blackberry Bold to view the gallery.)

I am using WordPress 3.7.1. and the latest version of the Touch theme.

Hey there, thanks for the purchase :)

Sounds like it may have something to do with how your WordPress installation’s media settings have been set up. Can you email me some logins so I could jump in and have a quick look? Pretty difficult to help otherwise.


Just send you an email with the details.

Hi, Love your themes. They’re awesome!! A quick pre-purchase question – can I add a share button to each post of the blog home page so that the user doesn’t need to see the full story to share a post? Thanks

Thanks for the kind words mate :)

If you mean the built-in share button that’s at the bottom of the full blog post pages, then yeah, this can be done. Shoot me an email after making the purchase and I’ll do that for you as a freebie.


Thanks a lot. Will send an email in a bit.

Presale question – is there any reason we can’t have multiple gallery pages? And is there any way to filter the portfolio?

Thanks so much for your time in advance…

No filtering for the portfolio I’m afraid as it’s just a series of pages. However you can create as many gallery pages as you’d like :)

Hello, does this theme workable with adsense? Thanks! =D

Hey there. Yes, nothing in the theme prevents AdSense use. You can either hardcode the ads or use a plugin. Cheers.

Will it work with mobile Google ads… or ad manager plugins. 60% of our traffic is mobile and we need to be able to insert 320×50 pixel ad units in the header area and/or between articles.

Hi there, thanks for the interest mate.

Nothing the theme prevents you from injecting ad code (or any other extra code you may want for that matter).


Pre-sale question so I don’t waste another $25 on a theme that won’t work for what I need lol. I have an established desktop site that has hardcoded sidebars and the theme does not use the Wordpress menu system (it’s an old theme). How does your mobile theme work with theme switching? Will I activate your theme, set up a menu for it in Wordpress admin, and then re-activate my desktop theme and run the theme switcher plugin? My desktop site is rockitpro (dot) com

Hey mate, thanks for the interest.

You don’t actually have to activate Touch to set up a menu for it. The included documentation explains how you can set a menu for it by name (very simple). Thenyou just set up the theme switcher and you’re all set.

No tab shortcodes right now though.

Ok, thank you. Last few questions (so sorry but I need to know these things):

1. Are you available for custom work? I really need to be able to use tabs inside posts and would hire you if you’re available.

2. What if I wanted to change the content of each post for only the mobile site so each post looks better on mobile, I would have to duplicate each post right? Just don’t know if having 800+ posts on 1 database is fine (dedicated server).

3. My current desktop site shows “latest posts” but I would want the mobile site to show the static front page like in your demo. Is this possible?

1. Sure.

2. Your installation’s content is reflected on the mobile theme. If you want the content to differ, then setting up a secondary installation is the way to go. Though with your amount of content, I imagine it wouldn’t make much sense to duplicate it for a few edits.

3. Whatever static front page you’ve set up will be shown on all themes. It’s simply how WordPress works. There is a workaround however if you’re willing to meddle in both themes a bit. I haven’t tried this myself so I can’t provide support for it, though a number of people by now have told me the trick described here works beautifully: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/setting-different-static-home-pages-for-different-themes


I bought this theme because I liked the design, installation and set up was easy and smooth! The documentation included with the theme is extremely clear and helpful!

After installing the theme and getting a bit familiar with it’s features and options I contacted the author as I wanted to customize it farther in style and functionality to suite my needs, the respond came instantly and the author not only created exactly what I asked for, but delivered it in less then a day. I couldn’t ask for a better experience and result!

Thank you :)

My pleasure :)

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to give our audience unperturbed mobile experience that has made us pride like a big brand we are online. Apart from the fact that you’ve creatively designed your mobile theme to give magical user experience that lingers, the one-on-one support was fast and intuitive. You went the extra mile to give us what we wanted. The customization process was made easy and simple. Sincerely speaking, we’ve not enjoyed such unique service in a long while. Indeed, customer satisfaction is your watchword. Keep it up.

I love this theme but can’t get it to work properly on my site. I’ve turned off all my plugins and still no help.


1: (even trying your Menu Fix) I can’t get my menu to show up 2: The featured image always shows up blurry even though later in the post it shows up clearly. The image is 800px wide but showing in source code as a fixed 56×56. Help please!

Also, I can’t get the posts to show up from 2014. It’s showing most recent posts from Jan 2013?!

Hey there Jenny.

It’s impossible to help without actually seeing the site and what you have going on there. Email me your URL (logins would be helpful as well) and I’ll have a look. Cheers.

Hi! first of all, I’m very happy with the theme, it’s very nice! (;

But I have one question.. The menubuttons in the navigation on the top of my screen (call, mail and menu) don’t show when I’m visiting the mobile webpage.

Is there an option to make it visible?

Kind Regards,

David S (www.megadruk.com)

Hey there, glad you like it! :)

I just visited your site and I see the menu just fine, on both desktop and mobile. I’m not sure how you’ve set your site up, but it shows one theme on the front page and another theme on the inner pages.. Was that the goal?

Shoot me some logins through the contact form on my profile and I’ll have a look at what you have going on there.

Thanks for the quick answer! I’ve maked it right, and it’s now the same theme on all pages at the mobile. But I mean the words under the pictograms (call, email and menu) how can I show that words?

Ah I see. By default the texts appear on the front page only, but that can of course be changed :) Shoot me an email.


I have purchased your theme three times & have really loved using it as a mobile/tablet app in addition to sites I’ve created.

The current site I am working on is a one page site. On the mobile app it has a rectangle that says “One-Page Page” which is my website’s direction to show a slider & the full one page menu. If I change the static page (as suggested in your documentation) then the website on a computer screen shows the about page (for example) rather than the slider as I want it to.

I am not seeing anywhere in documentation how to deal with one page web templates when installing Touch. I guess I could have inquired first before buying again but did not think to.

Also, I have successfully set up the menu on the Touch app to correspond with my site’s menu however the only page that shows up in the TOUCH app is the blog.

My site: www.kristinhertz.com

Any chance you can help me?

Thank you in advance.


Hi there, thanks for the purchase :) Contact me through the form on my profile though and I’ll have a look. We offer support via email.



How can I make only the post title show or only the post summary? Right now when Im in a category the entire post is displayed.

Thanks in advance.

Shoot me an email mate, we offer support via email.

Hi there, this looks great! One question: When I load the demo on an iPhone vertical scrolling doesn’t work if I start my swipe on the homepage slideshow. When you scroll far enough so the slideshow occupies most of the screen it’s difficult to find a part of the page that allows a vertical swipe. Is this a known issue? I mean is there anyway to avoid this or is the only solution to not use the slideshow?

Hi there, thanks for the kind words :)

The slider is a plugin. You can always use another plugin for the slider, there are plenty free ones our there.

Good work, and with photosweep and mobile plug in my website now is finished. Thanks alot for your work.

One thing, there’s a black box hovering over image when first klick on thumb nail, it dissapear after klick on it, how do i do to fix that?

Sounds good mate.

Thanks alot for your support, now it works proper, very well done :)

Sure thing :)

I am a huge fan of this theme. However I am looking to make one modification. I noticed that the banner (logo/header) only shows on the home page and is removed when visiting sub pages. Is it possible to have it show no matter what page you are on?

Sure it is :) Send me an email though the contact form on my profile though, we do support via email.


Is there any new major update with features coming soon from your theme? I really love your theme so I want more :-)


Always leave them wanting more I guess :)

Nothing concrete planned right now. But if you have something you’d like to see, do shoot me an email through the contact form on my profile and I’ll scribble it down in my little notepad here :)