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Discussion on TOUCH: A Lighter-than-air WordPress Mobile Theme

Discussion on TOUCH: A Lighter-than-air WordPress Mobile Theme

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Hi, im interested on this theme, one question about the portfolio page. will it support a next/back portfolio button? instead of just go back at portfolio and click another work.

Hi. Nope, that’s not included.


Great support! Rain is awesome! TY TY TY

One last question.I would like to reduce the gap between the bottom of the menu and the top of the homepage. There is quite a bit of whitespace there. Do I do that in the page.php file?

I see you also sent an email with the same question. I’ll respond there.

Hey, I have a website that I want to make responsive for mobile and I think maybe I can use your mobile theme for that http://inp.co.nz/INP/ I’m using a plugin to switch between the desktop and the mobile themes. Will I still need to use that if I use your theme for the mobile only? Do you think I can customize your theme to look like my website? Also, can I remove the “search” box if I don’t want it? Thanks!

You can change any color to anything, via the stylesheet, yes. I’m not taking on custom work at this time myself though, so if something you want to do is beyond your skillset then you’d really need to find a freelancer.


I see. Thank for that. I will have another look at your theme and decide if to purchase it or keep trying with what I already created. Thank you so much!

Sure thing.

does the theme support RTL?

Hi. It does not.


I would like to buy your theme so my website mobile visitors access it instead of the desktop one. Do you know if this is possible?


Yup, you can use a plugin called Any Mobile Theme Switcher to show a specific theme to mobile users. There are other plugins like that out there as well but we like AMTS the most (it’s a free download, so you can try it out). Or, you can set up Touch on a sub-domain and use a redirection plugin to direct mobile visitor to it. Choice is yours.


I have a website build lreadyon a wp theme.but would like to add a version of the site that is specifically for mobile.it mentioned somethi g about thia on the front page. Does it work as a seperate application in conjunction with my current site. D

Hi. You can use the theme as either a secondary theme that’s displayed to mobile users, or set it up on a brand new installation and direct mobile users to it via a free plugin that handles that.


Hi, does it include or support ad inserter? I need to insert 3-5 ad spot for the site. THanks

Hi. Touch doesn’t have built-in ad spots. It’s coded according to WordPress standards however, so if whatever plugin you use is also, it should work fine.


Hi, I want to buy this template but why have you not updated this template frequently?

Hi there, thanks for the interest. I haven’t updated it because there’s no need to. I’ve accomplished everything I wanted to and it works just fine on the newest versions of WordPress as it’s developed with WP standards in mind.

Also, just to be clear, it’s a theme, not a template.


Thanks for your kind and urgent reply, can we also use this template on multiple domains or not, and what about ads widget, is that compatible for ads?

According to market rules, it’s one license per site. And the theme doesn’t come with integrated ad spots but there’s nothing stopping you from adding them (the code is well-marked as well if you want to hardcode them).



Thank you for the nice theme! I want to ask you to help me for some fixes.

1. Can the image in the post lead to the post URL when you click on it? 2. Can I add excerpt for the post length?

Thank you in advance.


Hi there, thanks for the purchase.

1. That’s the default behavior; a post’s featured image leads to the post. Any images you enter inside the post would have to be linked manually in the WordPress editor.

2. If you split up posts manually with the WP editor’s ‘More’ tag, you can do that. If you want it done automatically after a specific amount of words, it would have to be a small paid customization. If that’s something you’d like pursue, please get in touch via the contact form on our profile.


Pre-purchase questions: Can I use this theme for the primary domain name (mydomain.com) and subdomains of the primary domain? (sub1.mydomain.com, sub2.mydomain.com, sub3.mydomain.com ….)

Hi. Honestly, I’m not exactly sure how the market handles that. You’ll find the license details here though maybe you better send a message over to Envato to double check if anything’s unclear: https://themeforest.net/licenses/standard


Hi, pre purchase question. Is this theme SEO optimized?

Hi. You can have a look at the code to see how everything it built. And SEO these days is more about content practices as I understand it.


Yes, I know about the content part but I’m asking if this theme has the basic SEO ‘requirements’ these days, for example, schema.org, things like that. They are still important. I really like your theme but you know, the last update is 5 years ago. I checked and see some are missing. Hope you consider to make an update to this theme.

Yeah, like I said, you can examine the code for everything you need.


If the Youtube URL is included in the article, why fail to publish the post?

This is not a problem with WordPress. There is no problem when using WordPress basic skin. Failure only when using the TOUCH skin.

I inquired by email, but I was only blamed for WordPress. I couldn’t get a proper solution.

Hi. Why are you posting a comment here when we’re already discussing this via email? :) No need for this, just reply to the email we’ll continue where we already started.


I’m so sorry. I think I was too emotional. I’m so sorry to bother you on Sunday.

Bonfire theme is very beautiful and has wonderful functions.

Dear friends who are reading this. If you are thinking about buying it, please make sure to buy it. I recommend. The AUTHOR is also very kind. I was moved!

I hope you have a good time. Thank you so much. And I also apologize for doing something that might offend you.

No worries at all. Glad I could help :)

Great looking theme.

Does it allow for categories?

Does it support membership so that users can upload their videos?

Does it support LIVE Streaming?

Will I be able to add the Newsy plugin? (link here: https://codecanyon.net/item/newsy-full-featured-native-wordpress-app/reviews/22936207)

Thank you.

Hi there.

Not what you mean by categories; you can place content into categories as is usual for WordPress themes. The rest would require third-party plugins though.


pre purchase question, does it work with latest WP Version 5.4.2 ? and how about blocks


Yeah, it’ll work. Not optimized for Gutenberg blocks though.


Your live demo is not working. Gives the following error: Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress.

Appreciate the heads up. Host-side hiccup, all up and running now.


hi, 2 presale questions:

1. can i add the wordpress login/logout/account features to the menu? 2. does the theme also come with a pwa-add-to-homescreen-function or do i need to add that myself?


As in these are nt advertised features and you would have to add them or get them done as custom work.


is the code commented to aid a little in customizing? or is it completely uncommented?

Sure. You can view source on the demo site to see that.


I wrote you a message through the support form but I didn’t get any confirmation after sending it. Can you please check? Purchase code f84abec9-7821-4215-8c2d-c4e85bde603a

Hi, we haven’t received a message from you. Please try again via the contact form on our profile.


Contact form sent again! :)

Got it now, will respond shortly.



devs Purchased

Hi there I plan to use your great theme for a small commerce store for one customisable product and plan to use the shopify buy button.

My question… Is there a plugin or something that will help me organise my orders so that the uploaded images are tagged with an order number or similar so I can systematically print and assign correct postal labels?

Any thoughts would be great.

Many thanks :)

Hi, glad you like the theme :)

I’m afraid we’re not familiar enough with ecommerce offerings to answer that question for you though.