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The best mobile template on TF. So intuitive, and easy to customize. The design speaks for itself. Great attention to detail on both the front and back end! And, great customer service.

Now that’s high praise! Many thanks :)

why is php file ? not html ? I need html~~

They’re php files because that way includes can easily be used. If for some reason the file extension absolutely has to be html for you, then you can always copy-paste the include file content into the main files and rename them to html :)

I went with php files so it would be easy to edit/update the files (no need to edit menu on every page for example, just edit one file and the menu will be updated site-wide). What I did could have been done through jQuery or other means, but includes are just the fastest and easiest to understand way for people who may not be as familiar with editing templates as more experienced folks are. It’s always about keeping it as simple and user-friendly as possible :)

I can always update the template to also include a second set of files though, so there would be both php and html versions. I see you also sent me an email; let me know your reasoning for wanting html files and I don’t see a problem in adding them.


A quick update; HTML files are now included in the download as well. People who purchase this template (as well as previous purchasers of course) now get two sets of files, PHP and HTML. Use whichever suits your situation best :)

hey mate was keen to look but your theme demos aren’t loading. Just letting you know

Works fine here. Probably was just a temporary host-side issue.

I am viewing all your mobile themes, and I can’t justify the main different in them. Why one costs as little as $9 and the other one costs as reasonable as $25? Can you tell me more, thanks! btw, all your themes look awesome!

Thanks for the kind words :)

The difference is very simple: The $25 ones are WordPress themes. The $9-10 ones are stand-alone templates.


How can I make the slider on the main page auto slide?


Ok thanks, I wrote here because of your request on your first email

I meant our TF profile. But no matter, we’re on the same page now :) I’ll get back to you via email shortly.

ok thanks, sorry about the misunderstanding

This guy has THE BEST COSTUMER SUPPORT EVER!!!! Thank you SO MUCH!!!

First rate! I am a bit of a beginner and not only is this very easy to use, but it’s f*g beautiful. I really love it.

Just one question, do you have a mobile detection script you recommend?

Thank you.

Glad you like it :)

I don’t have a detection script handy though I’m afraid. A quick Google search should offer up plenty of options though.

Why does the contact page have a different menu and no logo? I added the logo section and it screwed up the menu…

Hey there.

As can be seen on the demo site, none of the sub-pages have the dark header area and include a menu strip with icons only, so I’m not quite sure what you’re referring to there. But shoot me an email and we’ll have a look at what you did, I’m sure it’s a quick fix.


Can I use it for design a iOS app?

As long as you have the know-how, you can do whatever you want with it :) I do believe an extended license is required for apps though.


The concept isn’t for a pay app, its for a clients free app.

Ah ok. The rest still applies though; if you know how, do with it as you will :)


Hello! First off, one of the best templates here, really. Absolutely loving it.

How can i disable the auto-resizing on images in the slider? I cant find it in the css, i want to use my own attributes for each image. Thanks!

Yes, that controls all the images as it should. If you want to use different sizes for different images then create new classes for each image to override that. Or just add styles to each image.. something like style="height:200px !important;" or whatever you need.

awesome, thank you very much :)

Sure thing :)

Allow one more question :)

Is there a way to automatically resize the slider heigth according to its content? id like to use the slider as the main “content”, so i can just swipe though my “pages”. I hope you understand what i mean, my english isnt that good

Questions always allowed :)

That will be a toughie though, as this slider was never meant to do that. Doing what you describe would require substantial modifications and would have to be a paid customization I’m afraid. If that’s where you want to go, shoot me an email through my profile and I’ll look into it a bit and come up with a quote for you.


how much would it approximately cost?

Kindly email me :)

Wondering, I noticed this templates renders a bit different in the new IOS 7, I also see you just posted an update. I’m assuming the update addresses that issue. Is there any way to update the existing site I have built with the new template? Or must it be rebuilt?

Thanks Joe

Yeah, removing the ones with ”:hover” should do it.

Seriously, you have the best customer support I have ever come across. Thanks so much.

Hello! I came accross another problem. I cant place multiple toggle boxes on one page, clicking every other then the first one, will still always open the first one. Is there any solution for this?

thanks :)

Yup, I subscribe checking out the documentation :) Open the elements documentation file inside the “documentation” folder (and then check the very bottom).

You sir are amazing, thanks. :superbashfulcute:

How does upgrading this template work since I’ve made css and html changes?

Does this upgrade fix the icon alignment issue on ios7? Also I noticed that

text has crazy spacing (more than double space) on Samsung Galaxy Mega for instance. Haven’t looked at other devices.


Hey mate.

The most recent update’s changes are in style.css, under the respective button classes. Just overwriting those should do the trick. 1.3 is for the iOS 7 icons, yes.

As for the text spacing on Mega, mail me a screenshot so I could see exactly what you’re talking about, along with info on which browser you’re viewing it on. Touch has previously been tested on Android though, haven’t stumbled into anything like that. Quite curious to find out what you’re seeing.

Also, future questions to email please (via the contact form on my profile). We offer support via email.


Hi, Touch looks great. I already have a Wordpress site/install and hosting. I have installed the MobilePress Plugin. Do i buy this template or the Wordpress theme? I’m not sure what the difference is?


Hi there.

This template is for when you want to set up a non-WordPress mobile site. This template has nothing to do with WordPress.

If you want to use Touch on a WordPress installation, then you need the WordPress theme.


Cool! Thank you :]

Can’t seem to figure out why custom templates aren’t working in the Touch theme. Every page just defaults to the page.php template and when I try to make additional templates, not sure how to link them. I am only using the touch theme for mobile devices, does that make a difference?

This is the Touch template, not WordPress theme. Plus, I don’t see a buyer’s badge?

If you bought the theme and are using Touch as a secondary theme through the Any Mobile Theme Switcher plugin, then you should know that page templates in themes can’t be used cross-theme as they’re hardcoded into said theme. It’s simply the way WordPress works.


sorry commented on the wrong item I think

hello there, I don’t need the other 2 buttons so they’re now hidden but I can’t figure how to center the dropdown menu. thanks.

Under ”#menu” change “margin: 62px 10px 0 0;” to “margin: 62px auto 0 auto;” And under ”.menu-active” add “left:0;” and “right:0;”

Then take the same approach with ”#menu-index” as well.

Future stuff like this would have to be quick paid custom work though :) I can’t customize already-customized work for free. Hope you understand.


I understand, thanks a lot

I try on mobile, i can zoom in your demo. I want can’t zoom anybody. Only fit the screen. Is it possible?

Hi. Then you’d have to add some viewport code into the header. If I’m not mistaken, iOS 10 will allow zoom even with that code though.