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I have issues using the wordpress theme.

as you can see http://www.volia1euro.com/dev the slide effect doesn’t work, and it was the main feature I was interested into.

Hello,We purchased these theme with our business account..But it seems that theres no reply..We need support on the theme..Can you help us Mr. Author of the theme??

Hello,Can you please response..If you need the license code for the theme we can give show it to you…We really need assistance on this..Its only the navigation where having problem now and just a simple banner that overlapping on other pages.


Lets say I purchase this theme for an existing wordpress site – for example http://mathcraft.scorptechsolutions.com; is it possible to install this theme as well so desktop/laptop users experience the original site while mobile & tablet users experience this web app designed by you folks ??

I am sorry to say this, but your FAQ below seems to be a total BS

How do I present mobile users with this theme but keep my current theme for other users. There are a few plugins that can take care of this for you. Try the ‘WP Mobile Detector’ plugin. You just select the theme to present to mobile users and it takes care of the rest! It even shows statistics for mobile visits.

I have the avada theme installed for my main site and I bought your theme and installed the WP Mobile Detector; however, it keeps showing a blank blog page for my home page on my mobile device.

You need to provide better documentation or help out or else I am going to need to request for a refund – GIVING IT A 1 because it doesn’t serve the actual purpose

Hi there :-)

How does this nice theme work with WooCommerce?

Any updates on this theme?


No updates?

I want to have separate theme for desktop and mobile. Do I need to have mobile domain such as m.mysite.com or mobile theme automatically work based on the device?