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I love this theme.

I have one problem and one question which I hope you can help me.

Firstly where can I find shortcodes?? The demo only shows you what you can do… Not how to do it?

And secondly the blog part… It won’t open posts? It just loads and goes to nothing.

Thank you )

I try very hard to change the button icon in the main menu but I don’t find anywhere the code : data-icon=”arrow-r”. Where do we change that ?!

Thanx in advance !

If you try hardcoding it into the php file as a test, does that work?


Look at your email Tom, I wrote you what I try

Still no response !! :( This stucks ! Someone have a clue how to resolve my question? I want to change the icon > to a + . Seems simple but anywhere I put the data-icon=”plus”, it doesn’t work..

Help !

Hello, I am still waiting to hear on this issue:

“Hello, I am having some trouble adding adsense code into posts. It will not show up on first load, only after refresh. I guess this is due to ajax load, is there any way around ajax page loading or a way to get these ads to show? Thanks for any help. http://m.chirsbrowntattoo.com"

Please help, stuck on this step and really need to move forward. Thanks very much.


Yes, as you say this is due to the AJAX loading. The best way around this is to add data-rel=’external’ into the anchors which will avoid the AJAX load for that particular link.

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The customer service sucks.. :(

I wrote 2 emails ans no answer to a simple question..

That’s mad :mad:

Very sorry for the slow reply, please see the response below.

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I am looking for a mobile theme where I can upload a lot of images (say 100) per month and add them to a gallery. I do not want to add each image to a page individually. Rather, add them in bulk and use photoswipe or something similar to view the images

Can you please let me know how you load images into the mobile gallery in your theme. Thanks


Images are simply loaded using the wordpress image upload facility. Photoswipe just processes image galleries so yes, you would be able to upload batches and then display this with photoswipe. Hope this helps!

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I am trying to get a mobile version of my current website http://www.praline-bakery.com/. I have tried 3 different mobile detector apps and even tried WP Mobile Detector app that you recommended in a previous comment.

Can you assist me with getting this set up? Email me at leigh@go-mg.com

Thanks in advance!

Any tips on dynamic image sizing? For example, if I wanted to have an image that was 500px wide so it’d look nice in landscape, how do I embed so it compresses dynamically into the portrait window. Is there a responsive trick I’m missing?


Could you tell me this theme can support wordpress 3.4 or not?


Wordpress 3.4 seems to be breaking the theme at the moment, I will look into it and fix everything as soon as possible!



I used this theme with WP 3 .3.2 and had no problems, in fact it’s GREAT . I’ve just installed this on WP 3 .4 and can not switch colors, buttons on frontpage do not work and there is a magnifying glass with [object object] at the top of the page under the header logo. Is this theme not compatible with 3.4?

I went back to 3.3.2 and everything is working fine now. This theme appears to be incompatible with 3.4


I’m sorry you are having problems, as you say, some of the changes in wordpress 3.4 seem to be breaking the theme, going to fix this as soon as possible!



Hi Tom,

We got some issue with wordpress 3.4, all the features of your theme don’t seem to be compatible. - Change the menu on the front page - switching theme colors.

Also the google analytics code should be placed in the header instead of the footer as requested by google.

I’ve an other question: Is there a way to have different contact forms to allow visitors to contact a business with different email addresses. What I mean is if a business has different locations and each location use a different email address it should be possible to setup different unique contact form on each location page.

Also, would it be possible to create different menus and being able to alocate each menu to specific pages. If yes to to do this?

Thanks for answering these questions. Marc

Hi Marc,

I’m sorry you are having problems, looking into fixing everything for 3.4 as soon as possible!

The script was just put in the footer to increase DOM load speed, the only difference you will see is that google might miss visitors that abort before the page fully loads but you can move it into the header if you would prefer.

Yes, this is definitely possible. If you add a field into the contact form with a business ID for example, then you can specify which email address to send to in the PHP file based on this ID. I’m not quite sure how easy the specific menus would be but I will look into it for you.

Kind regards,




Hi, I want to use your theme for my mobile visitors, but my main theme uses shortcodes. Is it possible to hide these tags. They look like this: [slider category=”images” speed=”3000” pause=”6000”]

looking forward to your reply

Made CSS changes and it works on desktop, but when viewed on iphone, changes not showing. I’ve cleared cache on the phone. Any ideas?


After looking at it different browsers on my mac, it would seem that ffox is showing correct style, but chrome and safari are still referencing the old style sheet even with refresh on all browsers.

My styles are on the style.css sheet. Shouldn’t that override any other styles first?

hi… unfortunately I am having to often edit your theme with a smaller laptop (12”) and the shortcode buttons you’ve added break the width of my editor box – extending and behind the content boxes to the right where I cannot access them. Do you have any suggestions on how I might get your shortcode buttons to wrap down to the second/third line or have them in a single dropdown box.

this is a real pain to figure out – without having to edit the main WP files – and a solution would be great. Thanks

Also, I see you;ve already commented a couple of weeks ago that you’re going to update the theme – as it breaks with the newest WP version… any idea when you might get around to doing this?

i have problem with greek language site is www.geaolympou.gr see it on iphone there is big problem characters are not displayed they are displayed something like that >>>???>>?> . Plz give me solution

no answer yet??

We need 2 issues need to be addressed. WP 3 .4.1 and the shortcodes. Where are they? Site can’t be seen on my Ipad or Adroid phone (Droid X). Would love to see this baby running right. :impatient:

Found the shortcodes. Cool :). Now if it would only work in WP 3 .4.1

Hi, how can i disable fade effect to none???? any help would be appreciated. thanks,

no answer yet … guys yo dont say that theme doesnt work in greek>...