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Hello, Just purchased the theme and it will not install in wordpress. It shows as a “Broken” theme in my Themes:

“Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name Description touch-mobile-template-1-3-download”

Please advise, thanks! Natalie

Hi Natalie,

You need to unzip this file and you will find the zipped theme along with documentation e.t.c inside this.

Kind regards,



I’m considering getting this mob theme, but am worried that it won’t be compatible with the Vimeo videos embedded on my site through the Tubepress plugin (http://tubepress.org/) – can you help?

Cheers, Oli

when will this get fixed??

this theme is not working i cyrilic and greek language? plz give an answer or if i can make it work plz telll me how…

I just downloaded this theme but I am having trouble finding the shortcodes. Anyone know where/what they are? I don’t need anything super fancy out of this theme but I do need those buttons.

I unzipped the main file and then uploaded the other zipped file and it is still not working. what is the name of the file I should be uploading?

Please get this working in 3.4.1!!! I just bought it and it doesnt work!!! :((

Hi, what exactly is not working for you? I have it installed and working fine on 3.4.1 at the moment on the preview site. I am releasing a new version soon with some fixes for 3.4.1 which may sort your problems.



pre-buy question: this theme support sub-menu item? second question: i have an issue on google map load with damned windows phone (nokia 710)... do u have a solution for this?

Please help me I add jquery slide and translator in this theme but it have more effect for template when I click to another page. How I can fix?

Thank you.

I have another question.

What is factors or the cause of ‘Error Loading Page’ affecting on Dialog Popup ?

Having some issue with touch sensitivity with drop-down buttons while using this theme with gravity forms… Anyone know a fix for this issue?

cannot get this theme to work as all

I have tried reinstalling the theme. all the sample pages will not come back. the sample pages have a lot of problems. developer can you please contact me. drbwebmaster@gmail.com thank you.

Hi Tom,

I have a couple of questions about the theme and a slight problem, I hope you can help?!

Is it possible to add content below the menu on the front page this is really important for me ?

I would like to add a slider button (iPhone like) to switch the mobile theme on/off, is this possible?

Can you change the alignment on the icons?

Is it possible to remove the Back Button because its causing me some headaches!?

I have a problem with the Back button, when I arrive at the mobile site, I select the About Us from the menu, I then click Home and select Contact Us from the menu, if I then click Back it doesn’t take me to the front home page instead it takes me to the About Us page. To view this please have a look here mobile.pwd-uk.com.


hey how do i make a login so we can access the second part of my sites users and that way they can pay there bill

hi !! Does it work with the WP Mobile Pack ? My main theme for desktop and axia theme for mobile with fully widget ?

the login is acting funny plz fix it

Is it possible to use a separate ‘custon menu’ with this theme? I ask as I have some pages with certain features such as shortcodes and lightbox etc that I want to be accessed when site is loaded using the default theme on a computer, but would want this mobile theme to load a completely different page so it is fully functional. Even if a bit of hard php coding is required to tell the theme to load a specific ‘custom menu’ it would be okay. Thanks.

Hello! The theme is successfully installed. but it is forcing me to keep mobile theme as main theme and disable the wordpress theme. if i do so, it will work. if not, it will not work! i have also enable mobile detect plugin and activated your theme from there. still not working fine.

I can not get the theme-1-4.zip to open. I know someone had the same issue, but I couldn’t find if it was resolved. Also, seeing a lot of issues with wordpress 3.4…are those issues fixed as I just bought this to use on 3.4 exclusively. Says… Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

Return to Plugins page

Thanks for your quick response.