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22lines does not currently provide support for this item.

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Ignore prior question…sorry…please do not ignore this one. I have a Buddypress Forum template I am using and it says your program is not compatible. I have already purchased as your have the cleanest looking mobile site, but seems i can’t even use it. If I download another forum as a plugin…will this mobile theme work with it? Since it is a plugin.

I just updated to wordpress 3.4.2 and everything on this theme changed. Menubuttons disappeared, color behind logo disappeared, etc.. It’s like it doesn’t change anything when I choose the different “color themes” (dark, blue, etc).. It’s like this function is gone.. I deleted the theme and tried to install it again.. But now it’s telling me that I can’t do that because it doesn’t have the stylesheat: “style.css”.. What to do!!?

Nevermind! When I sucsesfully installed it everything went back to the way it was!

I have sent you a couple emails. Please reply. I don’ t mind paying extra, however, please reply as I have deadlines to comply with. Thanks!

Support not available for this theme. Plugin advised to use by 22Lines does NOT work with theme. Theme does not redirect to main theme. If you purchase theme, you need to perform many adjustments to the CSS to get it to work properly.

Unfortunately the setup you are using does not support the plugin I have recommended but obviously I can only provide the theme and cannot control how any user chooses to install it. I’m glad you got it working eventually though!

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The author of this theme does not support it whatsoever. He never responds to any posts or emails. ThemeForest should drop this author and this theme from it’s offerings.

Please check your spam folder, I have replied to every email you have sent.

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It’s a nice simple theme, but the photoswipe gallery keeps throwing “undefined” message whenever entering it.

Any ideas, anyone?


on v3.42 (after completely wiping and re-install, no other plugins installed)

I am getting the same undefined message. Sent a few messages to the email (info@22lines.com) but with no answer how to fix the issue.

Hopefully the owner will see this and reply back to the emails.


I purchased this theme, installed it and it does not even scale the embedded post images in Wordpress.

This is a major issue.

Also it does not support Adsense Ads, it glitches out.


do you use NextGEN Gallery for viewing the pics? or if not, can i use it in that template? i have a view galleries i want to link in the main menu on the homepage.

and can i use another menu in this theme if i use your theme only for mobile?

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I hope the owner of the script starts replying to his emails and all of these questions soon.

So what I read above….tells me that it is not a good idea to buy this theme?

No support and no (or very late) reply to emails?

Or am I wrong?

What I like to know if it is possible to add youtube videos to the gallery?



the address url bar on ios device stays on top. shouldnt this disapear? (main menu screen, havent tried anything else yet)

I have a current need to host multiple single page mini-sites (mobile web landing pages actually) that can effectively be reskins of the same page with different colors, logos, etc. If possible, I’d like to be able to handle this from the Dashboard, instead of using FTP and style sheets as you would with child themes.

Is your theme customizable enough to handle a need like this?

Hi. I have several Qs. I haven’t set up a mobile site before and have no coding knowledge. So my Qs: 1) Do you include instructions for how to divert main site to mobile site when mobile device detected? Does this happen automatically through theme settings or do I have to enter code? 2) Do you offer a clickable phone number when someone hits “contact us” or somewhere else on site? Can we put clickable phone number on front page? 3) Can we install logo at top of page where you have a photo? Thanks!

HI, i wonder if search feature can be added into this theme, can it ?

Hello I have a custom post type name “recipe” can this theme work with it? Can you help me intergrate this theme to my site i have am trying many themes but not working i guess i dont know how its done.

Please help.

How do I change the content font color on the Theme. It is not anywhere in the CSS sheet. It has some sort of shadow or border on the font and looks terrible when you change the background. It is driving me nuts. Thanks!

Ok how do I make this theme look like the screen shot …the home page is showing as a statc page and not the menu….the menu was the only reason I purchased this template and not a different one

I am interested in creating pages that include lists similar to what you see here: http://i.imgur.com/cew1q3g.png

However, I cannot figure out what shortcode I am supposed to use to get the full page width. Any help you can be would be appreciated.