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Perfect theme tabvn, good luck with sales mate! ;)

Thank you :)

You do amazing themes on Drupal. Congratulations. Good luck with sales.

Thank you :)

Tabvn, Congratulations and Well Done on your work! A question: Will this drupal theme include in the future the extra pages and rich features that are part of the same theme in html5 & css3 version at http://themeforest.net/item/touchm-premium-html5-multipurpose-responsive/3362630 ? If so, could you let me know the time when?

Yes , in included , only need add more page via node adding ,

Hello again. Do you mean you will add the other pages (all 22 HTML Pages, 8 HTML Shortcodes Pages, 3 Responsive Sliders, Responsive Pricing Table, etc) to the Drupal version of the theme? Can I know the time when this will be ready?

Great work! Good luck with sales.

thank you :)

Nice work buddy, Good luck with sales. :)

thank you :)

How do you edit the content in the orange bar on the home page?

follow the the URL your-domain.com/admin/appearance/settings/touchm and see “home tagline” you can edit from here.

if you want to edit this block http://cl.ly/image/1E1O061I0a3N

follow the URL your-domain.com/admin/structure/block/manage/block/6/configure

thanks for purchasing the theme.

Who’s the original creator TouchM theme you or 4GraFx http://bit.ly/PTkEQB ?

He is designer, I’m Drupal development , we are a team :)

Hi Pinki. Like i answered on TouchM HTML /CSS version i’m the original creator of the theme. Me and Tabvn we team up to release the Drupal version since he is good on Drupal :) .

Thank you for looking up for copyright infrigments :)


Congratulations, very nice theme – and especially because you cracked the door open on Themeforest by being the first I know to offer a more elegant solution for the responsive menu in the CMS /WP crowd. Thanks for sharing, and best wishes for success.

What kind of MOBILE DEVICE support can you comfortably list as supported by this theme – especially the animated menu at the 320 width?

Thanks , the theme is responsive and work on mayor mobile divide

What configuration in Drupal would one need to do to get sub-pages to work in the mobile menu as they do on the demo or the XHTML version of this theme?

Slider documentation would be great. How can you change the height of the slider? I’ve edited the css but there must be a setting in the js file that adds the inline height and width that breaks image upload sizes.

if you want to change height of slider you need add follow code to /sites/all/themes/touchm/stylesheets/touchm.css

.mainslider{ height:490px; // this is default of slide height }

thanks for purchasing the theme.

Also, the footer or tagline settings won’t change when the form is submitted any ideas how to fix it? It reverts to the default text.

Hi there

footer copyright message you should change from there

follow the URL http://your-domain.com/admin/appearance/settings/touchm

thanks for purchasing the theme,

if you have any question send me message via themeforest contact form


That’s where I am trying to edit it but when I click submit it does not save. Are there any possible permission issues I should check?

Also, in regards to changing the height, that css fix did not work. There is some in-line css that is added to the slotholder class background image like this:

<div class="slotholder"><img src="http://www.domain.com/sites/default/files/bg-slide.jpg" alt="" class="defaultimg" style="width: 2112px; height: 660px; opacity: 1;" /></div>

Hi there

send me an email via themeforest contact form, i will send you reply via email. thank you

hi, thanks for this great design, however i have a problem

i have an existing drupal site so cant install this as a new site, so i am using the template in my pre existing site

i want to achieve the same feature u are doing in the sit filtering the content using jquery and also the block on the frontpage where u can slide left and right to view content. i want to use these with my own content type, how do i do this on a pre existing site?

thank u

Hi there

follow the documentation for exits drupal installation.

if you have any question send me your site information via themeforest contact form , i will get back to you soon.


thanks for purchasing the theme.

I brought your other theme promo which is great. I am now also looking to get this one. Could you confirm that your Drupal version supports video on blogs and portfolio? Also does it include all the pages like the HTML5 CSS3 version by 4GraFx – about us, services, pricing table etc and the portfolio variances?

HI there, portfolio only support image, and blog. if you need video, you can embed video into body field. thank you.


Puchased this theme yesterday.

I see only a few options for configuration within “Appearance->Settings->Touchm”. How do I customize more colors, etc. without having to tinker directly with the CSS files?

Thanks, NGS

Hi ngstinc,

there are 8 colors schema ready in the theme, you can change the color in theme setting, if you want to custom more color you can copy sites/all/themes/touchm/stylesheets/color1.css and rename with your color, and edit it whatever you want.

and then add it to touchm.css .

thanks for purchasing the theme.

next time send me email to http://themeforest.net/user/tabvn#from in case if you need help. Enjoy.

Thanks for the quick reply but you missed one of my questions:

Also does it include all the pages like the HTML5 CSS3 version by 4GraFx – about us, services, pricing table etc and the portfolio variances?

hi !

just like ‘artisitic24459’, i would also like to know if it includes all the page themes included with the HTML5 CSS3 version by 4GraFx.

thanks !

Thanks it should be next version.

thanks, any idea on the rollout date of the next version?