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How do I change or better – remove the “Sign up for our newsletter” text? If I set the block title, this text still remains? I can’t change the “latest tweets” widget title either. Thanks.

HI There

you can use this module to override current text message http://drupal.org/project/stringoverrides


Tabvn , I sent a message via ThemeForest but not answer me, you’re getting my messages?

i reply in email. thanks for purchasing the theme.

I have not seen any response mail

Hi! I have a couple of problems configuring the slider. Maybe you can help!

1) The slider doesnt seem to change the Transition-Mode, even after clearing the cache

2) Adding vimeo embed code into the body field of a slider, still only lets me see the image I uploaded (which is mandatory) Anything I’m forgetting here?

Thanks in advance…

Hi there

if you install the theme use for “For exits drupal installation” i would prefer you will install new sperate site use “For new fresh drupal installation” and you will samples contents of slider type.

thanks for purchasing the theme.

Thanks for the quick reply… unfortunately installing a new drupal version insn’t an option for us, since we already use some of the features (like CiviCRM) as our productive system. Is there any other way, I can make the slider work correctly?

hi there,

i mean you install new test site use “New Fresh drupal installation” option and you can take a look at slider contents.



I just set up a new drupal test site and it looks just like your theme demo. But even there, the transition isn’t changeable plus, these is no slide, that has an embeded video, where I can see, how it is set up…

This theme is buggy with Drupal 7.17. When you use it with content created from outside of the theme, it works badly, because the forms are not refreshed and lots of internal errors occur.

Besides this issue, “tavbn” gives support through these comments only, not by e-mail.

This theme is very beautiful. However, it causes lots of problems with the own user interface of Drupal. This must be clarified because, although it costs a little amount of money, it should be compatible with this Drupal version and keep the promised functions.

Hi there,

could you send me your problems screenshot, via themeforest contact form


i will look into your problem.

thanks for purchasing the theme.

Hey tabvn,

your theme, as “carlesrub” wrote is buggy with my 7.17 version of drupal. Will these be a bugfix soon? (7.18 came out tonght) Cause the slider functions wouldnt even work with the version you made available in the download. Transitions and videos dont work.

Hope to get a reply soon : )

Hi there, you can report issues to themeforest contact form so i will look into your problem


thanks for purchasing the theme.

Hi tabvn,

I would like to set up a multilanguage portfolio. Is it possible to load different translations of the nodes based on the current language prefix (it, en etc.)?

I already set up the multiligual system and I’m able to translate the portfolio nodes, but since the portfolio page is generate using a custom module I don’t really know how to make it load only the correct version of the node.

Thank you,

Gian Luca

Hi there

yes you are right, portfolio was made by custom module is name is “portfolio”

you can check that module. or may make custom to fit with your site.

thanks for purchasing the theme.

next time please contact me via http://themeforest.net/user/tabvn#from

Merry Christmas and Happy new year!

Hi tabvn,

How can I change the size of the slider? Is there a theme setting for it? If not, could you please tell me which file to edit?


Hi there

you can configure URL alias here


for portfolio you can change URL in /sites/all/modules/tabvn/portfolio/portfolio.module

then clear all caches by follow the URL http://site.com//admin/config/development/performance hit “clear all caches”


Thank you very much for the quick response!

how do I change the link in the portfolio content which says “Launch Project”?

See in sites/all/themes/touchm/templates/node—portfolio.tpl.php

and if you want to change portfolio you need change in /sites/all/modules/tabvn/portfolio/portfolio.module see in “function portfolio_menu()

after change it follow the URL http://your-site.com/admin/config/development/performance and hit “clear all caches”

thanks for purchasing the theme.

Hello tabvn. I didn’t received an answer for a question I asked 2 months ago. While comparing the TouchM HTML5 Theme with the TouchM Drupal Theme, I saw many pages and options missing in the Drupal Theme, both in the presentation page and in the Live Preview. (I am talking about 28 pages and their functionalities: Homepage Type 1, Homepage Type 2, Three TouchM Sliders. Features: About Us, Services, Pricing Tables, Shortcodes [Typography and Icons, Buttons, List styles, Toogle and Tabs, Elements, Navigation, Forms, Videos], Registration, 404 not found, Underconstruction, Third Navigation Level. Blog Type 1, Blog Type 2, Blog Sidebar Right, Blog Sidebar Left and Blog Single Post. Portfolio Sidebar, Portfolio Single Project.) I like this theme and I want to buy it. But I need to know if the pages I mentioned above are included in the downloadable theme and are they “translated” into Drupal?

Hello tabvn. I am really interested to know the answer of the above question.

Only #1

This theme is not compatible with IE8. Text is missing, icon sizes are wrong. Also, there are many errors in coding throughout this theme (for example: sub-menus overlap on mobile, dropdowns that should switch to ”-”, stay at ”+”.

Please update this theme for compatibility with IE8 and updated features!

Thank you.

I know you understand me. The theme does not work as advertised. Please fix it.

Someone wrote about the navigation depth issue for this theme a month ago. Was that solved? Looks like it’s remained at 3 levels, can anyone verify this?

Slider Issue.. I put two slides in the slider, how to remove the two empty white placeholders in the bottom of the mainslider?

Hi there

could you send me your site information via http://themeforest.net/user/tabvn#from

i will take a look into your problem

thank you for purchasing the theme.

Great and excellent support!

I think your theme looks good, but distribution is basically flawed. Instead of writing some custom modules for no obvious reason, you should have (actually you must have) created views for sliders, recent projects and other dynamic content. And then you would theme them.

This way the website would be much faster installed and launched.

Thank you.

Hello, happy new year to all of you.

I’m still waiting on help for the question from 27 days ago: slider transitions and embedded videos in the slider.

Is there any chance this is going to work?

Hi there

you can try with insert video as Iframe not object flash code.


<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/rF1X12PE6PY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

thank you.

It is not possible to insert with iframe either. The transitions don’t work either.

Can we negotiate a refund, please?

My site was throwing out error in touchm/template.php line 270.

I had to implement workaround ‘voc’]->vid}”)); } }

if (isset($vars['voc'])) {
   if (count($terms) >= variable_get('tagadelic_block_tags_' . $vars['voc']->vid, 12)) {
  $output .= theme('more_link', array('title' => t('more tags'), 'url' => "tagadelic/chunk/{$vars[\

Please see this discussion https://github.com/berkes/tagadelic/issues/7 . Looks like you’re incorrectly checking for max number of tags.

I am getting an error with the “scroll back to the top” button on mobile. Is there anyway to disable this on mobile only. Maybe through css media queries? Thanks!

could you send me your site URL via http://themefoest.net/user/tabvn#from

also Purchase license code.

i will take a look into your problem.

Dear tabvn,

Seems this a quite good theme for drupal and also include with custom module to support it. but I have try to install it in localhost, using WAMP and seems all working except the image in theme/touchM/images/ cannot be display in browser, it seems problem to me, is it the previledge matter ?

Hi there

If images path is right , so that could problem by permission .

I have no idea , I hope you can move the site to live hosting So I will take a look into your problem .

Thanks for purchasing the theme.

Oh, one more thing, in portfolio, how i get rid the links button “Launch Project” ?

Hi there

you can see it in /sites/all/themes/touchm/templates/node—portfolio.tpl.php


I am considering purchase this theme, but I have a question. As I can read, the portfolio is based in a custom module, and I supposse that the content type for the portfolio is also custom. My question is: can I add fields to content and this new fields will be displayed in the portfolio module? Or just the fields in the demo?

thanks Rafa

Hi there

You can add new field via field Ui manager .


You can disable the alternate view of the theme “touchm” when the site is displayed with a smartphone like iphone, android, etc ?


Hi there, we can not disable responsive feature.

thank you for purchasing the theme.

the reason why is because I want to disable it malfunctioned. For it is a shame that the theme is nice but does not work.

There is a solution for this?