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Great work as always :)

Thanks for another great theme! Ali

Fantastic Design! Well done.
Good luck mate :)

Love it! Good luck with the sales mate :)

Great work! Congrats :)

hi Think this is just what I am looking for, but I have a few questions, if you would be so kind. 1/Would I be able to install affiliate/ advertising html codes that I have on my existing site. 2/ Can I download and start the integration process BEFORE it goes live and without transferring my domain/ details of my existing site which i am transferring to this new site, so that my old site is still operational until this site is almost finished. 3/What time scale (Novice on wordpress and webdesign) to get functional reasonably decent site (I could improve it as I get more experienced. Thanks in advance


1. yep, you may put it as html code in text widget in sidebar or content area.

2. I suggest you to try with default theme first if you don’t have experience on this. Because at least you need to create a site in subfolder of main site and move url later. > This operation is not about the theme. It’s about wordpress site.

3. I’m not sure about that. It depends on person…. But if you’re novice, you might need to take some time to learn on wordpress first. Anyway, we also have series of video tutorial and documentation. You might see video first >

Thanks for interest anyway :)

Any plans for HTML?

Sorry but we’re not planning for html :/

Thanks for interest anyway :)

Hello. I want to buy this theme, but before I just want to ask a few things about it:

1 – I want to know if the css is centralized in css files or it is mixt with other files (html, javascript etc.)?

2 – integration with google maps (can users pin locations on the map directly from the site) and google calendar (can we integrate a google calendar in a site page or sidebar)?

3 – The site expressions (such as “read more” buttons and so on) entirely integrated in wordpress language files or dedicated language files (.mo / .po), or are they hardcoded in the theme’s files

Also, in case we need some custom features for the team, will you be able to give us support for it?

Thank you very much, in advance!


1. it’s only in style.css of theme. (anyway for some specific element it use its own css. ex. superfish.css, it’s a css of main nav) But we don’t put it in html code and javascript code at all. Also if you need to do custom css, you can put it easily in admin panel. We prepared a box for that.

2. yep, I guess that google provide embed code as html code? You can put those code directly. (in text widget for sidebar)

3. You can change by MO file.

Anyway we don’t do any custom job, you may need to hire a coder to do it. I suggest

Thanks for interest anyway :)

No plans for html?

Sorry but we’re not planning for that :/

Thanks for interest anyway :)

Love your theme. Before I purchase, I’d like to tweak your ‘Package’ gallery a bit. Would it be difficult to remove the Book Now buttons here: Also, in these individual posts: —I don’t want any of what you see except for the image – I’d like to customize this myself. Is this difficult or do you need to mess with the css files for this? Thanks.

Actually I have a question, how to do like this package layout > and this > Which one you prefer? I’m thinking about changing it on our demo homepage.

Thanks! :)

I like:—It’s simple and seems more organized. Great design!

Oh thanks for feedback :)

Thanks for the advice. I will be buying the theme, just need to sort a few things out first. Can’t wait to get started

Thanks! :)

Dear team thanks for great theme , and i want ask some thing before buy please advise me 1. is package detail page fully customize able like – or is page bulider works on packages 2. you have given map on package detail so can we manage it like : 3. is there any payment gateway like paypal or other ? 4. package filter – hope we can add just below header and is there any Horizontal package filter ?

5. is there any option in that we can fixed header ?



1. in package detail? > well, the content that you see in this page, in the initial state, it’s just a blank page(like blog post) but we prepared demo snippet for you to be like in the demo.(can be called be shortcode generator) BTW, it doesn’t have function like page buidler.

2. yes, as I said in 1.) we prepared snippet for you. When you paste in package post, you can modify code later ;)

3. nope

4. hm, we don’t have this. You may need to create a text with link to each page directly and put at the top of page content.

5. nope we don’t have this as well.

Thanks for interest anyway :)

thanks for reply- hope you will think about in your next update ..

Hello! I really like your theme! Is there a possibility to see the admin in a demo? It would be great to see exactly how the packages are created and if they can be modified as necessary: hotels, tour packages, day tours, etc.

Thank you!


if your engine’s form called by shortcode then it should be fine.

Cheers! :)

Perfect, yes it does. Two last questions :) In the search tool, how does the location work? Can it be by city, region, country, anything? My website is multilingual, it is easy to add language flags on the top banner? Perhaps next to the phone number? Thank you again


1. It’s a normal input text so you can use it as anything you need. Anyway we also have an instruction in the doc about how to create more meta fields in this section too > And if you need to add more fields in search area, our dev will guide in the support forum.

2. if you can call flag by shortcode, you can put that shortcode in the area of phone, email.

Cheers! :)

Nice theme congratulations.

A couple of questions. 1st of all, is it possible to include a date field on the book now lightbox?

2) Is it easy to create and use a child theme with your theme?

Thanks and probably an html version of this theme will be really well accepted :)


1. I’m afraid not :( Anyway, when email sent to agency, we put the package url in the email too so the agency can easily tracked that which package that customer need to buy.

2. yep :)

Thanks for interest anyway :)

Great theme but 1 question:

Is the ‘most populair package’ thing expandable to more rows?

thanks in advance!

Oh I see, well, yes you can expand that. Actually I set the limit to 6 items on the homepage, you can increase the number :)

Hi. Little problem. From the Goodlayers Admin page, I hit save and I get error “Request-URI Too Long The requested URL’s length exceeds the capacity limit for this server.” How do I fix this please.


Thanks for choosing this theme :)

To fix this,

1.) you may contact your host provider to increase php max var

2.) if you need to fix by yourself >

Hope this help :)

If you got any further questions, please head to our support forum :)


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Thanks so much!

Is it possible to have the booking form on top / layered over the slider?

If this is not possible, is it possible for the side bar to encompass the entire main page, so the booking form can be on top right / left?



yes, you can put shortcode of the form in Layer slider

Thanks for interest anyway :)

Hi There,

Can I put HTML code for my own booking form instead of using the shortcode?

And can this also be put in the layer slider?



Yes, you can put it in layer slider too ;)

Regarding the search function, how does one assign attributes to each tour?

For example, on your Live Preview site, is the ‘trip type’ assigned to each as a custom field on the wordpress page applicable to the tour, or is there an additional box for these attributes that is available on installation of the theme?


I’m not 100% sure what you’re asking… anway, ‘trip type’ is tags of package post type. For location, date, budget are custom field.

Thanks for interest anyway :)

Cool thanks. So on this theme new tours are normally added as posts, not pages?


yes, we create a new post type for package only. See this >

Is this theme compatible with IE8? I know it’s an old browser – but so many people, unknowingly, are still stuck with it. Beautiful theme!


Yes, we already fixed issue with IE8. (but didn’t put in preview yet)

Thanks for interest anyway :)