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for Customer Support

Easy theme to work with if you have a background in WP, customer support good, I purchased a years worth, and will probably extend.

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Its all perfect, Theme, graphic, usefull, customize, and customer care!

for Customer Support

Great theme and customer support. Been using now for many years!

I have had several issues since I have had this theme. and even when I had tech support, the issues were not resolved. currently there is a code error currently, and apparently that has something to do with upgrades to plugins etc. The site was hacked and the code compromised and also I had to upgrade the theme which ruined all the content etc. I feel that it should not be that difficult.

for Customer Support

Really great theme and really greate support. Don't worry about the last update: I've been using it for the last 5 years, with wordpress always updated and more than 10 plugins, with no issues at all. I guess that if something works well, then you don't need to touch it!

for Customer Support

No updates since 26 July 18

Dont use a wordpress site which is discarded by developer

Author response

Hi there,

Not sure if you have any issues with the theme right now? By updating in July 18 didn't mean that we abandon the theme. We still promise to provide update to the theme to make sure that it will work fine with current WP version and also bug fixes.

So if you have any errors, please feel free to let us know.

There are bugs in the theme when i installed it the page is broken, there is piece of code that is visible on website, i asked for a refund but they don't refund the money. So think 100 times before buying the theme. If you are not good in installing themes and doing it first time then first search for a developer who can install it for you, because instructions provided with the theme won't help you.

for Bugs

Website Hacked to many times.

Author response

Sorry to hear about the issue.

Here at GoodLayers, we take it really serious about security issue. So, before we launch every of our themes, we will make sure that it will not have such vulnerabilities.

We can ensure that the problem won't come from our theme for sure.

1. When we create themes, we do not create any custom functions to communicate with database. We only use it via WordPress's function only so at this point, it will be on the WordPresss itself.

2. The vulnerabilities can caused by third party unreliable script that contact to third party url. In this case, we only use the script that contact to Google(to pull Google font) and Google is surely reliable source.

3. Before launching the theme, Envato will perform the theme reviewing including the checking of inappropriate coding. So they will ensure that all themes sold on the market place will be coded by following the best practice of WordPress theme creation and also they will reject the theme if the code include such a vulnerability.

However, these are possibilities of the infection.

1. Using share hosting, share hosting (or maybe bad hosting) can caused such an issue. When other customer's site that is on the same hosting(shared) of yours get infected, your site will have a high risk then. I can confirm this by experience. I used to use some cheap local hosting and it's not quite good. Some customers' sites got infected and my site was infected too. After cleaning viruses, it didn't go away but after I switched hosting(I switched to Media Temple at that time.), the problem was completely cleared.

2. Vulnerabilities in third party plugins. This is one of the most popular reason that cause WordPress site's infection. Make sure that you use the plugins that are well implement with best practice of WP plugins creation and notice that the plugins are updated time to time to ensure that they keep fixing bugs and patching vulnerabilities.(We do this with our products all the time.)

3. Bad permission folder setting on your server. Make sure that it's securely set. 644 is recommended for php files and 755 is recommended for the folder. By missing the good setting can let hackers to edit files.

4. Password leaks. Make sure that you set the very strong password for admin role, CPanel, Database password, etc…

There can be other reasons for these but it will be good to have these things checked. Our demos and our site have A LOT of traffic in each days so if you get hacked by our themes, our server should be hacked by now but nope, it hasn't happened to us. Also, we have more than 130,000 customers using our themes but very very rare like your cased reported. (like 2-3 times only)

There're also some tips from us.

1. You can try using security wp plugin :

2. It will be much even better if you use DNS with security feature. You may check out CloudFlare service. It's quite useful. (Our site use DNS service with WAF feature from StackPath can service.)