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Hi! Great theme! Just a question, in the doc, I see custom fields on the page config, but I’m not seeing them on the running theme, can you advice? Thanks a lot!

Hi, yes, your user jrgcastro doesn’t purchased the theme, the email is only sent to the buyer user. If you have purchased the theme with other account, please check the email associated to that account. :)

Hi! Yeah, I’m sorry about that, thanks a lot for the responses, excellent theme! Completly satisfy customer!

Glad to hear that, thanks :)

Hi Breecode ! Cery good work but TESTIMONIALS part have a problem… i have evry testominal open without tab section… it´s possible to fix that ? Thanks

And sorry but the Work page “portafolio” don´t work too… between the filters and the first work i have a very big space and if a click over one, don´t move nothing:(

Hi send me your URL through my profile please. I will check and fix it.

Hello, Great Theme. I want to replace the background color with a picture. Is that possible? Thanks

Hi you can use the css value background-size:cover in #contact. Send me you WP details through my profile and i will take a look.

Hello, I placed “background-size: cover;” to # contact.section in the file town/css/style.css. This does not work. Here is my code:

/ * ================================================ 14 – CONTACT
  • ================================================= /
  1. {contact.section padding-bottom: 50px; background-size: cover; }
  2. response. submit_buttom { margin-top: 20px; color: white;

Hi, send me your WP details through my profile and i will try to do it.

Hi, the scroll does not respond.

Can you help me out?


Regards Steffen Kirkegaard

Hi, it seems that you have created a MENU in wordpress you need to put a LINK like #about to scroll to id=about. Send me your WP details by my profile and i will fix it for you :D

Thanks, the info is sent.. :-)

Sorry I responded on the wrong item. Is it possible to have the full width background sections play a video and is it possible to make them parallax?

Hi there, no, videos could be set in the Slide but no in pages as a background.

Hi, Great work and great theme. I have two questions. Found the Google + icon (images > icons > social) but i couldn’t make it appear in footer. It’s possible to change testimonials order, first the pics and after the text? Thanks

Send me the email again please.

Hi, as the Simple Minds song used to say: “don’t you forget about me”. :)

Haha, i have your email, i will reply soon Jose :)

Hi. On the demo, it looks like the images are full size but after I installed and loaded the demo content the images only go about 3/4 down and then there is some content. Is there a way to remove this content so you only see a picture when you first go to the site?

Hi, send me your URL by my profile, the demo content must look exactly like the online demo. I have tested the XML and it works fine, let me take a look to your URL to see what’s going on there :)

Hi. I’m sorry. I don’t remember seeing this response but I fixed it on my own! Thanks:)

hi – looks great. a few questions: can i keep the same background image for the home page and the whole site? I would like all other pages to be semi-transparent and open in front of the background. Is that possible? And is it possible for each page to be a different colour (semi transparent, with text on it)?

You can set a MAIN background for the entire site, the background will be set to the BODY tag. Each page could have a background as well but you will need to use RGBA instead of a plan color if you want transparency, that will need some custom work, i can help you with that if you want.

Hi there! Nice theme! One question, how can I set a LOOP on fullscreen video background?



Let me take a look and i will let you know. :)

Ok thanks! I found a bug: letters above the video are not responsive: (tested on mobile phone)

As you said on Documentation:

<div class="video_logo"><img alt="" src="http://www.bypixels.com/themes/town/images/logo.png" /></div> <div class="video_text_small">THE FUTURE</div> <div class="video_text_big">BEGINS TODAY</div>

I will check :)

HI! i would like to buy this theme. After the download which software i need to use to edit the pages?

You just need Wordpress installed in your website. Go to themes—> upload and upload the theme, all the pages could be configured from Pages section.

How to implement the live Twitter ticker in the footer? I can find no instructions in the documentation.

Send me an email through my profile and i will send you the instructions.

Hi, i have your email, and will reply soon.

Still waiting for the instructions.

Hi, it’s possible to insert video instead picture in the “work” section?

Hi there, you could insert a video inside the portfolio but outside is just an image an a hover with a caption.

Hi breecode,

what are the correct dimensions for the blog post images? The 640×400px in the article seems to be resized bigger on the blog page.

Also I cannot find the “filters” in the portfolio, please explain.

Cheers, Seodeluxe

can i take a look to your Dashboard? Send me your wp details to my email. I have send you an email.

Figured out the correct size for the blog teaser images, its 770×455, not 445.

Yes, you are right, i’ve typed it wrong. The correct size is 770×455.

Comments doesnt show up…

Goor morning, i will take a look to this.

Comments in my blog were disabled after a fixed amount of time, my fault… so no further action required here.

Ok glad to know that is working fine. thank you


Is there anyway to edit the contact form?


Lizy Blooom

Yes, give me a second.

I will upload to a txt.

Nice theme but there is a big bug with the video homepage.

With Chrome 32 on a mac the words “The future Begins Today” overlay are behind the video unless you scroll.

And when you scroll to see the overlay the site logo and words flash rapidly.

Please fix this bug because I am interested in buying your theme.

Thanks, Brent

Yes, it was fine with Firefox and Safari

I just realized that the bug only occurs when I have the hardware acceleration setting turned off in Chrome’s setting. Just thought you would like to know.

Hi, yes, thank you, i will test again.

Thanks for all the great support! I have one more question…how do I change the icons that are listed in the services section like [icon_name=”icon-align-justify”] Is there a list with pictures somewhere?


Hi, here is a complate list of the icons that you could use. I will update the documentation with this http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/3.2.1/cheatsheet/

Ok, one more question. Can you please tell me why when I load or reload this website that it always flashes the second page (the about page that I have renamed Captain Steve) before it lands on the home page?




I will take a look

Hi lizybloom, you will find an list of all icons fo the service section here: http://marcoceppi.github.io/bootstrap-glyphicons/

Hi, this is the correct link http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/3.2.1/cheatsheet/ i will update the documentation with this.

I will reply to your previous email in the next hour.

No reply yet :-(

I have replied :)