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I am wanting to have a nextgen gallery in the portfolio post. however there seems to be a js issue when the portfolio post opens up with a gallery in it. can you replicate this issue?

Hi, send me your URL through my profile to take a look to your site :)

Thanks, sent it.

I will check :)

Alright, another question. Is there anyway to have the portfolio work in just a lightbox manner? I don’t really have anything to say about any of the images. Also, is it possible to scroll through them once one is opened?


Lizy Bloom

Hi Lizy, sadly lightbox is not supported in this version of Town, maybe we add this in the future as an update.

No problem. Really, thanks for all your help. My site is coming together:)

Let me know if you need any help :D

Hello, is it possible to have the slider at less than full width with this theme?

Hi, yes, that option could be set in the Revolution Slider Options. If you need help send me an email.

Hello! How can I translate footer using WPML plugin?

Send me an email through my profile with your URL to test WPML in the footer.

Hi, Great theme but I have a few small issues..

website – http://strategicteamcoach.com

1. The ‘responsive’ nature of the site doesn’t seem to work properly. When you re-size the site something strange happens with the rev slider and the next piece of content on the page gets half covered up or completely covered. The only way to resolve this is to reload the page but this is not ideal. A bit difficult to explain but best way is to re-size it and see.

2. I have tried everything to centre the input field for the newsletter sign up but something seems to be stopping it, any ideas? I’m using mail chimp plug in.

3. The carousels I have created seem to jump forward too many times and skip content.

4. I am on a retina display but the logo I am importing looks blurred, is there a special way to do this?

If anyone could help I’d be very grateful!


Great! Thanks. Look forward to hearing back about the other points.

Hi, please let me know if you have received my reply about all the points. Thank you :)

Yes I have, I have just replied. Thank you, great support!!

Wow. This looks beautiful. I will buy this as soon as I get home. Although, I do have a recommendation. The YouTube video format does not play on mobile devices. It would be really cool if we could use the video format on the web, and be able to use the normal format when a mobile device is detected.

I know that may be very difficult to create, so I completely understand. Either way, great theme. Can’t wait to try it out!!

Hi, thanks for the kind words and the feedback, we will keep it in mind for future updates :)

Let me know if you need any help with the theme.

woah look at that. A little purchased icon appeared ;)

haha thanks for the quick response. I’ll let you know if I have any questions.

Hahahha :D, yeah, let me know if you need anything :)

I love the layout of style 4’s homepage. Is there a way to load this layout and then customize with my elements?

Hi, yes, look at the documentation and copy and paste the code to have a video background.

If you need my help send me an email through my profile and i will help you out. :)

Hi!, i’ve sent you an email. I have problem with the rev slider in portfolio.

I really don’t understand how to make external links. Es (youtube icon in footer) to (youtube.com)

Hi Matteo, i have replied to your email, the current version of Town is 1.0.3, if you have the version 1.0.2 or less please update your theme, the new version could be download from your Download section here in Themeforest, Revolution Slider should work fine in the portfolio.

You have my adress, send me an email if you need my help.

I have replied by email to your questions about icons too.

This is still THE BEST WORDPRESS THEME I’ve ever used in my ten years of online marketing. Also, author breecode is a top-notch supporter. Sadly he lives in the wrong timezone so he works when I sleep and vice versa… :-)

Feature request: I got spammed to death by automated email-harvesters, is it possible to add some kind of captcha to the contact form? This would really help!

Greetings from germany, Seodeluxe

Hi thank you :D, i really appreciate your comment. I will try to make an update with this new feature.

On the demo, the frontpage stays responsive, but I moved some things around on my frontpage and the layers are getting messing. What am I doing wrong? Can you add items with a percent?

Hi, i’ve use 1440 width in the theme, but you could use 1920 if you like, but make sure that your image is optimized. There is a lot of online tools for JPG optimization.

I think you said there was something wrong with the size of the logo. It still is not responsive. What should I do?

Edit this the lines with this new CSS values.

Line: 1651 #logo {width: 360px;}
Line: 1718 #logo {width: 360px;}
Line: 1805 #logo {width: 200px;}

Hi, great theme,

I’m following your doc to embed a fullscreen video on the home page. You mention “setting up a custom field”, which I’ve never done. There’s little info about this in the doc. What actions do you recommend to have the said custom field (it doesn’t show in my pages so I’m assuming something needs to be installed).


Sorted. It was simply in the screen options at the tope of the WP dashboard: thanks for the theme anyways.

Hi James, great! Let me know if you need anything :)


We’d love to buy your template asap but please answer first:

1. Does it support Arabic language (right-to-left)?

2. Is it possible to replace the header slider with a static image background with a form that collects customer’s details? Is there a possibility to create such form?

Thank you!


1- Yes, Arabic language is supported. 2- The theme doesn’t have that option but you could create it if you have an understanding of CSS,HTML & PHP.

Thanks :)

Can you add individual external pages that are listed on the menu?

Please let me know if you need help with this, i will be glad to help you :)

Hi Breecode, I have a problem when I try to import the slider ( the .zip files inside Slide Demo Data ) : when I import the file ( for ex. home.zip ) I have this message: Importing slider setings and data.. Error: wrong export slider file format! This could be caused because the ZipArchive extension is not anabled. What can I do? I tryed to reload all the theme but I have the same problem… thank you in advance Elisa

Hi, if you haven’t ZipArchive extension enabled in your server (localhost) the file could not be open, please see the following link: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12477837/enable-ziparchive-on-localhost

normaly the ZipArchive extension is installed from the start

Hi there Looking at purchasing this theme. Does it support Search Engine Optimisation by allowing you to have a page URL per section, and to be able to specify Meta Description, Title, Keyword etc per section? i.e. Could I have a Keyword and Meta Description for the Contact page that’s different to the Keyword and Meta Description for About for example? If it helps, I usually use SEOYoast plugin. Thanks!

Hi, i haven’t test that plugin but i think that it work just fine. Let me know if you need anything.

Hi Breecode, I´m interested in purchasing this theme, but I need know if it could be possible to include some images in the details of the works?. When I click on some image in portfolio, one photo appears close to the description of the work, but I needed some photo. Could it be possible some like a photo slide? Thanks.

Yes, you could use Revolution Slider, is a premium plugin that comes with the theme, very nice!


Hi Breecode. I bought your theme, very nice. Thanks for all the work. Is it possible to have a full width vimeo video embed, like the youtube video in example 4?

If not, how can i get rid of the youtube playbar, also seen in your example 4. Is it in the embed-code from youtube?

Thank you very much and greetings from Holland, Echart

Hi Echart, the theme supports only youtube. I do not see a playbar in the example :(, could you send me a screenshot through my profile?

Thanks :)

Thanks, i’ve already fixed it with your documentation file. Your fast respons is appreciated.

Thank you :) Let me know if you need anything :)


I have presale questions:

Is your theme only a one page theme?? Because on the image for the theme it says :”one page or multipage ready”...

Do you provide support for this theme?

Kind regards,


Hi, the default behevior is onepage theme, but you could use multipage and use it like a normal theme.

Yes,i give support to all my buyers, so let me know if you need anything at all, i will be glad to help you :)

I have a little question again about the multipurpose. Is it difficult to configure if it’s mainly a one page theme? I have never used a one page before so I don’t know how it works actually.. And in this way, will I be able to have pages with a sidebar and a contact page on its own?

cheers !

Hi, the theme was thinking to be an onepage theme, you can select multipage but is more easy to use onepage because is the default.

The design is also thinking to be an onepage theme but multipage works fine.

Hi Breecode,

I’ve purchase this code a couple of weeks ago and it’s been worked excellently for me, however I had a couple of questions I hope I could run past you?

(i) Is there a way for the image in the ‘Welcome’ section (‘From Buenos Aires To The World’ etc) to be displayed from the bottom of the context menu rather than the top of the browser? The menu seems to be cutting off a portion of the image and on smaller screens it looks rather out of place.

(ii) Some of the sections (About Me ‘Work with people that love what they do’ / Statistics etc) that become cutoff on an iPhone 4 / 5 / Samsung Galaxy II etc. Is this something I’ve done with the site or just part of the limitations of the design?

I’d appreciate any assistance you’d be able to offer.

Thanks very much.

All the best,


Joss Thompson


Hi Joss,

i) I think that you can make a little change to change the slider. Also there is a padding on the top that could be change.

ii) Send me an screenshot from your Iphne and i will take a look, the design must work in every device.

You can use my profile to send me an email. :)

Thank you!

Hello, We’re really enjoying using your theme, it’s great. http://unreasonablemovement.com/

Hoping you can advise on how to make some customizations to the portfolio display. The ajax content reveal to be specific.

We would like to eliminate the click function on the portfolio items, so the #portfolioData content is not revealed. The only action we’d like to keep is the fade in overlay that shows the title of the portfolio item.

Can you tell me where I can find the jQuery functions operating the ajax portion of the portfolio display? Also, would be nice to see where the hover & click functions are for each portfolio items. Where can I see those files?

Many thanks in advance, loving working with this theme. Excellent build.

Hi Epsteida, every jQuery fuction is set in the custom.js file located at JS/custom.js

I think it will be better if you send me an email through my profile and because i can point you the exact line that you have to change, that will save you time :)

Send me an email and i will be glad to help you to customize the theme

Thank you :)