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Hi! These theme looks great! Pre-purchase question. Does the portfolio section have video support? I’d like to have youtube/vimeo videos in certain portfolio items. Thank you

Hi, yes, you can use Youtube and Vimeo videos in your portfolio items. Thanks!

Hello – I am having URGENT issues with the mobile site!! The text and slider are not displaying properly at all!! Can you help fix this asap? thank you


Please send me your WP details through my profile.

Urgent! Contact Form not working! – it doesn’t let anyone click “Submit” to send a message? Can you please advise ASAP?

I have the email address entered in the theme settings.

Thank you!!!


Hi, i will take a look!

Please send me your WP details through my profile.

I sent you my info thanks!

Has a fix been created for the NextGen gallery issue not displaying in the portfolio properly.


Hi, do you receive my last email with your custom site?

I think so, everything seems to be working fine with the nextgen gallery.

Great! Just le me know if you need anything else. Thanks!

I really like the theme, but like others have said I am getting spammed to death with the contact. Is there any way to add captcha to the contact or is there a plugin that could help?

Hi, yes, we are working on a captcha to avoid spam.

Hello! I was wondering if there is a way to edit the contact form? Maybe change a few titles for example the enter your website part? Also can we add a few sections? Can we add a drop down or two? Also can we add CAPTCHA ?


We are working on a captcha to the contact form. Yes, you can change the fields in the bp_contact_section.php file. :)

Let me know if you need any help.


I do need a little help. I have been trying to add additional text sections to the contact form but even though they are seen on the contact page, when someone sends an email/ presses send, I only receive the original 4 text sections, not the additional ones that I added. Also can you put check boxes in the contact form.

Ok don’t worry send me your WP details through my profile and the text that you want and i will do it for you :)


Theme looks great, but I encountered a problem. I haven’t found any support e-mail address or FAQ page, so I’m writting in here. Problem is related specifically with Theme Options menu in wp-admin. I’m unable to upload images, some parts of the menu didn’t load and I got a warning message in the beginning: “Settings Saved! Settings have changed, you should save them! error(s) were found! warning(s) were found!” Here is a screenshot

I tried reinstalling Wordpress, upgrading and downgrading it, reinstalling Town (through zip package and directly through ftp), cleaning mysql, reuploading theme-options.php file, restoring to default settings, basically everything I could think of. I don’t speak PHP, so I can’t make much of the file itself, but I hope there is an easy solution to my problem or at least a clever workaround.

Can anyone (hopefully breecode) help me? Thanks in advance.

Sent you wp-admin access and URL on Friday. Send me a reply through my profile when you’ll find time to take a look at it.

Ok, disregard this, I fixed the problemy myself. It was related with Redux Framework not finding the options url. If anyone out there got the same problem, here is how you get rid of it:
  1. open town/functions/town-options.php in notepad or whatever
  2. got to line 16, delete ”//” at the start to activate
  3. change “path the options folder” to ”/wp-content/themes/town/functions/options/”
  4. Save
  5. Upload
  6. Pat yourself on a back for job well done.

Hi man, thanks! I will check this :) you are a pro :)

Hello, does your template come with social media integration? Is it easy to add Facebook, Linkedin & Instagram accounts?

By default didn’t come with any social media plugin.

Hi, Please take a look at the request i’ve sent last tuesday. Thanks.

Hi Jose, i have replied to your email :)

Hi there, loving the theme! Just 3 questions:-

How can I adjust the margins at the very top as well as between pages to make them closer together?

Also, How can I add social media icons / text at the top right below or above the menu for contact details?

Lastly, the home tab does not scroll when clicked, can you advise on this?

My web address is below, any help would be greatly appreciated.




Hi Greig,

1) There is a class call .section. That class handles the distance between pages. Reduce the padding.

2) Yes, you need to do it in the header.php file. You will need custom html and css.

3) That is because there is no page call home, send me your WP details through my profile and i can fix that for you.


Hi again,

Another question, where can I change the size of the team container?

Also, why is my logo blurred?


Another bug or perhaps a problem. How come the Parallax slides aren’t that responsive? It becomes distorted. Please check my website to see what I mean, www.bluescue.com. It’s not yet done and these slides are still drafts. But somehow they dont turn out well in mobile or smaller screens. Thanks

I mean the carousel

Hi, look at the style.css file in each media querie there is a comment that says /PARALLAX/ and below this you can find the height of the parallax in that mobile state.

.parallax {min-height: 330px;}

Your content seems to need more height, change this value to 500 or more.

.parallax {min-height: 500px;}

You need to change this in the last TWO media queries.

Send me an email through my profile if you need help :)



Ok, I’m going crazy here…. The revolutions slider is indeed easy to integrate in the portflio BUT I can’t get it to work properly…

Tried all settings and googled my ass off but it seems that the theme keeps resizing the predefined container/grid settings and f’s it all up.

The slider looks great in the preview though :-)

Please assist asap, loosing my mind

Thanks, Vince

Hi, i have reply to you by Facebook :)

Telling me that you will take a look is not a reply… Still awaiting reply and with reply I mean a solution… 10 days? Cmon Breecode, you delivered such great support in the beginning but now it is simply diassapointing…

And btw, captcha??

I have send you a PM by Facebook

Hi, When in iPad, in portrait, the testemonials section is misconfigured. Especialy in the text. The sentence begins in the right side, not in the left. Is there a way to correct? In landscape it’s fine.

Hi Jose, i will take a look to this!


Theme seems very promising and I would like to buy it, but when I tested the model of the functioning of the themes on your iPhone and iPad, so I pointed out that the navigation does not work and the video theme, for example, a video can be started?

Hi, do you test the theme on your Iphone and the nav didn’t work? I am testing this and it is working. The video could not start on iphone.

Hi, yes viedo works if you know how to click on the YouTube logo, but the video will start button beneath the text and it does not respond at turn. Position of text should, therefore, be moved.

Hey there breecode

I’m looking at purchasing this WP theme, however I want to check, I need to use a particular font to match my branding, however it’s not available on Google Fonts/Typekit etc.

I’m an experienced coder. How difficult will it be with how you have styled the template to add the appropriate @font-face to the theme? Or, is there a better method to achieve the same end result?

Thank you,


Hi, yes, you could use @font-face in the style.css file and upload the files to a font folder. Then you will need to make custom css with the new font family.

If you need help just let me know and i will help you with this, but i think that is simple :)

Hi again,

Would you know how to integrate any SEO plugins to your theme? And which works?


Hi, there are a lot of SEO plugins, tell me wich do you want to use and i will take a look :)

Hi! I don’t recibe the emails from the contact form :S Any idea?

Hi, first check that your Email is set in the Admin Option Panel.

Send me your WP details through my profile and i will check :)

Hi! Yes, my email is set in the Admin Option Panel. And it is a Gmail, so the server is OK. This is the website: http://samfaina.com/ I think the problem is in the contact form PHP…

Hi i will need the WP details too, could you please send this through my profile? Thanks :)

Hi, I love this theme! Well done! Questions, are the images available to purchase to use in addition to your theme? I would like to keep a lot of the same images as it represents the business really well. Thanks in advance, JC

Hi JC, the image are just for demo purpose, some images could be purchase and some other have licenses. I think that if you look at Photodune you will fine similar images.

Hi mindurain,

If you want, i can send you a patch to fix the issue with the contact form. If you want, you can contact me at this email address (zglaurentiu@gmail.com). Chears


We sent an e-mail through your profile yesterday regarding an issue we are having with the Portfolio section.

If you need us to send it again please let us know so we can work to get this resolved.


Still no word back on this and it is a pressing matter. The “Work” section of the template is no longer populating the details of the various Portfolio entries we have on our site. It worked for the first few days, now no longer works. Please review our e-mail we sent or reply here ASAP. Thank you.

Hi, i am looking at your site, i will reply soon

I have replied to you by email :)