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Hi there, I installed the theme and used the demo files to setup the site. I created a new Rev Slider for the Home page and it was playing fullscreen without any problems.

I then created a new Index page for the site, trashing the old Index page. My Rev Slider is no longer full screen, there are margins around the slider. I’ve checked the Rev Slider settings and they are set to Auto Responsive. I need it to be responsive but also fill the screen. How did you achieve it in the original Index file?



Hi, send me an email through my profile and i will help you to customize the menu/logo header.

Hi, I sent you an email but haven’t heard from you, can you get back to me please. Thanks.

I have replied to your email. Thanks! Sorry for the delay.

How do I put social sharing in my blog posts? Also, any luck on the captcha? Im getting bombarded with spam. :(


Sorry for the delay, i am working on the captcha, you will have news soon.

Hi breecode, come on, how long does it take to put a captcha field in the contact form? You deliever such brilliant template design but now we wait weeks for a simple captcha… I cant recommend you enough, but please make this product “final” by adding a (simple) captcha. Cheers, Seodeluxe

Hi, it wouldn’t take more than 2 more days.


Hi, i have sent you an email yesterday, please take a look : )

Hi, great theme. I have a pre-purchase question, I would like to have something between one page and multipage configuration, with sections like about, services, portfolio and contact in the front page, and pages in the menu like each service on a dropdown submenu. It is posible?


Hi, you can use multipage configuration but dropdown menus are not supported.

We purchased your theme last week and are attempting to use the home video option, but our pages do not show a “custom field” option at all. We’ve attempted to send several emails to support.

Hi, yes, i have your email i will reply in a sec. Thanks.

I have send you an email :)

Hello, I have a pre purchase question. Can i Make a vimeo vidéo in fullscreen homepage with autoplay?

Thank you

Hi there, that must need custom work because the theme works with youtube, but i think that would be possible.

we have an issue with the portfolio filters not filtering at all, can you please help out? http://bit.ly/1hUVR7E is the url, please email us for further communication on cctechnical@connectims.com

Hi, i have sent you an email, please take a look :)

Two questions:

I am having 2 mobile issues.

I have placed my logo file using the same dimensions as the demo data. When used on a mobile device, the area behind my logo is bigger than the logo and has the main colour of the page behind it. Is there a way to change just the “behind logo” colour to black (I’m using the red theme settings)

Also, When on a mobile device, the “staff” images are smaller, but the image doesn’t shrink. The theme just cuts off data, which cuts off most of the staff members faces. Is this something that can be changed?

Hi, send me the login details via my profile. I take a look.

We have sent a couple emails this week regarding problems we are having with no response yet. We have found work arounds for all except one. Our problem seems similar to Pauldwade when he said

“The only problem I can see now is that on a mobile the menu/logo header is quite deep and is covering the top of the slider, can that be fixed?”

We’ve tried many things to fix this but nothing is working. Can you help us? Thank you.

Send me your login details, maybe i can add just custom css into the panel to fix that.

We emailed you several times regarding the issue we’re having, since last Thursday .. nothing yet ?!

I have reply to your last email. Thank you!

Replied Back, Please let us know when ASAP

Do you received the email with the zip file?

I purchased this template. Is there a way to set a background on the home page? The theme custom section has the option for background image and background color but i don’t see any changes on my page.

Hi, send me an email via my profile.


How do I change the navigation menu font? I attempted to change it in the style.css file to “Avenir” but it didn’t work.

Please help, thanks.

Hi, make sure you are targeting .main_nav li , and enable google fonts from the option panels.

Hi there, one quick question:

Is it possible to make this theme as a multi page also? Thank you.

Hi, yes its possible.

Awesome! Thanks for the quick reply =)

Thanks for a great theme!

I have a problem with icons.

All the icons (called via shortcode like say: icon_name=”icon-chevron-right”) and displayed on the “Services” from the democontent are not showing. It looks like the path is broken.

Actually i goes for all icons and it doesn´t help to replace the shortcode.

Any help?

Hi, can i see your URL? You can send it through my profile. Thank you

Ok. I have emailed you.

Hey guys

I see the theme is not translated to Danish. Can you provide an english .po file, so I can translate it my self?

Best regards

Hi, the theme comes with .PO files, you can edit one of those to Danish. Then you will need the MO of your new PO file.

Send me an email if you need help

Thank you!


I am having some issues. I want to replace the icons in the parallax with images of my choice. I wanted to know where the icons are originally stored, so I can replace it with images. Can you tell me where it’s calling the icons from?


Send me an email through my profile and i will take a look to your site, send me your URL and WP details please.


We would like to switch the fonts to Avenir, but that font is not included in the free Google Fonts. We already own the font, so how do we make this happen?

I would take a look to that. Sorry for the delay.

Hi there!

I just read that you have the captcha ready. I was following that issue from seodeluxe asked for it. I was waiting for the update. I really need it because I am getting a lot of spam. Please, can you help me? Have a look on wibbu.com.

Thank you very much. Ben

Hi Ben, i have sent you an email with the new version to try it out. Sorry for the delay. Thanks!

Hi, breecode sends me a new version with the captcha via email. Unfortunately, there is only a “Captcha on/off”-button in the frontend, but nothing happens in the contact form. I am afraid I dont have the time to beta-test new versions, so it would be nice if breecode can release an updated version here “officially”. Thank you for your time and effort, breecode! Cheers, seodeluxe


I have sent you an email, thanks!

How is the Captcha coming up?

I am getting spammed here and it sounds like I´m not the only one. Any new solutions on this one?

Please, send me an email through my profile and i will send you the beta version of town with the caption.


Any news on the captcha for the theme. It´s quite anoying getting spammed.

You can download the updated theme now.