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Hi i can’t find the shortcodes to create pages like: Price and Service, where can i find this?

Hi, send me an email through my profile and i will send you your request. :)

hi…great theme.its boxed version also includes.thanks

i mean boxed layout!!!

Hi, just full width :)

Hello, Pre-purchase question… Is there a way to show a slidehow of images in the single “work” section rather than just the one image? Thanks

Yes, you can use revolution slider. :)

Hi, I just bought your theme. First of all, congratulations, you have a great documentation (even for people who know nothing about wordpress).

I have a couple of questions: 1) I want to exclude some pages from the nav, but my “page” section in wordpress doesn’t have the field “custom fields”. I have Wordpress 3.8.1. What should I do to fix this?

2) I want to show portfolio items directly in the home page (don’t want to have to click on the images to see the work explanation. How can I do this? Thanks! Ana

1) Hi, please check the Screen Option.

First, edit a page, then click in Screen Option and select custom fields, custom field are hidden by default.

If you need help send me an email through my profile and i will send you a screenshot.

2) Send me an email via my profile and we will talk about it.

Thank you.

Hi breecode,

I bougth your theme for my company and we are really happy so far. I have a question but I can’t find the answer. I would like to change the icons in the parallax_column in the carousel into a images like logos but it doesn’t work. How can I do it?

type="icon_slide" column_size="4" icon_name="icon-coffee" icon_size="icon-4x" heading="1K+ COFEE" text="Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Quod nisi totam quaerat laboriosam."]parallax_column type="icon_slide" column_size="4" icon_name="icon-html5" icon_size="icon-4x" heading="300K+ LINES OF CODE" text="Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Quod nisi totam quaerat laboriosam."[/slide]

I tried to change the parallax_column into a normal columns but it doesn’t work because of the div’s width is bigger the last column drop down.

Would you be able to help me please?

Kind regards Ben

Hi Ben,

1) The parallax_column and the icons are a shortcode itself, it means that you need to change the core of the shortcode in the shortcode.php because is meant to use FontAwesome icons. Send me an email through my profile and i will try to put custom logos for you:)

2) Twitter plugin has been disable since users report some bugs on some hostings with this.

Hi Breecode Thank you very much for your answer. I have already fixed my problem with the parallax by using logo_slide.

May I ask how I can build a second portfolio with new items in the same website for a page which is not in the home as it is a separate page?

Hi Ben, the theme was made to have one portfolio page. But you can you try to duplicate the php file and selec the portfolio as a page template, so, send me an email through my profile and let see what we can do about it :)

Any Support?

1 ) Contact form not working in Turkey. How to fix this? 2 ) http://bypixels.com/themes/wordpress/town/3/blog-section/ navigation menu not here (header) .. [Home About Contact …]

Hi Ghostr,

1) Send me your URL to take a look at the contact, use my profile if you want.

2) If you are using the one page mode the menu do not work in there because there is no section to scroll so the theme have a “Back to home” menu instead.

Hi breecode,

How can I change the background from a section (services, in this case) from white to gray?

Hi, when you enter in a page from your wp admin panel there is an option that says “Featured Image” (right-down corner) this is the background image of your page you can select any image that you want as a background.

Hi breecode, I really need the captcha for the contact form. So it would be great if you can add this feature. Or maybe you can integrate en exisiting captcha-plugin. Thank you for your time and effort! Cheers, Marcell http://www.seodeluxe.de

Hi, ok i will try to add this featured.

Hi breecode, you didnt replied to my email so I try it here again. I really need this captcha functionality, as I got spammed to death via the contact form. Can you do this for me?

Hi there, yes, i am working on it :)

Hi! Awesome theme, i love it. I am wondering though, is it possible to add my own icons for the “services” section? Thanks!!

Hi, yes you can choose from 369 icons that are implemented but you can use your own too, sure.

Hi! I want to include a Personal Webside icon and an Instagram icon in the team container. I’ve tried to include a JPG, but it doesn’t appear. How can I do it? Thanks

OK, I got it. shortcodes.php

That’s right :)

Hi, I recently purchased your theme and all is good. However, what plugin can I use to add to the blog section to share! www.coreywesley.com

Hi, i think that you can add some script to the blog section, send me an email through my profile and we will look the best way to do this.


Hi, I purchased your theme today, including the demo content, but I’m facing some issues in making the theme work for me. As I cannot find any manual explaining basic setup, I post my questions here: a) I want to use Google fonts, but “my” corporate font (Montserrat) does not show up in the Google Fonts list in the theme options? b) top navigation does not work, clicking on a navi item leads to #postname which seems not to exist? (permalinks are set to / postname / as usual for SEO purposes) c) I don’t get what the Page Options are for (e.g. in contrast to Template in Page Attributes) Thank you for your help!

Hi there, the manual is inside “Documentation” folder,

a) I will take a look to that font option. b) Send me your url to take a look, use my profile if you want. c)The theme was made to use Page options (meta boxes) in some pages instead of Templates.

jQuery(document).ready(function () { “use strict”; jQuery(’.bar’).each(function () { var bar_per = jQuery(this).find(’.percent’).text(); jQuery(this).animate({ width: bar_per }, 900); }); });

Hi, I only wanted to share an optimized version of the code, for the percentage bars. Since the bars are limited to a number six/seven.

Oh, that’s great man! Thanks! :D Send me an email through my profile and we keep in touch :)


I like the theme a lot. Trying to make a simple top page fullscreen image. Using RevSlider adds some weird animations and makes it very heavy. How would you suggest making a full screen image (note that there’s a max width preventing from doing it through simple html/css)..

Couldn’t find anything in the documentation


Hi James, you need a fullscreen image without using Revolution?

yes, just a top image that takes up 100vh height and 100% width. I managed to work something out using revslider but maybe there’s a simpler solution?

Yes, i think that we could make some custom work there, send me your URL through my profile and i will try to help you.

Great theme!

Just have a couple of questions since I am not really good with coding and all.

1.) Is there a way that I can make the portfolio use a lightbox effect and not have description?

2.) Is there a way to remove the filters?


Hi there, do you have received my email? :)

Yep, saw it. I found a way already. thanks! I have a new question in the comments below. thanks!

Hi breecode, I hardcoded all messages in “bp_contact_section.php” into german. However, on my site all messages in the contact form still appear in english (errors, successfully send etc.). What am I missing? Cheers, Seodelxue

Hi there :), look at JS folder—> contact-form.js

Line 8
Line 14
Line 23

In that file you can edit the messages like “Your message has been sent successfully, We will contact you shortly.”



Perfect, thank you!

Hi there, just bought the theme and am having some issues getting the slider demo data added. I get the following error when I try to import. How can I fix this?

Error: Can’t write file ”/usr/share/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/revslider/rs-plugin/css/static-captions.css”, please change the permissions!

Hi, send me an email through my profile and i will help you with this, you will need to change permissions on your hosting.

Hi There, thanks for the quick response. I shot you an email on friday, just want to make sure you go it.

Hi, i have replied :)


Is there a way to take out the ’%’ sign of the bars?

Thanks a lot! Great theme!

Hi, the ’%’ is just plain text, you can edit the shortcode in your about page.

What you want

Yeah, but if I do that, for some reason I loss the lenght of the bar…Is there another way? Thanks a lot!

Hi, send me your URL through my profile, we need to make a custom script to change that.

Hi jrgcastro, it can be done by utilizing the js method replace(). Hope that this helps


Hi, can anyone help me. How do you remove the animation of PrettyPhoto in the Portfolio area? I just want the photos there and not be able to click them.


Please let me know if you need anything :)

One last thing, is there a way to put CAPTCHA in the contact form? I would like to avoid spammers which I always get. Thanks

Hi we are working on a captcha to avoid spam.