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First, I love the theme. Great work. I’ve uploaded the dummy demo files to WP and the plugin slider. Though the files are all jumbled on the homepage. None of the pictures are appearing on the home screen. Any suggestions to get it working like the demo?

HI, sent email. Look forward to your response. Thanks!

Haven’t heard from you. Got a deadline to finish this. Please help

Hi there, i have replied to your email. Thanks!

I really want to buy this theme really nice awesome job, but when I read this “All images are copyrighted to their respective owners. Images used in live preview are not included in the template.”

I am like this whole theme is standing out based on these images. Please can you advice or let me know where should I buy these kind of images?

Thanks Faz

Hi Fazzy, send me an email through my profile and i will try to help you.

:) Thanks and sorry for the delay.

Hi I just purchased your theme, great looking theme, I have installed it but I dont see the shortcode button option on the admin pages, any support will be apreciated.

Best regards.


Also missing the custom fields and revisions on the admin.

Hi, custom fields could be show from the Screen Option. I would take a look to the shortcode button in version 3.9

The shortcodes for the Town theme went from working, to not working (an empty screen would overlay the WordPress Administrator screen), and it finally disappeared all together. We deleted and then re-installed the theme and the shortcodes are still not appearing. What should we do? I noticed that there has not been an update for quite some time. Is the Town theme not compatible with WordPress v3.9x?

Hi there, it seems to be a bug on the shortcode in vertion 3.9, we are working on it and it will be an update to solve this.

Thank you!

We have a new version, please check it out, shortcodes are now working!

Hello thanks for the great theme! Could you please send me the shortcodes to create the price and services as well as the portfolio section.

Thank you!

Also if you could please explain to me how to set up so that all my pages scroll down in a one page style like the template, where there are links to the pages in tab menu above but each section you can just scroll down.

Thanks again :)

Hi, send me an email through my profile and i will send you the Shortcodes.

Send me your URL and WP details to take a look to the sections and menus.



Visual shortcodes and custom page theme options do not appear and I have installed the latest wordpress 3.9. Please let me know how I can get access to them.

Thank you for your help.

Hi, we are working on the update for version 3.9 i will let you know.

Hey breecode, great theme!

I am however having a problem with the sliders. The first slider looks great, but the content I add to each additional slider seems to drop like a staircase on each slide. For example: if slide one is at 100%, slide two drops to 20px, slide three 40px, slide four 60px and so on…

Any ideas as to what would be the cause of this?


Hi, i didn’t see this message, sorry, have you solved this problem? Send me an email through my profile with your WP details and i will take a look.

Is it deliberate, that you have to delete the text in the fields in the contact form when wanting to enter values into them?

Please look at the contact form “Kontakt mig” on this site:


HTML code is in bp_contact_section.php, contact-form.php only have the script to send the email.

Let me know if you need help! Thanks!

Ok. Now I get it. Thanks for great support

Let me know if you need anything else. :)

I have a problem with the index page url. It referes to /#home so my link in the nav to to”home” dosen´t work neither does the link from the logo.

Can you help?

I have sent you the credentials. Anything new?

I have not heard from you and I still have the issue on my site? Anthing new?

I have sent you an email

How’s that shortcode for version 3.9 coming?

We love your theme so far.

Hi, the theme has been updated with the new shortcodes and tomorrow will be another update with the captcha to the contact form. Last version is 1.2.

Hey there,

How would you turn off the rollover states on the retina buttons? We don’t want them to link anywhere.


Yes you could do that. Send me an email for instructions

OK, I’ve figured out my other issues but new problems have arisen with the responsiveness. None of my parallax sliders are scaling. We changed them up quite a bit from the demo so I don’t know if something became broken, but the content stays full size when the window scales down. Also, our logo does not scale with the menubar. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.


Hi, please send me your URL to take a look :) you can use my profile if you want.

Hello, I recently purchased your town template. I can’t seem to get the slider to look and work like the 4th style in your examples. I want my youtube. video to auto play, and not have any timing info at the bottom just like yours. Then I want it to go to the next slide whether that be another video or just images. Also I was unable to upload all of the dummy website/slider content successfully. Last but not least, in my pages, I don’t have a section for “revisions” or “Custom Fields” shown in your documentation. I am very confused and hope that you can help me asap. Please reply to this message at dydesignz @ for I am the hired designer for this site. I also sent this message via your profile.

Thank you for your time and wonderful theme!

Actually, i figured out everything that I just asked about by going back to the previous version of wordpress! I only now want to know where can I find a list of short codes for the icons such as the ones in the services section? Thank you!

With the new update the shortcode generator is back!

I have sent you an email with the list of shortcodes

I have sent emails several times in regards to this issue “I want menu items to link to external pages. I used the ‘link’ text in the menu options but it still won’t work.”

PLEASE Advise or put the fix under this comment as others have had this same issue…

Thank you!

I have send you a couple of emails, i have tested your site and is working.

Let me know if you need anything else.


we have some responsive issues with the main banner. We added the demo content and used our own images, but when viewing the template on a phone the banner is showing wrong, the text get’s behind the menubar. On your example page it works?? What did we do wrong?

Also the main banner on your page shows with img-tags but on our page it is setup as background? It is strange, why is this different. We used the demo content so it should be the same.

Hope you can help soon, we would like to go live asap

Hi there, please send me your URL through my profile to take a look, Thanks!

Hi Breecode,

I have send you the URL yesterday. Any clue yet? Thanks

I have replied to you a few days ago

Hello: When I ask the media set, how to set it each size? See you there drawing a sample: 60X60, 150X150, 300X300, 360X250, 500X346 Media set at most only produce four sizes, how do I set it? Thank you! I use GOOGLE translation!

Hi, send me an email through my profile please to understand you better. Thank you


When I click on the parallax section and goes to a certain page, the nav buttons does not go to the main one page view, instead takes me to weird links like .com/#home or .com/#about when I want it to go to just my main url. Can you help me?

Hi .. sorry for the delay, could you send me through my profile page your login details? I can take a look if you still have the problem ..

My logos is much bigger than the blue box in your example and when I upload it, the header covers too much of the “pages”. Where can I adjust this?


Go to your Style.css file

Update this line 1652, to this:

#logo {
width: 250px;

Then update this line 1806, to this.

#logo {
width: 200px;

PERFECT!!!! Thank you again for all of your help and patience!

Any time :)


I am working on a site with this theme and we are trying to add 2 social media links icons under the navigation but the links aren’t working. Here is the site . We took that code from the bottom footer and it works there but not at the top. Can you please help? Thanks

Another one was, I am trying to move the “send us a message” at the bottom under contact. We want to move that right under the title CONTACT but above the contact infos. Can you help me with that too? You can email me at

Thank you

Yes, no problem, send me an email through my profile and i will point you in the right direction.


Hi, i have your email, i have just replied.


Thanks for the theme.

For some reason my scrolling to sections is not working.. At the moment Im using leadpages plugin for my site. And the site is installed under .

I did exactly as you instructed in the documentation. I set the index as home page, but then when I go to index page Im missing custom fields section and cannot edit menu “hide” separate “yes” to it.

Ive also tried to deactivate the plugin, but then the links in the navbar are not clickable.

Please let me know what can be wrong,


Hi, send me your login details through my profile page .. i will take a look. Thanks