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The parallax effect is not showing for me, have tried 3 computers and 3 different browsers (safari, Chrome, Firefox). Does not render for the demo, or for the installed theme.

Hi Josh, please send me your URL so i can take a look, if you want to keep the URL private send it to me through my profile, thank you.

Hi I purchased the theme but is there a way to adapt every section height to the size of the screen?? for example this site:


Hi, that can be a little bit complicated since the layout of the theme was not made of that way, BUT, you can add backgrounds to each page and put a manual HEIGHT through the css panel, i mean, it is not simple but you can have some similar layout to sic-law.

Send me an email through my profile if you need help ;)

Hi – I cannot get my portfolio items to show the details when I click them – is there anything I should be doing?

still waiting for an answer – could really use some helo here – I’ve emailed you as well …

I have replied to you by email, thank you! :)

Hi, I love your theme and would like to try it but would like the psd files so that I can play around with the design a little before I start setting it up on my server. Are the psd files included? If not is there some where I can purchase them?


Hi, thanks for the kind words, psd files are not included and the are not for sale in any market sorry :(

Hi There! Love this theme, but unfortunately im having some issues with the portfolio.

I want to add a gallery inside the porfolio post, so I can show multiple images of every work, but it seems like galleries dont work inside the portfolio. Can you please give me some guidance? I need to have multiples images

Thanks in advance.

Hi, that must work fine, please send me your URL to take a look.

Hi, i bought the theme and have 4 questions:

1. The Theme is not build with the new Version “Bootstrap 3.2.0” – right? 2. The Revolution Slider is Version 4.1.4. Possible update to Version 4.5.6 SkyWood? 2. If i want to change the image in the “DEMO VERSION – ABOUT” it´s not possible – why? 3. Visual Custom Shorts & Custom Page Options are not complete – as offered! How can i get full access (instructions)?

Thanks in advance, Manfred

Hi Mafred,

1- You are correct.
2- Yes, you can update the slider if you want, but the theme is using a stable version of Rev slider. Not all the user want the latest version. You can update the version if you want.
3- You are able to change that image, that image is in the shortcode in the page about. Please contact me through my profile and i will show you.
4- What shortcuts are missing?


Hello breecode,

I’ve a urgent question. The website I created is not working well on my Iphone and Ipad. The pictures (logo + other pictures created with an URL) are disappearing after the website is loaded. (first I see the pictures, than they disappear). On Android this works fine.

Can you help me?


Yes, give me your URL and i will test the site on my devices.


I updated the theme to 1.2 and turned the captcha on. It appears fine on the site but every time I try to send an email on the contact form I get the message

“There was a problem with your submission. Errors are displayed below in red”

I close the box and scroll down to the contact but there is nothing in red. The captcha text box is blank and the same thing happens. I cleared the cache and tried multiple browsers. Any suggestions?

Hi, lease send me your URL to have a look. You can send it though my profile, or you can paste it here. Thanks!

For some reason the portfolio stopped working when clicked. It seems like the script being called doesn´t do anything. Is there a javascript conflict, I´m missing?

Please see my site – > Cases.


I reply to your other comment.

Ok. I have had enough of half solutions! Can we please end this case. It has been going on for 2 months now! I have send you my ftp details and if you have somehow lost them let me know. Otherwise I expect you to take some action on this matter!

Please send me your FTP again or ZIP the theme and send it to my adress.

I really love this theme – but I have a quick question about the video background – is there any possible way to have these videos from youtube or vimeo as sliders with arrows?

Please let me know – I want to purchase this theme.

Would you by chance have other themes like this that do have slider like video backgrounds or headers?


Hi, it is possible to have videos of youtube in the SLIDER because revolution slider allows you to have it but not in full screen. You can search on COdecanyon for Revolution Slider and look all the things that you can do with videos. Thanks

Hello I am having problems with the image on my home page, the first large image, sometimes it does not show. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Hi, can you send me your URL to take a look? You can use my profile or you can paste it here.


Hi I am using your theme for my site, but it seems that something is wrong with the LI items in the pricing tables :S, though I worked on the basis of the demo content. Can you give me a hint how to fix the indent to the left of the LI items? thank you!

Hi, go to your Style.css line 887

Change the actual .pricing-table ul to this.

 .pricing-table ul {
border: 1px solid #e9e9e9;
border-bottom: 0;
margin: 0;
padding: 0;

Thank you

Let me know if this solve the problem.


yes, it worked. thank you!

Can you tell me in which file you defined your spacers for the navbar? I couldn’t find anything in your header.php. I want to replace the ”/” with ”|”.


I got it. Edited your image file. thanks anyway for your great theme!

Thanks to you =)

Hi there,

I’d like to buy “Town – Responsive Multi-Purpose One Page Theme” and customize it as video portofolio, but i don’t see youtube or vimeo support in all 5 styles.

Does this page support videos?


Style 04 shows a Video as Background, the 5 styles are the same theme showing different aspects of it.

You can use videos in the background as style04 and inside your portfolios.

I must be missing some point about the portfolio… I created a new page and set “Page Options” to “portfolio”, but in the preview, I don’t see any of the published portfolios. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you

Hi, please send me your Wp details through my profile to take a look :)

Bypixels Chat Conversation Start 16 minutes ago Hello! I have bought the TOWN WP theme, instaleld it, uploaded the dummy content and slider, everything seems to look fine, but The Theme Options panel must be corrupted, it just does not work – I am not albe to upload logo etc… and it shows an arror message… It looks like this under WP 3.9. I have downgraded to 3.8.1. but it changed nothiong… Please let me know what is wrong, I need to set the page up and running by Monday, but now I stuck because of this… Thank you in advance for getting back to me with a solutions asap… you can write directly to instead of using FB… The site is here Pls let me know how can we fix this, so that the Theme Options work… Best

Hi, i have sent you an email asking fot the WP details to take a look.

The email was sent to

Thank you

OK what´s the situation here?

People have been asking questions here for two months now without getting a qualified answer. Are you guys on holiday or what´s keeping you from giving support.

The great support was one of the reasons, I bought the theme, but the it just stopped.

What´s happening?

Hey. What is taking you so long? I really need to getthis one nailed. I have been without my portfolio for nearly two months now.

Do you need ftp information? I will provide it as long as it can make you help me.

Hi, i have reply to your comment.Let me know . thanks!

hi I need to add a lighbox on photos do you which plugin i can use with your theme? thanks

Hi please test WP Lightbox 2


I am interested in the theme.

The Theme already own insert on pages One-Page options: - accordion; - tabs jquery; - Possibility of increasing the size of the logo? - The pages that make up the One-Page can embed videos or any other content using the WordPress editor?

Thank You!

Hi, you can insert videos with the WP editor, you have visual shortcodes to paste the link of youtube.

You can managed the size of the logo with css. The Theme Option Panel allows you to do that.

There is no accordions and tabs in this theme,

Thank you

Hi there, just bought the theme and am having some issues getting the slider demo data added. I get the following error when I try to import. How can I fix this?

Error: Can’t write file ”/usr/share/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/revslider/rs-plugin/css/static-captions.css”, please change the permissions!

Hi, please make sure that the www or/an apache user needs to have the right to write files.

Most of the time this can be achieved by setting all files ad folders through ftp to 755.

If you keep with this error please send me your WP details through my profile and i will take a look =)


Hi, I’ve sent you the login yesterday, please check, thanks.

Ok, i will take a look.