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This is comming in a WP version?

Bravo Parallelus – Fantastic job. I’d wish you best of luck, but somehow I don’t think you’ll need it!

The FAQ text reveal is a great feature -

On the first and third homepages, can the navigation buttons of the slider be turned perpetually on? They are quite hard to see upon first inspection.

Thanks. Yes, the slide show navigation buttons can be on constantly if you wanted. It’s just a little script that tells them to hide. You make a good point, I kept thinking, “I should darken that background behind the slide show navigation buttons more…” and I never did. I’ll do that now and upload the change. Thanks for the suggestion!

Great job! Parallelus… I just started coding a site for my client and after seeing this i know my client will love this one. You just saved me a ton of time! Thank you this is prefect… can’t wait to play with it.

That’s great. I’m glad I could help.

Thanks for the quick responce Parallelus. Can you advise when the changes are available for download please

I’m making them now. Should be ready in a few minutes. The update to the TF download will probably be ready tomorrow, but since it’s only a single image file to give a tiny bit more contrast (nothing major) I can email it to you.

and… done!

awesome template dude… great job!

Thank you very much!

Awesome! That is some creative skin you got there.


Excelente trabajo como decimos en español Great job¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

simply the best

Perhaps one of the best “thought out” templates yet. Could there be some wordpressing in our future? Cheers

I really like the concept behind this theme. Being approved on Themeforest (usually) means you’re a good designer, but this theme pushes the design to give a product which is different from the rest of the themes here. Well thought out :-)

Great template friend :)

This is a truly beautiful theme mate. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better than your Unite theme!!

Super interested in seeing a WP version. Any plans?

Holy cow, that’s awesome mate ! :D gl

...and bought – thanks Parallelus!

Email me sticker. I have something for you.

wooww…...excellent.. :D
you are brillian…

Hi Great theme. Can you tell me if it’s possible to have text boxes in the slider part rather than images?

Sure! The “slider” which appears below the slide show can have almost any combination of text, images or HTML . If you preview the second home page, from the “Features” drop down named “Home (Products)”, you will see I’ve created a version already that includes images and text.

By the way, the PSD files also include a template for those product boxes seen on the products home page.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Doh sorry – had a better look around and discovered this. Great theme thx

Hi! Just bought your great theme and tried to integrate a .MOV video on the portfolio page, but can’t open it. Maybe I’m doing something wrong? I’ve uploaded the video file on my server and changed the path to the movie in the html page … Could you give a hint please? Thanks!

I have not tested .MOV files with the FancyBox plugin. I’ve configured it to work with .SWF, YouTube and Vimeo.

After looking this up, it appears to require some customization to allow the .MOV to play in it’s native format. The best solution is converting it to a .SWF or changing the encoding to h.264. This page has some details regarding .MOV in FancyBox:


If you need help you can email me through my account page contact form any time.

Loving that mega dropdown, will probably end up buying it just to get that,


Really nice work, love the attention to detail

I saw this in the list and had to check it out! Need less to say I just bought it! Great work!!!


Thanks! I’m glad you like the theme.