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yep great work/theme!

Parall…. and freshf…. are best!!! :) guys are not afraid of change and innovation , are my best favorites!!!


Thanks again for the files by email.

Can you tell me where script to show the navigation buttons on the slider is and how to have them turned on perpetually?

Thanks again!

No problem. In the file “js/onLoad.js” the very first block of code is labeled:

// Show/Hide slide show buttons

Comment out that block (lines 22-33) and the slide show navigation buttons will always show.

Also, there is a block of solid color behind them, if you want to remove that, in the “default.css” file remove the background attribute from ”#SlideShow-Controls ” (line 41).

Hi The menu is great but there’s a lot of code behind it. Is there a way to move this into a seprate file and just reference it? I imagine this would be better for SEO also?

Actually, the menu (HTML) is not much more code than a standard drop down menu, less in some cases. The JavaScript and CSS files related to the menu are smaller than many drop down’s. However I understand it’s a challenge to keep up with changes across multiple HTML pages. You can always save the files as PHP and then make an include reference to a “menu.php” file.

As for search engines (SEO) it shouldn’t have any impact because no matter how you include the code, either by PHP reference or hard coded into each HTML page, the final output seen by the search engine is exactly the same. Also, search engines recognize patterns across pages on a single site. When they see the same code at the start of each file they determine that to be style or other non-content specific code (like a main menu) and focus instead on the content that changes from page to page. In this case that would be the page title and your text/content for the page.


Thanks. I’m creating big menus. What would the include code be?

Also, how do you show the slideshow buttons (rather than showing on roll over).

Thanks for the help! worked perfect!

Hot stuff, awesome job mate ;)

Hey Parallelus, beautiful design and layout. Really one of the nicest sites on this whole marketplace! I am really eager to get going on this and send a mock-up to my developers but I need the psd for skin 4. Is it possible for you to send this to me? My email is, please get back to me and again, really really high-end stuff, exactly what I was looking for! Peace.

Thanks, I’m glad you like the theme.

Every PSD file used in the creation of the theme is included. During the course of making the skins, I use the exact same files and process my customers will be using. As I build each new skin, it overwrites the previous one so there is no saved version of each individual skins other than the output images already included. The skinning file is designed so you can fill the background color on a single layer and the rest of the graphics adapt automatically. As for the logo shape used, that is also included in the PSD already, it’s under the logo folder of the “for skinning” file. Try filling the background layer with the skin 4 background color and you should have what you need.

There are additional details on creating skins in the help document if you need.

Hi Parallelus, Do you do customized theme for buddypress?

How do you show the logo in the top left hand corner of the slideshow, rather than the middle? Thx

Try searching for “PHP include” and you’ll see how you can reuse code by including it with PHP .

In the file “onLoad.js” there is a small block of code at the very beginning of the file that hides the slide show buttons. Comment it out or remove it and the buttons will always be visible.

To move the logo position, edit “default.css” to change the margin for ”#LogoHeader”. Currently it is setup as “margin: 0 auto;” change it to “margin: 0;” and it should move the logo to align on the left.

So, when can we expect a WP version?

Great theme. Question: Can I add ADS to the right of the front page, for my sponsors; say, where the “Clients” is currently? Thanks!

Sure. You have complete control over the type of content and where you want to add it.

This is fantastic! Any chance you’ll have a Wordpress volume soon? We’re considering switching to a new site design in the next month or two for my company and if you’re planning on releasing one, I’m going to ask my employer to wait!

I will probably make this into a WordPress theme, but it’s at least a month away on my current schedule.

im waiting 4 wp version too…

Hi there!

Really great work! I’m going to buy it for my project.

A question first: I see that the headings are styled with cufon. Does the font contains central european characters? Like é,á,?,ú,ó,ü,ö,í, etc.. What is the name of the font?

Thank you in advance!

The font includes these characters, but the Cufon file I generated leaves them out to speed up loading time. Within the help document you’ll find a link to download the font and to the cufon website where you can regenerate the script with the additional glyphs (characters) you need.

Thanks for answering!

I am glad to here that! :) Heading to the checkout!

Keep up the good work!

Can I just say thank-you again for another unbelievable product. Your instructions are easy to follow…and the simple ability to customize everything per your instructions is unlike anything I’ve seen before – well laid out and built for those of us “details” people.

I can’t thank-you enough for the work you do, and if I could give someone 10 stars…it still wouldn’t do you justice!

My best regards, Kyle

Thank you very much!

10 stars and from me! Great template!

Which font do i have to regenerate for cufon? Inside the zip file of the font there are 4…

Kind regards Alex


You’ll use all 4 font files. There is a place for each on the cufon generator (regular, bold, italic, bold italic).

Dear Parallelus,

I tried with many ways to regenerate cufon font but with the Greek Lang. is not working. Is there any other solution? @ cufon site with selected Greek – All – Glyphs..

Thank you in advance

Using the link in the help file, make sure the font has the greek characters you need on the download page. If not, you may have to use a different font, although I believe it does have them.

Excellent theme.. It has also been really easy to edit.. I am stuck on one thing.

For your drop down menu that has images there is currently 4 images across on 2 rows. I am using 6 image menu items and it is stacking as 4 on top row and 2 on the bottom row

Where do I go to set the drop down to have only 3 across instead of the current 4 across.


As long as all the items you want on the same line are within the same “row” element it should stay on one line.

<div class="row">
  ...all your items

The exception to this is if you have a defined width on a parent container such as the DIV with class=”sub”, or the browser width is not sufficient to fit the items.

This might have already been asked…but is it fairly simple/straightforward to make the search feature functional?

OK, thanks…I’ll look into this.

My other question I had was pertaining to the scroll feature for the products index page (index-2). It’s only scrolling 3 product boxes at a time (mine are a little bigger than yours), and I’m wondering how I can increase the space that is scrolled so it when you hit NEXT or PREVIOUS it shows all new product boxes.

That’s a setting in jCarousel. Look in the HEAD where jCarousel is loaded. There is a setting, “scroll: 3”, which you can set to the number of items you want to scroll per click.

So there is…thank-you!

Please make this for Wordpress! :)

I am having problem showing the skin I want to show as default. I have coded the skin in index.html and when I am in dreamweaver it shows me the correct skin.. When I ftp site to live server it keeps defaulting to the blue one. What do I need to do, to just use one skin (skin-6) for my site.


Make sure you clear your cookies or the skin changer could be changing it. Setting the skin CSS should be all that is needed. If you still have “demo.js” loading you should remove it also. If you still have problems email me with a link to your site and I’ll take a look.