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By the way are you still using fancybox 1.2.6 like in your 1st theme or is it updated where flash and other things work?

This theme uses the most recent version of Fancybox, and supports video. There are 3 sample videos you can preview in the live demo portfolio page.

Wow! Your stuff just keeps getting better!

Waiting excitedly on the WordPress theme.


Is there any pagination style and if, how we use it?

Thank you in advance

I did not create pagination styles for this release.

Couple of Quick Questions:

When the photos/graphics are displayed using the Javascript, is there a way to build a link into the displayed graphic so the viewer can link to the information page associated to that photo/graphic? (I do see that in Gallery Page in addition to the Display possibility and short summary there is a link to an information page (either a Page or a Blog Post).

The intention is to translate this theme for Hebrew (RTL etc.). Is it a simple single CSS file or is it a series of dependent CSS files? Are the CSS values changed by any Javascript in the Theme?

Thanks in advance!


You should be able to wrap any image in an anchor (link) tag. This includes the styled image containers.

Fantastic, as usual… Code is commented great, standards compliant, easy to customize! Nice Job! Thanks for another great template!

1.) Another great Work Parallelus! Its allready the second Template which I buyed from your Portfolio – high class in layout and coding. Just like the other guys and girls here, im waiting for the WP version of it :)

2.) As a user from Germany, I also had some troubles with the Cufon version of the Vegur font. But its easy to replace it with some other font with a similar look.

3.) Now I come with some little question too – I hope you can help me with it. I have no idea about PHP and the contact form sends all Messages… you can allready guess: without the german characters like “öäüßÖÄÜ” (umlaute). The message contains then something like that: Ã?Ã?Ã?Ã?öÀÌâ?.

What should I change? Is my last puzzle piece in the PHP or in the JS file? I have allready changed the error / success messages in german, everything works fine.

Thanks for your work.

It may be that the content-type needs to be declared in the email headers of “contact-send.php”. Try updating this line:

$mail = mail($emailto,$subject,$messages,"from: $from <$Reply>\nReply-To: $Reply \nContent-type: text/html");

With this:

$mail = mail($emailto,$subject,$messages,"from: $from <$Reply>\nReply-To: $Reply \nContent-Type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1");

what happend with the wordpress version? not available any more?

This has not been converted to WordPress yet. Is it possible you are thinking of Unite WP or Intersect WP?

I plan to start working on the WordPress version of this soon.

... instead of “iso-8859-1” I placed “utf-8” – it worx! Thanks

Once more great work! Thanks a lot

Thanks! I really appreciate the feedback.

Great work! Thanks a lot.

How can I remove the Featured Image label at the bottom of the Featured Item popup?

The text in the linked product image’s “title” attribute will appear in that area. Leave it blank if you don’t want anything at the bottom of the window.

When will be wordpress vesion ready? Will you be implementing piecemaker 3d danner into any of your works?

I’m working on the WP version now. My best estimate is late July.

I’m not planning to add any additional slide shows beyond what is already in the HTML preview.

tried to view this site in google chrome and it shows up with loads of layout error with sidebar and top menu…

I’m not seeing any problems in Chrome. The site was built with Chrome as my primary testing browser. Can you email me the version you are using and a screen shot?

everythings back to normal. nevermind :)

Brilliant theme. I’m thinking about using it for my next project. I do have one question though.

Can the carousel under the main feature panel be set to auto-scroll at a timed interval?

It can be set to auto scroll. Adding these two parameters will trigger auto scroll as well as returning to the beginning once it reaches the end:

auto: 2,
wrap: 'last',

Brilliant, thanks for your quick response. I’ll be purchasing your theme shortly.


I just wanted to drop a small love bomb and say kudos to you for your work. This is the second template from your stock that I’ve purchased and I must say the documentation and attention to detail you are paying is a real treat to work with and inspiring some ideas into how the designs can assist my needs.

Well done man!


Thanks! That is really great to hear.

i really like it :) thx for the theme


Unfortunately I’m not a trained coder so it escapes me where I have to add the option you detailed re fiveagainstone’s idea to auto cycle the carousel.

Could you point me towards which file / where I have to add the options you detailed?

auto: 2, wrap: ‘last’,


EDIT : No Bother I worked it Out! Yippie!

Glad it worked!

You can also check out the developers website (link in the help document) for examples of different configurations.


Great theme! Congrats! Quick question: as I’m also having some problems with the font (I’m unable to use French stress signals, such as “Ç, “È”, “Á”, etc.) and since I already tried generating new JS files, how do I replace the font on your scripts with a new font? Which files will I have to replace/change coding? Thank you!

You will need to change the reference file in the HEAD of each page. This points to the Cufon file, in this theme’s case there are two. You can replace just one or both. The only other place you should need to make changes is the last two lines of “onLoad.js”. Specifically it makes reference the the font family “{ fontFamily: ‘Vegur’ }” on each line. If you will be using 1 Cufon file instead of two you can remove that completely. Otherwise, set the value to your font family name chosen when you created the Cufon file.

Great looking theme and I’m ready to buy. Just wanted to raise the errors I see when I throw your test URL into W3C validator:

Not sure if this is a CSS version issue as it appears that from your valid “CSS” link there are no issues.

looking forward to getting my hands on this puppy.

nice style.

Yes, it’s a version issue. The link on the demo is testing against CSS 3 and your test image shows the test was done for CSS 2 .1.