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Thank you, I did not know you have a forum!

The author doesn’t seem to test his websites in IE – as we found numerous issues throughout different IE versions. Beware! Also, author seems to require you to register on their own forums for support – that is inappropriate, as we may have many different purchases at themeforest, and its far more easy for us to manage our comments/support/feedback in one place than to run off to each individual author’s websites.

We do test our themes in IE. If we did not the reviewers here at ThemeForest would not approve them for sale.

The use of external support forums was fought for years. Finally when ThemeForest failed to implement a comments search or other forum like ability for this website we finally made a support forum AT OUR CUSTOMERS REQUEST .

If you don’t want to use our support site, you don’t have to. We prefer you do as it centralizes information and makes it searchable. It also allows customers to provide additional feedback and comments.

If you have a question you can email us from our author profile page.

and still yet, there are IE issues in this theme. very obvious ones too.

If you need a clue: ie9 no cufon replacements work ie9 main menu subnav dropdowns trigger a slice error resulting in graphical errors

This is a well documented IE9 issue. It can be fixed in under 2 minutes.

  1. Go to http://cufon.shoqolate.com/generate/ and click “Download” in the top navigation.
  2. Save that file as “cufon-yui.js
  3. Copy the new file to “/js” folder replacing the one in your site’s directory.
If you have any other questions please let me know.

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For the lack of me, I can’t find a way to adjust the slide display times on this template. I’m using the standard slideshow (large on on the main page), and I’ve spent hours looking and adjusting various “speeds” and “timeouts” in all the js files and I’m getting nowhere fast. I’ve gone to all the help sites on the js websites and I still can’t locate where these things are, even reading the source code off the browser points to a different file that I’m adjusting. It’s quit embarrassing, because I’m usually pretty good at locating this stuff, even though I’m not a Java script guy. Just give ma a quick clue what file I can go to to adjust the slide display time. -Thanks

Have you reviewed the documentation for the theme and the slide show? At the end of the theme documentation you’ll find links to the websites of each script used. From there you can get the slide show specific documentation.

Looking for support?

Visit our forums: http://para.llel.us/support/

hi Parallelus,

I remember seeing this template almost a year or so ago and bookmarking it because I liked it so much, I finally bought it for a new project and am so excited to begin working with it, thank you for creating something so stunning!

I have edited the PSDs of template I’ve purchased via Themeforest before; but typically all I’ve done is made my color changes; then used “Save for Web” – and the new images saved overwrite the old ones (same file names), so thats all I have to do. Rather than changing up the CSS I was just going to use the css skin file for the default skin; then just update the PSDs by overwriting the image already in the images folder for that skin; and then make a couple changes to link and text colors via the CSS here and there as needed.

However, the issue I am running into is that when I save for web from Photoshop; the filenames do not match the existing graphics in that folder; and with there being so many, I don’t know which ones need to be named what, etc. Any advice on how to fix this?

Thanks and again great work!

Glad to hear you like the theme!

Please review the section of the help document related to “Skinning the Theme”. This has detailed instructions on the process. It’s possible you are seeing extra graphics created by Photoshop. You only need to export the “user created slices”, otherwise Photoshop will generate a lot of unused graphics but this isn’t a problem. The extra graphics will be ignored.

If you have additional questions please visit our Help Center. Thanks.

Looking for theme support?

Visit our forums: http://para.llel.us/support/

Ok thank you for the quick reply Parallelus. I just signed up for an account on your forums site so I will check that out and see if I can find some additional info. I did read the “readme” file included with the theme and about the skinning; and I did use the option to save only “user created slices” but when I did that and then refreshed the preview of my index.html page in my browser; nothing looked different. (I did already read some of the comments above about the demo code – so I removed it & deleted cookies.)

In the past, the only theme I’ve bought from Themeforest that I had to edit the PSDs for was an HTML theme that only included 1 “skin.” I made a couple quick changes to the background colors; re-saved using “Save for Web” and then the new files that I saved automatically over-wrote the old ones (with the same file names.) All I had to do then was refresh the page in my browser and all was well..so I guess I have not done theme skinning/PSD editing this advanced before; is there somewhere I can find more detailed info. on how to do it?

I think part of the problem I’m having also is that the Layer names in the PSDs do not match the image file names for the corresponding graphics so I’m having trouble figuring out what’s what. Any help greatly appreciated; off to checkout the forums now. :-)

Is any a page about pricing here … ???

I don’t understand the question. Are you looking for the price of the theme or maybe a pricing table in the theme?

No the theme doesn’t have pricing tables.

hoho… im sorry, currently my english is still so ugly … i mean pricing table like this [url removed]