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Do you have a demo content .xml file i can get. I am trying to get my content pages to look similar to what the demo on here looks like and its not really working for me.

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So this Theme has not been updated since 2011? ARE you freaking serious? That is just crazy.

Good code doesn’t need updating. ;)

If you need theme support, please visit our Help Center. Thanks.

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Is this compatible with wordpress 4.1

We haven’t had any reports in our Help Center that Traject has any problems with WordPress v4.1+, and I’ve not noticed any problems myself. So the answer is Yes, :)

hey there bought your theme once before and a new client really likes it but i am hesitant to recommend a non responsive theme these days. i looked at few of your other themes and didn’t really see anything too similar and responsive but noticed that you have recently upgraded one or two of your other themes to being responsive. have i missed anything or do you have any plans to make this one reponsive?

thanks! :)

oh ok are any of those responsive themes able to achieve a similar appearance to the demo of traject you think?

I think each of our themes has its own distinct design. But you could possibly have a good stab at approximating the Traject design with our Vellum theme because (as you can see on the Vellum demo website) it’s possible to create any design with Vellum, the only limit is your imagination and your website designer/developer skills.

ok thanks for the replies as it turned out he decided to buy your theme regardless of the fact that it has fixed layout so i’ll be buying again.


Is any chance ot make a bundle with some of your themes? Because maybe someone wants to buy 3 of your products at a single price or something…

Envato does not allow this.

This theme has not been updated since Version 1.2.3
If I purchase it, are the recent WordPress Security issues addressed and is it WP 4.2.2 ready?
not complaining, just wondering, because your best answer was about 2 months ago

and you are correct, good coding does not require updates!

The current version of Traject is actually v1.2.5, and that was published on October 3, 2012. (We still haven’t got around to updating the theme info page.)

This recent WordPress Security issue didn’t impact any of our themes.

We are not aware of any incompatibilities with WordPress v4.2.2 but should anyone find any problems all they have to do is report the issue to us in our Help Center and if the problem is with the Traject theme we’ll fix it.

Wow, what a fast response! Thank you very much for that information. Waiting on the response from the person I want to use it for now. Nice looking theme, and I love that fact that it is coded so well, gives one peace of mind. One more quick question if you do not mind, can I create a Child Theme?

Yes, you can create a child theme. I think there are some files and folders from the parent theme that must also be present in the child folder. If you need help with that please just search the “Traject (WordPress)” forum in the Help Center or start a new topic.

Hi, I tried to join a group through the support system but it wouldn’t accept my purchase code. I then sent a message through your user page here but have not received an answer.

The basic issue is, the image thumbs are not displaying in the featured content section on my home page. They definitely exist in the image library. Here’s the page:

Any advice? Thanks.

Make sure you are joining the correct group. There is a “Traject (WordPress)” group and a “Traject (HTML)” group. You need to join the “Traject (WordPress)” group.

I am doing this website and in the right side bar and in the category list the images does not appear? How can I do? Thanks for your help

This theme is not supported. You can review past support topics and find solutions to common problems here:

You guys still support this theme?? The images aren’t placing in for the blog when inserted. &

This theme is not supported. You can review past support topics and find solutions to common problems here: