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Bought, simply because you continue to produce some of the most impressive and original themes here. Keep it up! More comments to come when I figure out what to use this amazing thing for.

Thanks! I really appreciate the support.

Looks great.

Some question:

1. Is the toggle content used in FAQ area availible for the posts and other sites?

2. Is the lightbox availible for images which are inserting in the post?

3. Is it possible to inserting buttons?


1. The toggle content used for FAQ ’s is a shortcode so you can use it anywhere on the site. 2. Yes, you can use the lightbox with content on posts and pages. 3. Yes, also available as shortcodes.

I just updated the demo so you can now see the full list of shortcodes and other features when previewing the site.

Thanks for updating the demo.


Very good template.

May I be disappointed with logo size and position ?

Can I easily customize size and logo position in the template ?


Yes the logo can be completely customized. You can use your own file at any size you choose through the admin options.

Also, the logo position is controlled in the theme admin. It can be set to align left, right or centered and the overlap effect can be deactivated.


Nice work! Very creative with the layout and positioning of the logo/title.

Good luck with sales!

Thank you.

Looks very good Andy, gl with sales!

Thanks buddy!

Hello Great theme..

I too would like to now about the logo positioning and are there any advance short codes available..



Yes the logo can be completely customized. You can use your own file at any size you choose through the admin options.

Also, the logo position is controlled in the theme admin. It can be set to align left, right or centered and the overlap effect can be deactivated.

I’ve just updated the demo so you can see a full list of shortcodes and other advanced features.

thanks for the quick response, the update look great.. one more thing are there shorts codes for tabs and tables ?



Fantastic theme! I’m sure it will sell as well as your Unite one :)

As allways excellent work!!

Thank you, I appreciate it.

Couldn’t help notice that in the portfolio section, the “More information…” links are disabled… was that an error or that’s the way it was meant to be in your demo?

I’ve just updated the demo so you should see these links working now. Thanks.

Finally, I’ve seen this for another platform and loved it since then.

Just a question before purchase: Does it support WP3 (main)menu?

(I REALLY like the size and position of the logo!) ;-)

Cheers Putte

Thanks for the support.

The main menu uses a custom menu control (just like the WP 3 menu) because of the need to define rows and columns for the MegaMenus. It’s easy to work with using simple drag and drop functionality.

Ah I have problem, after installing on WP3 .01 on GoDaddy it crashes

Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

Apache/1.3.33 Server at Port 80

Note that I tried several themes and made clean install before this one. Other themes did not have issues.

The weird part is it worked fine later as long as i did not login as admin, when i tried to login as admin it crashed again.

That’s very strange. I’m glad you were able to get it installed. If you find out any more about what might have been the reason for the error message please let me know.


The issue is partially related to go daddy. I just wonder why other themes installed without problem and this one basically locked me out of admin panel

See the latest update for details on the fix for this bug:

Looks great, a question about the videoportfolio. Would it be possible to play a video that’s located on a server with a plain link? (so not by using a embed code) Like: or

Are both flv and mp4 supported?

You can link to external videos without embedded code or the file saved to your servder. Currently the supported video links include SWF files, YouTube links and Vimeo links.


A quick pre-sale question.

Is there the possibility to have multiple blogs with this theme? Its a perfect fit for an upcoming project but it needs to be able to have multiple blogs/news pages that pull from different categories and that are not “archive” pages



Yes it supports multiple blogs. You can create as many blogs as you like and assign the categories for each.

Good enough for me. Purchased

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Amazing theme. Question: Can video play from the default homepage? From the image slider, below the main slider? I see they pop up in a lightbox…I could use this if video can play from this area.

So you have screen shots of the Admin area?

Again, really impressive work.

Thanks for the compliment.

You could add video to the featured content slider, below the slide show. If you paste a YouTube, Vimeo or SWF file in as the link (just like the portfolio) it will open and play the same.

I’ll work on getting some admin screen shots posted.

Links to the admin screen shots have been added to the bottom of the item description page.

Just downloaded the theme. Quick question: I’d rather not have any icons: Camera etc show on the right of the page. How can I remove?

Did you add cyrilic charecters for your cufon?

I don’t think the font used for the Cufon file supports Cyrillic characters. There is a setting in the theme options to turn off font replacement and use CSS specified fonts. You can replace the Cufon files with another font if you want font replacement active.


I am interested in this Wordpress theme.

I have a few questions: 1. Is this theme compatible with Wordpress 3.0.1? 2. If I have installed a multisites, can I use these themes? When user register with us, what will be the default theme? 3. login / lost password / registration / notification emails etc… the default wordpress pages / emails? Can we customize it? 4. Are you going to provide on going support i.e. upgrade?

Please get back to me at your earliest conveience.

regards, Will

Those pages are part of the WordPress application (or content if desired). Changing theme’s should not affect them. That is unless you are using a theme like my Unite WordPress theme which includes a styled version of these pages to match the theme, in which case they will go away when you change themes. The ability to access those features will not be lost, just located at the default WordPress URL ’s instead of the themed location.

Thanks Parallelus.

I just checked your Unite theme @

I am setting up a blog / multi blogs with Wordpress 3.0. I am looking for a theme that can help me to do the following 1. change the default login / registration / lost password pages to match the theme. 2. presentable, easy to use to end users 3. when user registers with us, can they use it as well?

The existing plugins can not handle the registration i.e. letting the user to site up a blog. Can any of your themes do it?

regards, Will

Hi Parapllelus,

Sorry I am relatively new to this, maybe I am not asking the right question.

I know Theme is the frontend of the website and all login / registration funcations are handled by Wordpress but so far I can’t find a plugin that can handle the multisites registration. Besides, I am looking for a presentable theme so that’s why I am looking for something that can do both.

regards, Will

Just noticed the tables short codes sorry. but is there any short codes for tabs and galleries within pages


There are not any gallery shortcodes right now.

One more thing just purchased the theme looks great.. is there any sample content i can get to make the front page to look like the demo?



Thanks for purchasing! I don’t have a sample content file right now.

Way to break the mold with something Faceless and Functional enough to use over and over again and again. Nice work!

Having problems. As stated before by someone else, I can’t seem to get it to work properly on a godaddy server. keep getting internal error page. does anyone have a fix??? The theme looks great and well documented just a godaddy issue.

if someone could help i would greatly appreciate it!

thanks! RM

i tried to FTP and still the same thing. I’m waiting to see what the error log says. If anyone finds the solution please let me know. Thanks, RM

I’m not sure if this is the issue with godaddy, but a short tag I missed in one admin file may resolve your problems.

In the “widgets.php” file located in the theme folder, “theme_admin/includes/”, update line 354 to say:

<?php } ?>

See the latest update for details on the fix for this bug: