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tantan199, Since 6 months you copy and paste the same information about 1.7 version in december 2016 you mention that 1.7 will be ready in next month, now we have half may 2017 and stil the same information. Please tell me is this project died? Many others developers make 1.7 version without any problems and really you have problem with this for half year?

I uploaded the Panda 2 for Prestashop 1.7 to themeforest.net yesterday, and waiting for envato team approve it, you can send me your IP address to me, I will let you view the demo sites firstly. and we are preparing demo sites for Transformer v4 also, thank for the patience.


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By clicking on the menu …. Category page 3 – Fullwidth … on your demo page http://transformer.sunnytoo.com/fourth/en/4-women-s-clothing you can see all products without the column Left and in others with the column. How I can get this


Theme editor is v3.2.5


Please go to BO > Preferences > Themes > Advanced settings, deactivate the “Left” for the “Category” on the “Appearance of columns” to remove left column for product list pages.

Hi we have just switch store fronts to store 10 and the mobile menu has gone. I have the colours all correct and the advanced mega menu hooked into the mobile menu but still nothing… wolfkanat.com.au

Please transplant the “Advanced megamenu” module to the “displaySideBar” hook.


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Dear Tantan199

1. please tell me, how to disable (go to top) rightbart on desktop only? it must stay on mobile, you have a css custom code for this?


1. Yes, here it is
@media (min-width: 768px) {#rightbar{display:none;}}

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Hi Tantan199

Thanks for your last reply

do you have a custom css code to make iframe – youtube vids responsive?

Thanks in advance


To make a video responsive, wrap it within an opening and closing tag that contains a class called ”media”. The video would become full width. You can use Boostrap’s grid to make it be small.

Like this:
<div class="media"><iframe width="1280" height="720" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/_bfG-Q0JBS4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></div>

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Your so good O

Thanks in advance

After updating the new theme version, I’ve lost /modules/blockcart_mod/blockcart_mod.php, where can I get the lost module ?

solved. thanks


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Worried about installing version for PS1.7

After reading tutorial on new version of Panda, I am concerned about the complexity of installing it, and that a number of PS modules are disabled. But I would need them to run another shop using a different theme. Is there a way around it. Can I just move the modules over to the module directory of the other theme

Just thinking ahead for when Transformer is release for PS1.7


The installation process is easy, modules will be installed/enabled/disabled automatically.

Prestashop allows modules to be disabled in one shop and be enabled in another, so no problems at all.

The really problem is that you might unable to upgrade your 1.6 site to 1.7, you would have to re-create it.


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Hi, the last update is from May, 18th. but not with new version. What is new with this update? Thanks


I updated the preview image cause there was a typo on it. We still need some more time to release Transformer4 for PS1.7.


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Thanks. I wanted just know if it is important to update the 3.2.9.. I use PS and transformer editor 3.2.9. An upgrade to 1.7. with 1-click Modul is not possible I think. So I am not hurry to do an upgrade to 1.7.


PS1.6 will be maintained by Prestashop developers till the end of next year, so it’s okay for you to stay in 1.6 for a while to see if there will be a perfect solution to upgrade to 1.7.


I have updated prestashop to and the theme is in version 3.2.9.

But in the front-office does not leave the menu and some blocks.

If there is a downgrade, returns the menu and blocks.

What could be the problem?


Do you plan any new update for this theme for PS 1.6? Seems there was nothing new for very long time.


We will continue update this theme for PS1.6 after releasing Transformer 4, currently we are working on re-writing the theme for PS1.7, which has already token us about 7 months.

Status for 1.7? When do you expect to release it?


We are working on creating demos. I can not give you an exact date, but it would not be long.


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There is an update that was released on May 18 but we can not download it because the downloaded themeforest version is always August 2016. I hope you have solved the image problem on the mobile product page.


I just updated theme preview image that day, did not update the theme. Please tell me what’s the problem?

when jqZoom is activate, the product image on mobile view is too small. I tried a lot of solutions but it was useless … the problem persists

if you want view the problem, you can test our site sangishop . com on mobile device. Thank you for your assistance.

Hola. Acabo de instalar el theme y me dice que está en español, sin embargo todo me aparece en inglés. Donde puedo cambiarlo? Gracias

Hi. I just installed the theme and put the translations in Spanish, however everything appears in English, “add to cart”.... Where can I change it? Thank you