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I am looking forward to buy your theme. If I purchase it now the 1.7 version will be free upgrade?


Yes, you will get the update for 1.7 for free if you buy it now. Since you already had plans to use 1.7, then do not use 1.6 to set up a site now, cause upgrading a site for 1.6 to 1.7 is a tough work. You would better wait for while, and then use 1.7 + Transformer v4 to set up a site.

Well I would like to set up 1.6 and use it for 1+ year and then set up new site using 1.7. I know it is impossible to migrate smoothly. I simply want to ensure I will stick with same theme. I am using Legenda theme but it has very poor support and code is crap. From feedback I hope to get much better coded theme from you :D

Hello, goodbrandscz,

It’s okay for you to use 1.6 for while. Since you have already had experience of using Prestashop, upgrading a site to 1.7 would not be that tough for you with the help of the “One-click upgrade module” which is getting updated by Prestashop developers. Let me know if you need any help.


webjor Purchased

hi friend! how it is going…. so, I used menu/logo with transparent bg, with the revo slider on the back… now I will try a change and make the logo above the slider.. all good logo is now on whit background above of revo slider… but in scroll the revoslider goes down for a while because of this code:

<header id=”page_header” class=”has_sticky”> #page_header.has_sticky { padding-bottom: 321px; }

how i remove this? ty! :) AWESOME THEME GUYS, 5/5 FOR SURE


I need more info to know what’s wrong, please send me your site url via here and send me a screenshot of the problem.

good afternoon, In the countdown module, when I want to add a product, I get this error. Why does that error come out ?? Could you solve it please…


Sorry for the misunderstanding and solved it, it was the problem of a module. But you can check it anyway

Goodnight, sorry for the inconvenience I have a problem with the fast-looking fancybox Is not running http://almendariz.com.pe/pantallazos/zz2.jpg Can you solve it please…

Replied to your mail.


In the fancybox When I click the button: “Quick View” A popupme should appear I do not see a popup Send me to another page

Can you solve that mistake please

Replied to your mail.

Hi. When I click the Logout the site is loaded but logout is not happens, the user remains in his account. In the address bar becomes here’s the address: http://vsvua.com/?mylogout= How to fix it?

Try clearing your browser cookies and caches.

Thanks, I cleared cookies and logout successfully. When I log in again, I can’t logout again. This is wrong, every time to clear cookies. What’s the problem?

Did you check the issue on another browsers ? or check it on another computers.

good afternoon, I urgently need your help. My buy button has disappeared, what happened ?? I have not modified anything ?? http://almendariz.com.pe/pantallazos/zz7.jpg


Please check if you enabled the “Catalog mode” option on the “BO>Preferences>Products” page by accident. It should be off to show buy buttons. If the problem still persists, send me your back office login details so I can quickly help you figure the problem out.

It is not in catalog mode. I send you my session information

Replied to your mail.