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Hi, How can I add “Related products” to product page (instead of “Same category product”)? Best regard.

Please transplant the “Related products” module to the “displayFooterProduct” hook.

I updated Prestashop to and now the advanced mega menu (main horizontal menu) has disappeared. Left / right column menu is still showing. How can we show it again, the main horizontal menu? The module is active and with a check on status. (Transformer version 3.2.9)

Please click here to view my support page, you can get a solution.

Having a problem with Product Extra Tabs module. I already have made lot of extra tabs and they showing correctly in different product categories and tabs that applying in all products (shipping cost info) that are showing correctly everywhere.

The problem is in a tab designed for one big parent category (T-Shirts with a tree of subcategories as long, tank-top etc). This tab isn’t show nowhere in the tree. Won’t show in the sub categories or even in the products that are in that category.

I also try to make a new tab and applying to that category and I fail, and I tried to change a successfully tab (that is showing correctly to another category) and it fail again to show.

Something is not working for tabs that are for that specific category but I can’t find it. Any suggestion?

Please send me your backoffice access via here so as I can take a look.

Hi what´s wrong when the delete button and qty button are missing on opc cart page???


Did you install any 3rd party modules or editing any theme files recently?

To know what’s wrong, I would need your FTP access to check theme files to see if they were modified, please send me your FTP access via here.


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Hi, i’m experiencing strange stuff : The tab created in “Product Extra Tabs” module doesn’t exist with MacOS Firefox (not at all in the source code !) when it’s perfect displaying with Safari, Chrome, and others browsers, no problem under Windows.. even winXP Firefox works ! how is it possible that there is no trace in the source code on this FireFox ?!!

- it’s about the fourth tab on this page : http://www.anagraphis.com/shop/fr/figuration-libre/737-new-york-taxi.html

Please do you have brilliant idea ?


1. HTML syntax errors, you are probably not in this case, cause the tab even does not in the source code.

2. Browser cache or Server side cache. Try using another Mac device to see if the problem exists.

3. Browser addons. The tab might be considered as an advertisement, so it’s blocked by one of your browser addons.

4.Permissions. Login your site on the MacOS firefox to see if the tab appears.

Hi there, how do i center my logo when i am using the default green theme from transformer ?

ok got it but when i center the logo the cart icon and button gets pushed to the right and it goes under the search field. and abit of overlap between the search box and cart happens

in this pic http://imageshack.com/i/poxJYsB9p

Please enable the “Simple style” on the “Quick search block mod” module.

ok got it thanks

Show product attributes like size and color in the product list.

Does this show any attributes or just size and colour. Like 30gms, 60gms, 100gms as drop-down with qty box so customer can choose package weight with qty from product list page without going to product page.

Can I get a chance to look at back and front office demo for this

Yes, please send me an email via here, I will send you my backoffice access.

Thanks for your reply I have sent my email Id at you support


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Hello tantan ! I have to say this is a great theme as well as the Panda version, Thanks a lot.

One question please, I have set up demo 3 on my website (https://www.alphaluxury.to but i would like to have the banner that is on the main demo that has categories (http://transformer.sunnytoo.com/en/ under the welcome message, instead of the “FEATURED PRODUCTS” that is under the slider in my website.

Can you please let me know how to do that ? Also, i noticed that this theme makes the website slow, is there any way to make it fastest ?

Thanks !

1. You use the Advanced banner module to add such a banner on your site easily.

2. As I added more than 40 modules in the theme, you can expect much faster speeds by using a CDN (content delivery network) or adding a media service for your site. Take a look on this: http://www.inmotionhosting.com/support/prestashop-16/make-prestashop16-load-faster


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Hi Tantan

I want the product-desc in products-list to have the same layout as the products in short description.

Can you help me, please

Replied to your mail.

Hi again,

Just wondering why in the advance mega menu I set the the width to be 12/12 the picture that I have which is about 3/12 is looking fine but when I shrink the width to 6/12 the picture becomes smaller as well .. is there anywhere I can edit the height ? or am i using this advance megamenu wrong.

I want it to look like this screenshot below http://imageshack.com/i/popdvqHZp

Please send me your backoffice access via here so as I can take a look.

1. I get this message “TECHNICAL ERROR: unable to load form. Details: Error thrown: [object Object] Text status: parsererror” when trying to create an account. Why is it?

2. When is not the homepage a blank space appear above the top bar and some icons move in the footer. http://www.tutiendadebano.com/es//8-configuradores-de-ambientes

3.The advanced megamenu doesn’t show the subcategories. Inside “Muebles de baño” there are more options to show, but it doesnt.

Thank you

I have replied to your email already.

Hi, I am trying display “sold out” sricker on sold out products. But just can not force display “sold out” sticker. Where to switch it on to show or what shouold be setup on product to get sticket ‘sold out’ on it? Thank you

Go to BO > Modules > Theme editor > stickers, you can set it on the “Sold out sticky” section.

Thank you, I see this option but what to setup on product to use this sticker. No product show this, even if there is 0 pcs …

Is there any way How to display how many pcs are on stock on CATEGORY PAGES for each product?

Good Afternoon Already have launch date of transformer v4 ??