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After theme installation or updating, the menu and some other modules disappeared.

  1. Turn off the “Disable all overrides” option on the “BO > Advanced parameters > Performance” page.
  2. Please check if the “Overriding default behaviors” module is properly installed. I can help you manually install it if it’s not properly installed, please send me your FTP access via the contact form below.
  3. If you are running your site on PrestaShop1.6, you may need to trigger the regeneration of the /cache/class_index.php file. This can be done simply by deleting the file.

For more help, please mail me from my profile page.

Theme installing: Error during zip extraction.

To resolve the problem, try the following solutions:

1. Using your FTP client upload the theme.zip into the /modules/themeinstallator/import/ folder, go to BO > Modules > Import/export a theme > “Import from FTP” section > In the “Select archive” drop-down list, select “theme.zip” then click Next button.

2. Please contact your hosting company to increase the max upload filesize(upload_max_filesize) to at least 4 MB.

3. Connect to your FTP server and check the CHMOD of the folder: /modules/themeinstallator/import and set it to 777.

Two ways to get support.

1. (Recommend) Create a support topic on our support forum to explain questions. This is RECOMMENDED, because 1) You may find the same questions you are going to ask are already there and they have been solved. 2) Since people can response to each other on the support forum, so you may get help from other people to get problems fixed quick.

2. Send us questions via email by clicking the “Contact author” button below, you will get our reply via email.

The icons do not displayed correctly?

Go to location /themes/transformer/cache/ ,delete all the files in the folder, except of index.php.

How do i update the theme with the new version?

Important:Make a full site backup before updating theme.

  • Whatever the current version is, go to the version to be updated, and use the file of the version to replace the current one. the current site data will not be affected.
  • Please read the changelog carefully,and follow the special instructions, if any.
  • If you have changed one of the update files, please manually synchronize it into the update files. You can use a free software WinMerge to merge the changes.
  • Note: 1)The version of “Theme editor” module is that of the theme. 2) Do not re-installing the theme.zip, otherwise you can run into big trouble.
Video guides

The theme.zip is always the latest version.

In case of problems, please contact us via themeforest profile.

How to upgrade from Modshop to Transformer?

Important:Make a full site backup before updating theme.

  1. Download the latest version of theme.
  2. Unzip theme.zip
  3. Using your FTP client, replace the files for your shop with those from “module” and “theme” folders.
  4. Go to BO -> Preferences > Themes -> Select Transformer for your shop.
  5. Go to BO -> Modules -> modules will auto upgrade.
  6. Install Blog modules and Responsive Email Templates module.
  7. Go to Preferences -> Images and add new image sizes “thumb_default”(width:56px, height:64px) -> Regenerate thumbnails.
  8. Clear your prestashop cache.

Here is a video guide.

For customers who have purchased Modshop, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

In case of problems, please contact us via themeforest profile.

Icons disappeared after using a CDN or a media service.

Go to BO > Modules > Theme editor module > “Custom codes” tab > Put this code in the “Custom CSS code” field.

@font-face {
  font-family: 'fontello';
  src: url("//your-domain/themes/transformer/font/fontello.eot?86881949");
  src: url("//your-domain/themes/transformer/font/fontello.eot?86881949#iefix") format("embedded-opentype"), url("//your-domain/themes/transformer/font/fontello.woff?86881949") format("woff"), url("//your-domain/themes/transformer/font/fontello.ttf?86881949") format("truetype"), url("//your-domain/themes/transformer/font/fontello.svg?86881949#fontello") format("svg");
  font-weight: normal;
  font-style: normal; }

Problems in prestashop

Dear customers,

If you are running your site on prestashop, please follow these steps:
  • Fix this bug click here before doing translations.
  • Replace the/upload/.htaccess file with the one in this zip archive click here.
  • You have to fix this bug, if you want to enable/disable left/right column for your category & product pages.

Best regards.

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