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Hi Really liked you layout but need more details about your layout I.e How many pages are there what kind of text and icon accordion and all is available


hello, there 3 home variants(3 html), Roboto + Open Sans Fonts and font awesome(350+ icons). Thank you

Very cool. Congrats and good luck!

thank you wrwipeout

Are there “shortcodes” like in the other templates here? ...Need a site with FAQ accordions. I love the layout of this, really impressive!

Great! :) ...that worked perfect. Thank You! ...Template is awesome and I definitely want to use it and wouldn’t bother you if it weren’t :D

I’ll probably just stick with this preloader now that this is fixed, but thanks

hi, thanks too. enjoy it ;-)

Amazing work! I like it. Good luck with sales! ;)

thank you tranmautritam. Good luck with your sales too :D


very nice, Are the background video included in the package ?


yes, of course. Find “index2.html” file and run on localhost.

Sorry, not sure my question was clear : I mean the video footage (the mpg file…) , not the html and js to launch the video. Is this file included in the package ?

no, video file not include. sorry, misunderstanding :)

Is pagetransitions.js the only script running the page transitions? I can’t find anything for it in main.js… Was curious to play with the other transitions and can’t figure out how to set the transitions. Or are we just at the mercy of it being random :D …No big rush. Would love to really figure the transitions out and how to may set specific ones or at least avoid some that don’t fit the picture :)

yes, it’s. It will be added on next release, stay tuned

whens the next update out ?

plan on 2 december, sorry for that.

Hi, I’ve purchased your item,but when I try to submit in contact form I recieve an Internal server error. I recieve it also in your live preview. Is there maybe an error in process.php?