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I just purchase your theme and installed it. Where can I find the home pages/default content? I can’t find any of the home pages.

Can I have some assistance please.

Please send the problem at

After I installed the required plugins I cannot even bring up the WordPress Dashboard, I have installed / uninstalled almost 10 times and same result, The theme needs the plugins to work but once they are installed and activated my WordPress Dashboard is a “White Blank Page”, What a waste of money. I ended up purchasing DIVI and just using a Free theme for what i needed…Envato is worthless and I don’t recommend it to anyone!!!

Please contact our technical support at

Hi how do i edit html for header-one.php please? do i have to do this using ftp or can i do it through the editor in wordpress

You need to use FTP for editing HTML

I have installed this theme 3 times and still, I can’t get demo content. please advise me on this

Please write us at

any updates coming soon? like WooCommerce 3.2.

Yes we are working on it


AgnesLP Purchased

The theme works fine, however, I have some php error in my log due to a missing ’ I think in Use of undefined constant load_transport_textdomain – assumed ‘load_transport_textdomain’ in /html/wp-content/plugins/transport-bundle/transport-bundle.php on line 48 It should be add_action(‘init’,’load_transport_textdomain’); adn not add_action(‘init’,load_transport_textdomain); I think. Could you fiw that in a next version?

Thanks for sharing the problem. Sure we will fix this in next version


AgnesLP Purchased

thumbs up! It is not a big deal of a php error, but always cleaner without it :p)


Ondia Purchased


I have installed this theme long time ago and I’ve touched nothing since I created, but today, I’ve seen that the “Transport Service Layout Four Widget collapse”.

Could you help me? I’ve updated everthing I could, even download the theme again and updated too.

Hope you can help me.

Please write us at along with FTP & admin access

Hey guys, could you be so fine and post the solution fort the google maps api problem here in comments. Everbody seems to have it with your template. Thanks!

Was able to fix it. Its a sensor proble. Google api dont need sensor anymore. Just change the line 65 in assets.php with something like this

wp_register_script(‘’, ‘');

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